Wealthy Affiliate Discount – Cheapest Way To Become A Member!

At a price as low as $0.82 a day, you can get almost all the tools needed for you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You get your sites hosted (25 sites on full domain and another 25 sites on SiteRubix subdomain) , SSL certificate, keyword research tool, complete training, weekly live webinar, the ability to private message any members (oh yeah including the founders Kyle and Carson), Site Comment which you can get fellow marketers to comment on your site, and so many other benefits that I will need a separate post to list them all.

It is no doubt, that the membership fee they charge is going to worth every single cent.

Before continue, I want to be honest with you that I am an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow my link to sign up for membership, you will be helping to fund this website which I have founded to expose scams and poor quality products. For example, Cash For Kids Club – a scam targetting youngsters, or AZ Millionnaire – a low-quality product claiming to help people to become millionaire within 12 months, but turned up to be just a 13-page pdf file with only superficial information.


Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

A standard paid-monthly Wealthy Affiliate membership will cost you $49/month. But there are a few ways that allow you to save up to 61% of the original pricing:

> Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership
> $19 First Month Discount ($0.63/day)
> 6-Month Prepayment ($1.3/day)
> Yearly Membership ($0.98/day)
> Black Friday Discount ($0.83/day)


Free Starter Membership

Free Starter Membership is given free for a lifetime. It gives you access to the Level One of the Online Certification Course (consists of 10 FREE lessons).

From there you will learn how to make money online as an affiliate marketer, select a profitable niche for your website, do keyword research, and have your SEO optimised affiliate website up and running (you can get 2 websites hosted under SiteRubix subdomain for FREE).

And for the first 7 days, you are granted access to certain premium features like the ability to post inside the platform, 1 on 1 coaching, and Live Chat etc.

This is definitely where you want to get started with – no obligation, no payment info asked, no risk to you at all. Sign up now to see what’s inside Wealthy Affiliate!


$19 First Month Discount ($0.63/day)

The Free Starter Membership gives you a glimpse of what is it like to become an affiliate marketer, but not so much to lead you to your success. The next best step now is to take on the First Month Discount at $19/ month. It is basically a 61.2% discount off regular price. And it allows you to take a full view of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I know that they are going to tell you that this special price is only valid for 7 days upon signing up for the Free Starter Membership. However, from my own experience, I was still offered this price after the 7-day period ends.


6-Month Prepayment ($1.3/day)

Under this 6-Month Prepayment option, you will be given a 20% discount. Meaning that you will only be charged $234 for half a year, which is equal to $1.3 per day.

This is not the best option. But I do understand that not everyone is comfortable to go into yearly membership straight away.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: So here I have decided to prepare a gift for you. If you have followed through my link and sign up for this option, simply drop me a PM In Wealthy Affiliate, quoting ‘6MTHPLAN’ to claim your FREE gift.


Yearly Membership ($0.98/day)

In the business of affiliate marketing, you are advised to be fully committed to your business for at least 1 year. Obviously, yearly membership makes much more sense here.

I have seen many people literally stop one inch before the goldmine, and concluded that all online money making schemes are just a bunch of scams. The truth is, they just gave up way too early!

This Yearly Membership option gives you a 39% discount at only $0.98 per day. You will get everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. There is no further upsells (a very common practice in many other schemes /platforms), no hidden cost, or any ‘special members-only’ area.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Again, I have decided to prepare a gift for you. If you have followed through my link and sign up for this option, simply drop me a PM In Wealthy Affiliate, quoting ‘12MTHPLAN’ to claim your FREE gift.


Black Friday Discount ($0.83/day) – My FAVORITE!

Once a year from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Wealthy Affiliate gives a special discount for the yearly membership at just $299 (a 49% discount). This is an insane deal so personally, I grabbed it as soon as I saw it!

However, don’t worry if you have missed it. You can always sign up under other plans, and then renew it during the Black Friday sales. Once your existing plan is due, it will then continue with the plan at the Black Friday sales price.

