The Wealthy Affiliate Scam – 3 Insider Secrets That They Dont Want You To Know

Let me guess, you are rolling up a new website, and you are feeling overwhelmed- finding a niche, scouting for web hosting, content creation, struggling to understand SEO, keyword research… the list just kept getting longer every time you thought you had something figured out.

And you stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, which seemingly promises to take away all your pain and frustration about affiliate marketing, and transforming your traffic to revenue- like a dream comes true!

Question being, is Wealthy Affiliate scam? Where to find an honest Wealthy Affiliate review?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Not?

In short, no.

If your gut telling you otherwise, I promise you, you are not alone, there is indeed something off about it that set off your alarm, and I am going to explain it in detail shortly.

First let us examine the scam alert checklist:

Scam Alert Checklist for Wealthy Affiliate

Big promises (get rich quick and easy): x
Pushy and intimidating: x
Huge upfront payment: x
Demand personal information before showing you product: x
Demand payment before showing you product: x (you even get risk-free FREE trial without any requirement of payment detail)
Excessive boasting about being industry leader: x
Extreme reviews: some

Wealthy Affiliate almost passed all the test!

Why Wealthy Affiliate is Perceived as Scam

Chances are this is not the first time you read about Wealthy Affiliate.

I suppose you have came across too many overwhelmingly positive review, raving about the supremacy of Wealthy Affiliate over other program. There seems to be endless sales pitch, even those promises for ‘ugly truth’ about Wealthy Affiliate’ turned out to be some easily available information that again magically transform to another sales pitch.

P.s. I have not forgotten about the 3 insider secrets that I have promised you, read on to find out.

Annoying, isn’t it, being toyed around just to read another sales pitch. I know, because I have been there.

And that is why it is being perceived as scam- thanks to the overzealous affiliate marketers.

How Wealthy Affiliate Scam Came About

Wealthy Affiliate as a product itself is by no mean scam. Starter member is free to sign up and you will get 10 beginner training lessons and 10 affiliate bootcamp training lessons (some overlap of information between the 2 set of lessons due to the nature of the subject) at absolutely no cost. I would say it is a steal! Signing up is totally risk-free, no personal information asked (except email address), not even any payment detail required.

The 10 beginner training courses teaches you how to find your niche, keywords, and set up your SEO optimised site ready for traffic to stream in. While Affiliate Bootcamp does all of those, it focus on teaching you to be affiliate marketer specifically for Wealthy Affiliate (now you get the gist). It guides you how to get ranked higher, writes reviews of products and set up comparison chart effectively. As you can see, when money is involved, greed arises. The review you read become just another advertisement, and some resolved to over-bashing other products just to show how good Wealthy Affiliate is.

Wealthy Affiliate is legit, but the methodology adopted by affiliate marketer can be dubious.

My Confession

Before proceed any further, I want you to know that I am also an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh dear… not another sales pitch…

Feeling cheated yet? But, but… without being an insider myself, how am I going to find out the 3 insider secrets that I promised to show you, right?

I hope you are not planning on clicking the ‘back’ button yet, because I do take pride in providing truthful and honest review for you.

How to turn the ‘scam’ to your advantageI believe by far you have not come across any real ‘bad’ review about Wealthy Affiliate, and almost all Wealthy Affiliate related articles that you have clicked on sing praises to it.

What does it means?

It means Wealthy Affiliate really works! Else, you should have seen many extreme reviews (e.g. the very bad one by unsatisfied customer v.s. very good one by affiliate marketer).

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create content that rank high in search engine, to use keywords to your advantage, and to adopt proven strategies to attract loads of traffic.

The results? Their successful students effortlessly dominate many of the first page SERP, enjoy good ranking, and own huge share of online traffic.

Dare to dream and live up to your potential with Wealthy Affiliate

‘ but I don’t know what to sell…’
‘ I don’t think I can write well…’
If those are your concern, Wealthy Affiliate have a solution for you. It teaches you how to brainstorm a niche with alphabet soup technique, and tips to write without feeling burdened with words to use. They have everything designed with beginner marketers in mind.

Most importantly, you are free to explore your passion, sell what you like, like what you sell.

Anyway, don’t trust everything I say. The best is to see it for yourself, since it is FREE anyway.

What is the catch?

There is no need for second guessing, because I can tell you upfront what they are up to .

I believe Wealthy Affiliate is very confident about their courses and resources. Obviously, they are also aware of the rampant scam in this industry. Giving away these courses for free is like revealing the tip of iceberg, so that you are aware of them, knowing that they are serious and they mean business, not trying to scam, not attempting to fool around either. Once you get hooked, the only way to discover whatever underneath is to sign up for premium.

