Velocitii Review – Quick Cash or Quick Disappointment?

Velocitii review - quick cash or scam?

Is $231 of daily commissions achievable with Velocitii, without you having any special skill and prior experience, or is it another hyped up product?

I would say I salute the founders Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari, they have came out with many different products (e.g. Infinitii), all claiming to help you earn money fast and easy.

But, can they truly deliver their promise? If that is your question, you’ve come to the right place.

Internet is flooded with many scam products and it pays to do due diligence in finding out more information on any products or services before getting involved.

Try do a simple search online, you will find that many reviewers are singing praises to the product and offering you generous amount of BONUS if you purchase Velocitii through them.

Clearly, they are affiliates of Velocitii and they are competing with each other to maximise their own sales. If you dig further into their other reviews on their blogs, you will find that those reviewers have almost no negative reviews at all on their site, mostly sales pitches that offering great deal of BONUS.

Before continue, I want to declare that I am not affiliated with Velocitii, so I do NOT have any bonus pack for you if you decided to purchase it. All I have is brutally honest opinion of mine.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I always dig deep into the core of product to find out how it works. My objective is to help my readers to make informed decision of what they are going to get should they decide to do so.

Now let’s begin, shall we?


Velocitii Summary

Product Name: Velocitii


Founder: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $12.95 with 6 levels of upsells

Best For: Affiliate marketer

Summary: Velocitii provides 10 pre-made sales funnels which you can use by simply copy and paste your affiliate links into it. However, you are required to have your own website and set up your own email auto-responder.

Overall Ranking: 4/10

Recommend: NO

What Is Velocitii

The sales video begins by ‘seemingly’ making fun of online marketers that brag about the hard work they put in, but receiving tiny or no result.

Instead, Velocitii set itself apart, by claiming to be the ULTIMATE copy and paste system. It claims to have automated 95% of the work, so that YOU only need to put in 10 minutes of work a day to achieve 5 digits income per month.

It even go as far to suggest that they have traffic built in for you, so you don’t have to pay a single dime for ads.

I must say I am impressed by those claims.

I certainly don’t mind copying IF there exist such product. Note the keyword is “IF”.

By now you can see that they are using the typical sales technique to get you all hyped up:

Fast earning – start earning in 24 hours or less

√ Effortless – only 10 minutes of daily work

√ No skill needed – just copy and paste

√ No experience needed

√ Newly revealed best kept secret

√ Proven system

Fast income, effortless, secret revealed… all these are simply sales technique to make you think that you have found the holy grail to success.

Afterall, it is only $12.95 and the 3 steps instruction looks really simple, so no harm to try, right?

Of course, by now we are still totally clueless about what kind of product they are selling.

Their claims all sounds convincing. But let me be honest with you, making money online is not as easy as it sounds (despite they want you to believe that).

There is surely no copy-and-paste solution that can make you rich. Even if there IS, do you seriously think that it will be sold at $12.95?


How Does Velocitii Actually Works

Turned up, Velocitii is all about affiliate marketing!

Let’s take a look at the members’ area and check out what kind of training they have in place

Module 1: Velocitii Case Study

A case study showing income proof of $1619.91 made in 7 days.

Module 2: Done for You Funnel Builder Plugin

With this plugin, you can build a sales funnel within 59 seconds.

All you need to do is to customize some details like affiliate links and connecting the funnel to your auto-responder system.

There are in total 10 pre-made funnels that you can use. The products’ name, detail, sales pitch, video etc are all built in into the template so you cannot change anything about it.

Here are the 10 products you will be promoting:

  1. Blistering Funnel
  2. Re-KaChing Funnel
  3. Profiteer Funnel
  4. Insta-Minator Funnel
  5. Link2Vid Funnel
  6. Refresh-En Funnel
  7. AutoVid Profit Funnel
  8. Loop-It Funnel
  9. Alterzone Funnel
  10. Viral Content Creator Funnel

Not only that, they also provide you with advanced funnel builder plugin.

Unlike the previous plugin, this one allows you to sell any products as you like, as you get to build the funnel yourself.

Good news, right?

Until you come to the point where you realise that there is no support provided. And if you are a total newbie that rely on copy-and-paste method, this is certainly not for your.

Module 3: Velocitii Buyer Traffic In Easy Steps

Here they will teach you both free and paid traffic generation. More about this later, where you will uncover what is behind their ‘free traffic’ claim.

Velocitii Sales Funnel Revealed

Upsell 1: Done For You Velocitii Campaigns ($37 downsell to $17)

If the instructions in the training are still too strenuous for you, you get the chance to have the whole campaign done for you!


Upsell 2: Velocitii Auto Cash Funnels ($197)

Here you will get the chance to be among the first to promote some 20 upcoming offers / products.


Upsell 3: Velocitii $1k Paydays ($197)

They are going to reveal a simple technique that going to generate you $1k paydays, without having to maintain a website, domain or hosting.


Upsell 4: Advanced Velocitii Tactics ($47 downsell to $27)

Some extra tactics to scale your income and get faster result.


Upsell 5: Set This Up On Autopilot ($77 downsell to $47)

Now outsource everything and get it 100% automated!

Upsell 6: License rights ($97 downsell to $47)

Once you purchase the license right, you get to sell Velocitii as your own product and keep all the profit to yourself.


Velocitii Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Not Spending Single Dime On Traffic

Is this a joke?

Under the Buyer Traffic section, they show you 4 different click packages that cost up to $1,512.

