Star-Clicks Review – Too Much Works For Pennies

Looking for ways to make money online? Star-Clicks seems to offer exactly what you want.

But is this platform legit and can you really make much money with it?

If that is the question on your mind, you have come to the right place.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

My objective is to help my readers to look past the hypes surrounding the product, and to be able to make an informed purchase decision based on a clear understanding of the nature of the product.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

And if you’d like to see an alternative, honest, and legitimate platform to start earning money online, then please click here.

Star-Clicks Summary

Product Name: Star-Clicks


Parent company: Easy Logic Limited

Product Type: PTC (paid to click) site

Price: Free for Silver membership, $29.95 for Gold, and $49.95 for Platinum

Best For: People looking to earn pocket money

Summary: Star-Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) platform, it allows advertisers to increase traffic to their ads or links, and for publishers to earn money by clicking on and viewing these ads.

Overall Ranking: 5/10

Recommend: Not Really


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Star-Clicks

Star-Clicks is an advertisement platform that allows people to put up their own advertisement and / or making money by clicking on other people’s advertisement.

You can either join Star-Clicks as an advertiser or publisher.

If you own a website and wish to drive more traffic to your site, consider becoming an advertiser.

There is a minimum deposit of $5 required when signing up for your account. You will only need to pay $0.02 for each click on your ads, and the amount will be automatically deducted from your deposit. As an advertiser, you are allowed to choose your target countries for your ads and even set your own broadcasting rules.

As a publisher, you earn money by clicking on and viewing these ads posted by advertisers. There are in total 3 types of memberships available – Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Silver Membership

Silver membership is FREE to join. However, this is definitely not the option you want to go for, and I am going to explain to you in detail right away.

Let’s do the math,  you get paid only $0.01 for each ad you click on, which is really low in my opinion. Not to mention that there is also a limited number of ads (about 7 to 10) available for Silver Membership each day. To make it worse, in order to make a withdrawal, you need to hit a minimum payout amount of $50, which is equivalent to 5000 clicks!

In other words, with a 10 daily ads limit, you will need to spend at least 5000/10=500 days in order to receive your first $50 paycheck!! How absurd!

P/s: You cannot upgrade a Silver Membership to a Gold Membership, be sure to make the right choice from the beginning!


Gold Membership

Gold membership is priced at $29.95 (discounted to $19.95). It gives you access to unlimited ads (subject to daily availability) and HTML code. You can also submit payouts weekly and enjoy 25% higher referral fee (the incentive you get when someone joins Star Click through you – I will discuss this in detail later).

The pay-per-click rate is also slightly higher, starting from $0.01, and varies depending on the ads you click on.

In my opinion, the most attractive feature of this membership option is definitely the minimum payout amount. You can now cash out at as low as $2, which is much more attainable as compared to the $50 minimum payout amount from Silver Membership.


Platinum Membership

Platinum membership ($49.95) includes everything in Gold membership plus an increase in pay-per-click rate to at least $0.02. There is no payout limit, you can cash out any amount as you like.

You can also access to third party ads, which is not available in any other membership options.


Summary of Membership Plans

Here is a summary of the differences between the 3 different membership plans:



As I have mentioned earlier, there is another way to make money with Star Clicks, which is by referring other people to join the platform.

For each signup referral that you get, you make $0.08. And the referral fee goes 3 levels down, meaning that whenever your referrals’ referrals make any other referral, you will get paid too.

It might seem like the referral fee you get outperform the pay-per-click rates. However, $0.08 is still too small to make any significant income.  Only when your referrals upgrade to a paid membership then your income becomes more substantial- you make $5 per Gold membership upgrade and $10 per Platinum membership upgrade.


Payment Methods on

Once you have accumulated enough money to cash out, you can choose to withdraw money to Paypal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin or Western Union.



What I Like About Star-Clicks

1. Work anywhere

Mobile app is available for download from Apple Store or Android Market, which allows you to make money easily with your phone. You can literally work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

2. Safe And Guaranteed Income

Star Click was founded in 2008 so it is already been around for more than 10 years. It is known as a legit platform and many people had enjoyed their payout from this platform. As long as you are willing to spend the time doing your work, you will almost certain get paid.


What I Don’t Like About Star-Clicks

1. Pay Peanuts

Let’s face it! This job requires no skill, no experience, and you can even work anytime, anywhere but it really just pay peanuts.

You can get some pocket money from it, after wasting hours clicking on ads.

You will learn nothing from doing this job, build up nothing and no one will even consider this as a working experience!

Make money online doesn’t have to be this miserable. If you are even considering doing this at all, I believe you already have what it takes to set up your own affiliate business. Think one step further, don’t be contented with simply making a few quick bucks here and there. Learn the proper skill and start building up your own passive income stream! While your friends are still waiting for their first $50 paycheck, you are probably well on your way to your financial freedom.


2. No Real Traffic

This part is more for the advertiser rather than the publisher.

Advertisers are paying money for the clicks done by publishers. But how many of them do you think will truly go through those ads? if they are just clicking ‘robotically’ then you are basically throwing away your money!

Forget about SEO, if they are just going to stay on your page for a short few seconds, it could potentially do more harm than good to your site.


Is Star-Clicks A Scam?

No Star-Click is not a scam, it is just an extremely inefficient way to make money online. If you have the time to spare on clicking ads, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere for better opportunities.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

It is possible to make money online. And I am not talking about making a few pennies but really building something that will last you a long time. Yes, I am talking about passive income, which is more often known as ‘make money while you sleep’.

But like anything worthwhile, it doesn’t happen at the push of a button. Success is the result of learning a proven process and working hard to build your business.

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?


They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

It is a total package of knowledge, training, and strategies that will guide you from a complete newbie to an extraordinary marketer.

Not only that, I can also be your personal coach if you sign up through my link. I will personally guide you and assist you if you need any help on your venture.

p/s : free membership tier available, no credit card info will be asked



What do you think about Star-Clicks or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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