What to expect from Wealthy Affiliate

Once you sign up for free starter membership, here is what you can expect:

Training courses

  •  10 lessons from Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  •  10 lessons from Affiliate Bootcamp Training courses
  •  Other training videos and guides

Community support 

As a free starter member, you are granted access to read only. But as a  bonus, you can post on the first 7 days for the following feature:

  • live chat
  • member’s posting (Q&As;, information exchange, success story, community help etc)


  • Jaaxy keyword research tools (30 free searches, training inclusive)

Website set-up

  • learn how to create a SEO optimised website in 30 minutes
  • free 2 website hosted at siterubix
  • you can even register your domain name within the platform

Affiliate program

  •  once a member, you can earn as an affiliate to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you love what you see and you want to learn more, you can opt for premium membership. First month premium membership is discounted at $19 (thereafter $49, or go yearly to save more), and you get everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, absolutely no upsell there. Considering a short course could cost more than $50 in Udemy, the courses itself offered at Wealthy Affiliate is already worth the price.

Here is what you would get in addition to the free starter membership:


  • ALL training courses
  • live video classes

Community support

Immerse yourself in the help-and-be-helped culture in Wealthy Affiliate by engaging in:

  •  live chat
  •  member’s posting (Q&As;, information exchange, peer to peer training etc)
  •  site comment (done with free will by the community members)
  •  private messaging to anyone in the community (including the founders)


  • Jaaxy keyword research tool (unlimited searches)

Website set-up

  •  free 50 websites
  •  SSL certificate

Affiliate program

  • Earn double as compared to a free starter member

…. plus a lot more. If I were to list them all up one by one, I will probably bore you out before I can finish. I’ll better leave it for you to check it out yourself what it has to offer.

What are people saying about Wealthy Affiliate?

Now you are aware of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, let’s see what people saying about it.

After all…
Who likes to wake up to alarm clock and drag yourself to work, spending hours getting stuck in traffic jam on your way to your work, planning your vacation only around the time where your work isn’t at its peak volume, or working hard your whole life but can’t help wondering if the company will always need you?

No one, I presume.

I am not saying that you can have a different lifestyle immediately once you became affiliate marketer.

The truth is, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Wealthy Affiliate can only gives you a good head start, help you with the nitty gritty and guide you along with strategies in the right direction. Beyond that, the hard work, which is doing research and producing unique quality content, is on you.

So you can either choose to take action NOW, and see it for yourself if this path is suitable for you (with potential to put an end to your 9 to 5 job), or stay put and be contented with your job.

When asked, many at their old age cited their biggest regrets as something they DIDN’T managed to do.

Now the choice is on your hand.

3 Insider Secrets That I Promised You

As promised, here are the 3 things only insider knows, and they don’t want you to find out.

1. What they want you to believe:

Special first month premium membership fee of $19 is exclusively made available to you by only certain affiliate marketers.

The truth:
Some affiliate marketers will trick you to believe that this is a special deal they offer to you, and that you can only get it if you join Wealthy Affiliate through their link. That is not true, because the offer is valid for all!

2. What they want you to believe:

Special first month premium membership fee of $19 is only valid if you sign up within 7 days.

The truth:
Well as of now, Wealthy Affiliate is being really generous, so they typically extend the offer indefinitely should you miss the period. However, this information is accurate as of now and I can’t vow that they will always keep this practice in the future.

3. What they want you to believe: 

Free starter membership is for lifetime 

The Truth:
It is for lifetime if you have never signed up for premium membership. Once signed up and cancelled, you can either choose to continue your premium membership, or lost ALL of your access to Wealthy Affiliate account.

Till we meet again…

I hope this article has provided you with enough information for you to make a decision for yourself.

Hope to see you there in Wealthy Affiliate community soon!

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6 comments on “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam – 3 Insider Secrets That They Dont Want You To Know

Sujandar Mahesan

I really wanted to know about Wealthy Affiliate. This article had everything I needed to know about Wealthy Affiliate. I learned what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate. I also learned what kind of training Wealthy Affiliate offers and that too for free which is the awesome part in my opinion.

This article was really easy to read and understand. Thank you so much for sharing this article.


Glad that you found what you are looking for Sujandar!


Since I joined wealthy affiliate I have learned more than I could learned  anywhere else. Other places are often too expensive, and you can be easily scammed. Here in wealthy affiliate you feel secured, you know for sure you are not dealing with scams. It is a place to learn, and also to earn money! Thank you for sharing this opportunity.


Thanks Charles for sharing you experience with Wealthy Affiliate. 


I must say that this article is very informative and helpful for those people who look to earn with Wealthy Affiliate. It is true, I heard so many times about wealthy affiliate being a scam but people are not patient enough to see the results. My friend was a member of this platform and he gave up because he did not earn a dime in one month. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and strong will but it definitely works.


One month? Wow people nowadays need to learn to be more patience! 


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