If they truly has such a effective free traffic method, why do they even bother to recommend these packages?

And the worst part is, clicks don’t always result in sales. Not to mention that there are cases where fake bots are being used ( I am not specifically referring to this case) that is not going to bring in any real visitors.

Solo Ads is also included in the training, and they provide you with a list of 8 best marketplaces for solo ads. Yet another paid traffic method!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against paid traffic. But promising one thing and delivering another is not what I would advocate for.

So what exactly is the ‘free traffic method’ that they have been highlighting in their sales pitch?

Their free traffic method is basically traffic from social media groups, and safelist mailers (which is an entirely topic altogether but it is debatable whether it is effective or not).


2. Hidden Cost

In order to complete the training, you will need to set up your own website, domain and pay for your own email auto-responder service.

All these are extra costs which you have to bear, and they were not being transparent about this upfront.

In fact, we were led to believe that we can even forget about building a website!

So how much can we really trust their claim?


3. No Guarantee of Result

Let’s face it! No matter how great the sales pitch is, there is no guarantee of result.

3 figures a day and 5 figures a month is NOT representative! And there is no assurance that you will be earning that amount.


4. Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way

Imagine there are 100 people that had purchased this product. What is going to set you apart from the other 99 similar landing pages? You will be competing with 99 absolutely identical pages with no advantages whatsoever.

By a chance of 1/100 you will get a sales if someone decided to buy it.

Do you still think it is possible to generate 3 figures daily like this?

The proper way of doing affiliate marketing is to first provide value to your readers and build up a trusting and lasting relationship.

But since you are provided with a pre-selected list of products, you may not even fully understand the nature of products that you are selling, let alone convincing and helping your customers when they are in doubt.

How is that adding value to your clients?

Click here if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing the proper way.


What I Like About Velocitii

The method that they are advocating – affiliate marketing, is a legit way to make money online. In fact, many people like you and me managed to succeed by building their affiliate marketing business from ground up by using the proper method.

Look at some success stories here!

I am just glad that there is a 30 days refund period. However, the refund is only applicable to the main product and not the upsells.

Is Velocitii A Scam?

No, Velocitii is not a scam.

I have to admit that pre-made funnel does make things easier, but at the same time less ‘personal’.

I had my fair share of dealing with pre-made sales funnel when I did my Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge.

So I can speak from my own experience that it still takes lot of time and hard work if you want to succeed, and it is not as easy as the sales pitches claimed to be.

All successful affiliate marketers will tell you the same thing – there is no shortcut to it.

And certainly you can’t find it in a $12.95 product.


How To Do Affiliate Marketing The Proper Way

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income stream.

Imagine if you own a blog. What you have written a year ago can still be generating income for you while you are not even doing anything now!

However, there is no easy way out. You have to learn from the ground up.

So stop chasing the shiny object, learn it the proper way and stick to it until you succeed.

If you want to find out how to do this, check out my Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Guide

What do you think about Velocitii or affiliate marketing in general? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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10 comments on “Velocitii Review – Quick Cash or Quick Disappointment?

Sujandar Mahesan

I really appreciate you for posting this honest unbiased review about Velocitii. Nowadays people just lie and what they all want to do is promote their product, so it is really hard to find out if it is scam or legit. This article helped me so much on making a decision about Velocitii. Thank you for sharing this article with us.


Glad that it helps, Sujandar!


Hey there! a great website! you have provided a lot of information. I have never heard of Velocitii but it does sound interesting. Do you have any personal experience or you heard stories about people being successful in earning from Velocitii? Anyways thank you for this informative article and best of luck!


Glad that you find the information helpful. For this particular product I gathered feedback from other users. 


That’s very comprehensive information. I’ve not heard of this funnel program but it looks like these systems are taking over the internet market and giving people false hopes. The copy and paste system sounds nice, but success is not attained by a single road. It doesn’t guarantee that someone’s approach to success is absolute for everyone. Thanks for pointing that out. 

Sometimes, I wonder why these systems wouldn’t sell the package once but they have a lot of upsells. To me, it sounds like deceit.


Well I think it will probably make the price too high and many people can’t afford it.


There are a lot of programs been created that claim quick wealth and little work to make money in the online world. This is a scheme that a lot of people always fall for because we are so afraid to do a little bit of work to make money. 

The vellocitti program like you said is not a scam and I believe that they would have some good information to teach their members but their false claims of a lot of a lot of quick money with little to no effort from your side are completely misleading and should not be tolerated.

 A lot of the people that buy these products do these because of these claims but later find out that it is not as it seems. Using a funnel that a lot of people are already making use of to promote your product would make things difficult for you which can make it nearly impossible to make the money that was promised. 

Affiliate marketing is legit but to make it you would need to put in more work than claimed by these sort of programs.


Thanks for sharing your thought Jay!

victor lavaza

I have seen a lot of hype around this product coming towards the end of last year. I am glad you have made this review to answer all my questions, many thanks. What a pragmatic approach to this review, you have been very thorough and helpful. Now free traffic? I think that is one if the big lies Jason and Bosh are pitching here to make sales. Yes there are free traffic methods including organic and social media that one can get but you have to work really hard for it. But if they promise free traffic at front end and then start promoting solo ads is very wrong. I also dislike their upsells. I am afraid this is not a product I would recommend to anyone as well. I hope people who want to buy this product come across this review somehow.Best regards


Glad we are on the same page Victor, thanks for sharing your thoughts! 


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