Do you know that 95% of the newbies failed to succeed in affiliate marketing? There is a saying ‘persist beyond the point where most people have given up, that is the time you will succeed’. Be that 5%! Personally, I find signing up for a yearly plan is a good reminder of my commitment. That way, I won’t fall away easily even when things get tough.

Under this payment scheme, the cost breaks down to merely $25/month, or about $0.83 per day, which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Take my advice, if you ever see this deal, just take it! You will never know whether it is coming back next year or not.

Update: This membership option will only appear nearer to the date, after announcement being made by Kyle and Carson.


In A Nutshell…

I am assuming that since you have landed on this page, you would have understood what it takes to be an affiliate marketer.

If you don’t, it’s absolutely fine too. You can either sign up for the Free Starter Membership to see it for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer or take a look at how affiliate marketing works and how do you make money with it before taking your next step.

Believe it or not, we get sabotaged by our own procrastination more often than other obstacles that we thought we have. ‘Next time..’, ‘when I have more time’, ‘when my kids are older’… But there isn’t any better time other than now!

Just take a look at these people, they are neither geniuses nor did they inherit any secret software that brings them to their successes. They had just followed through the Wealthy Affiliate training and did what they had to do.


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14 comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Discount – Cheapest Way To Become A Member!


Hi Grace. This is really nice. I never knew such discount existed at Wealthy affiliate, because in truth I have been shying away from registering because i felt the amount per month for registration is too much. It all appear to me that I have got the wrong information. These offers are just super cool and I wouldn’t want to miss out on. I’ll get on with being a free member and make a premium registration as the 7 days elapse. Thanks for this wonderful information


Fee paid monthly is definitely too expensive. Glad that I am able to help! 


I am a member of walthy affiliate and unbelievably, I do not know anything about the black Friday slash. Wow, it really sounds good. I currently run the monthly plan though but having read this, I think I have to go higher with what I’m choosing so I can save more and wouldn’t need to think about subscription every month. Nice post!


I believe many people didn’t know about it.  It is a great way to save money! Glad that my post helps! 


Hello, I joined wealthy Affiliate earlier this year and I have been making very little amount of progress to which I am okay with. I know definitely that success takes time. But I would like to know about the prospect of the black Friday, that is one heck of a deal. Please, can I know the exact time that this cones up so I will know when to renew my membership or how does it operate please?


Black Friday this year will fall on 29 November, I believe they will only make announcement nearer to be date, so you just have to watch out for it. 

Once it is announced, this payment option will automatically shown up in your membership payment section. Hope you catch it this year! 


I love wealthy affiliate so much simply because of its cheap and reasonable discount that member and even beginners enjoy. I think the yearly black Friday discount is awesome and really good for yearly memberships. Also, Wealthy affiliate operates in a very convenient way, for instance the seven days free trial go beginner, this comes with no obligation, no payment detail being asked for and I think this exposes people to no harm or loss, this is the cheapest way of becoming a member. I find this post really useful for me and I will share it with some other people to benefit from.


Great! Glad that I can help!


Thanks for taking your time to give a well detailed explanation on the discount prices.  Been an Affiliate member is not Hong but a very huge success to me because, it is an opportunity to showcase that you can do better and make greater decisions. Its was breakthrough for me and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I benefited from the discount offer and I believe others shouldn’t take it for granted .  Thanks for this enlightening review. 


Thanks for sharing your experience! 


These are really nice offer. I’m currently on a free membership at Wealthy affiliate and its been really interesting there. Although i wish to be a premium member soon but I was being setback my the amount for registration because I have intention of making a payment for 1 months. I never knew I would be saving that much if I make a 6months payment. I’ll just go with paying for 6months for a start. Thanks for the information


No problem at all, wish you all the best! 


You have really broken down the price of joining wealthy affiliate here. It’s very good that you can do this because not everyone can afford to pay for it. The free membership on wealthy affiliate is a very good move they made. I will try out the black Friday offer but you didn’t give a date. Isn’t there a fixed date?


There is no fixed date, we will have to wait until nearer the date for their announcement. 

That being said, it has always been a 4 days sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, This year it is going to be on 29 November so it is only a few more months to go. Hope you catch it this round! 


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