Up1line Review – Get Paid To Read Or Get Phished?

You probably have seen an ad about getting paid $7 for reading a piece of news and $90 for introducing another person to get paid reading news.

Maybe not that EXACT number, but does that sounds familiar?

Yes, that could be Up1line.com, or Hitofnews.com, or was it 7socup.com? They are all the same, those links all lead to the same website.

They truly go by many names don’t you think? These are not all, below I will be showing you a complete list of sites that belong to them.

Anyone who aims to make money online needs to be vigilant, it pays to do due diligence in finding out more information on any products or services before getting involved.

So I am glad you are here, doing your own research is the first step of avoiding scam and one step closer to finding the legitimate way of making money online.

Before I continue, I want to declare that I am in no affiliation with Up1line (or whatever other names they go by), so I am not here to bombard you with my sales pitch. On the contrary, I want to reveal to you what this is really about and why you should avoid this at ALL cost!


Up1line Summary

Product Name: Up1line

Website: Up1line.com

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Get paid to read news

Price: 0

Best For: No one

Summary: This product goes by more than 30 different names. They claim to offer high payout just by reading news and referring people to their program. However, no one ever come back with real payment proof. This product is 100% scam and everyone should stay away from it!

Overall Ranking: 0

Recommend: No


What is Up1line

According to Up1line, mass media companies pay their readers for reading news in order to increase their readership and popularity.

Being an agency, Up1line provide a platform that connects the readers (which is you) to the news from leading mass media.

In return, Up1line get paid and they claim to share with you 80% of their profit.


How Does Up1line Actually Works

The idea behind Up1line is really simple

1. Make money by referring people ($90 per referral)

2. Make money by reading news ($7 per article)

3. Cash out when you hit the minimum payment threshold of $990

My scam alarm went off just by reading these few lines of words.

I can see that it sounds really appealing even to a seasoned online money maker. The fact that it doesn’t require any credit card info, or personal info other than email address makes it tempting for people to simply ‘try out and see whether it works’.

Nothing to lose‘ – this is how the scammers playing with our psychology to lure us into their trap.

The golden rule when it comes to making money online?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I am not just going to bash them based on my own gut feeling, I will be showing you proof that this is indeed a scam. Read on.


Inside The Members Area Of Up1line

It is easy to create an account with them, they are not even bothered to verify your email address.

Once you are inside, they show you a list of news to be read.

That’s it! Click on the articles to read and you will see your balance increasing in amount.

Of course, our utmost concern is that, are they going to pay out?


Up1line Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Too Many Different Names

Look carefully, why does a legit company need so many faces and names? All of the web addresses in the list are ultimately redirected to only 3 different sites with the web design as shown below, which are obviously created by the same owner!

This is one of the tactics of scam artists – create many entities so that it is harder for the bad reviews to catch up with them.

Those sites are constantly changing names. I will keep up my best effort to update them but some of them may no longer exist by the time you reading this and some new ones may have sprouted out.

  • 17newsnow
  • 17topnews.com
  • 7socup
  • Baseofnews
  • Capitalofnews
  • Capitalsofnews
  • Circumnews
  • Fifty-news
  • Fr-actu
  • Hitofnews
  • Hitnewsbr
  • Likeup8
  • Monthofnews
  • Newsbr13
  • News-open
  • News-person
  • Newsth17
  • Okupnews17
  • Partofnews
  • Questlike8
  • Surveynoticias
  • Socofnews
  • Thnews18
  • Thsocnews
  • Thsocnews17
  • Thsocnews18
  • Thupsoc
  • Topbr18.
  • Topline18
  • Topoknews
  • Topsoc13
  • Up1line
  • Up2get
  • Up3get
  • Up3news
  • Vesocnews17
  • Vesocnews


2. No One Ever Get Paid

Although the $990 minimum payment threshold sounds really high, the reward for reading each piece of news is high too. Some people literally achieve that amount within 1 or 2 weeks time.

Let’s face it, no one ever gets paid!

Below is a testimony that was given to Capitalofnews, which is also one of the sites among the list.

According to many, Capitalofnews is simply going to ask you to refer a number of people to qualify for the payout.

Once you achieve that, they will once again increase the amount of referral.. They are doing this over and over again and until the person fed up and gave up asking for payment anymore.

It is reasonable to believe that Up1line will be adopting a similar strategy to Capitalofnews.

Is Up1line A Scam?

Absolute, undoubtedly, YES! 


What Is Up1line Up To?


1. Increase Readership For Their Clients

They could be right from the beginning – trying to increase readership for their clients, which they charged an amount from their clients to do so.

What they don’t tell you is that they are going to keep all the profit for themselves, and not sharing with you. They are certainly not going to pay you $7 for reading an article.


2. Potential Phishing 

During cash out, you will be asked for paypal or payza account number, which is odd enough. Paypal doesn’t even have an account number, email address is the one being used to identify an account.

Anyway, revealing your email address or account number to a dubious entity is a risk on its own. Scammers are not just after your money, some are interested in your personal information so that they can sell it to third parties.


Summing Up

Up1line (and whatever other names it goes with) is unreservedly a scam in disguise. You are not going to get anything out of it. You are simply wasting your time and risked leaking out your personal information.

Avoid them like plague! I am serious.

And once again, stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true. There is no holy grail in making money online.


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Have you had any encounter with this giant scam scheme or affiliate program? Share with me your thought at the comment section below!

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6 comments on “Up1line Review – Get Paid To Read Or Get Phished?


oh wow this scam is just mean!

 Imagine how many hours people will spend reading news articles and watching their earnings increase to only never recieve any of it. 

We really rely on people like you who enlighten us to such scams….people check these things out before you sign up even when payment is not required! 


Exactly! Time wasted for nothing. Glad you find this useful!


Thanks so much for sch an enlightenment. It was definitely going to get the attention of some of us to sign up if we ever came across this upline.I have not seen it before but I am convinced that, is scam. With such a number of identity and bad testimonies from users , I think every one should beware of this.

Is there anyway they can be banned? otherwise such systems take advantage unduly. Wealthy affiliate is indeed best and safer.Thanks for the alert it is very useful and educative.Thanks


in fact many of the old sites are no longer valid, and new one just keep coming out. Maybe that is the way they prevent themselves from getting banned. It is hard to keep track of their new sites.


Scammers getting sophisticated ways scumbags try to target our cash so we should be very careful all the time and as you said staying away from anything that sounds too good to be true is a great idea. These days everybody wants to make some extra cash online and finding a real genuine platform like Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing. Great article, thanks for sharing.


Sadly not everyone can appreciate Wealthy Affiliate, I have specifically created a post about who is Wealthy Affiliate suited for https://kernelaffiliate.com/wealthy-affiliate-review-get-out-now/.
Many people still have the illusion that money come by easily online.


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