Snowball Traffic Review – The Secret Inside The Snowball

Snowball Traffic Review

Is $9k in 30 days possible with this secret Snowball Traffic Source?

Two of the founders, Bill Hugall & Simple Spencer are no strangers at all. They often come out with extremely hyped up but mediocre quality products, and this 2019 Blast Off is just one of them which I have reviewed on.

The question is, will the new guy here Fergal Downes brings any difference?

To answer that question, we need to go deep below the surface and find out what this product truly is, and then decide whether it worth our time and effort.

Before continuing, I want to declare that I am in no affiliation with Snowball Traffic.

So rest assured that I am not here to give you another sales pitch.

Now let us begin, shall we?

Snowball Traffic Summary

Product Name: Snowball Traffic


Founder: Fergal Downes, Bill Hugall & Simple Spencer

Product Type: video training

Price: $7.97 + upsells

Best For: Internet marketers who are interested in setting up Facebook group

Summary: Snowball Traffic is a video training series that teaches you how to set up a Facebook group, drive traffic to it, automate the updating of the posts and promote your offers.

Overall Ranking: 6/10

Recommend: Yes

What Is Snowball Traffic

One of the founders Fergal Downes claims that he had found a way to achieve the ‘snowball effect’ of getting traffic and profit.

Imagine a snowball rolling down a mountain, it is going to gain in size real fast, without you putting in any effort. And that is what Fergal foresees you can achieve with your traffic, by using this Snowball Traffic strategy.

After putting his strategy to test, this method had brought him $9k+ within a period of 30 days.

However, there is not much information about the product itself on their sales page, other than claims like:

√ Quick to setup – hit the ground running as soon as TODAY

√ Easy – 100% newbie friendly

Fuss-free – No list needed, no website needed, no tech skills needed, no SEO, no tedious blogging, no video creation

Little effort – 30 minutes of work per day

Secretive – no one is doing this method

Good profit – $9k per month system, endless traffic

After reviewing so many products, I can assure you 100% that all these are just standard sales technique to get your adrenaline pumped up.

These were meant to get you excited and lost focus on finding out the true nature of the product!


How Does Snowball Traffic Works

Turned up, Snowball Traffic is a 15-video training series that teaches you how to use Facebook groups to promote your offers.


Here is an outline of the course:

Overview (8.00) 
An introduction to the product, i.e. leveraging Facebook group to promote your offer and driving traffic to the group using Instagram.

Snowball Traffic Niches  (2.06) 
This video is about picking a niche, However, it is strongly suggested for you create a make-money-online niched Facebook group in order to apply this strategy by Snowball Traffic seamlessly.

Setting Up The Group (4.48)
Here you will learn how to create your Facebook group and engaging services from Fiverr to design your Facebook group cover photo.

The Pinned Post (1.45)
Using the pinned post to highlight your offer, you will learn the advantages of selecting all post over the default highlights.

The Group Description  (2.58) 
This video teaches you how to write group description enhanced with keywords.

The Group Settings (2.25 )
You can just follow the video for the exact setting you need to have on your group.

How To Get 400-600 Group Members on DAY 1 (Part 1 – 9.24, Part 2 – 2.11)
Attract members to your group by engaging the help from Instagram influencers.

Software That Runs Your Group On Autopilot (3.23)
With a click of a button, you can schedule your post to run on autopilot by using Buffer (estimated cost $15 per month).

Getting Viral Content For Your Group To Build Massive Engagement (4.17)
Here you will learn how to use Buzzsumo to find the content that performs best for your niche (estimated cost of at least $79 per month). Alternatively, you can save some money by using Fiverr services (estimated cost $25)

Outsource Everything For Just $5 (3.08)
You can hands off from managing the group by engaging a virtual assistant from Fiverr.

Running FB Live For Engagement (1.17)
Make use of the Facebook Live feature to engage your audience.

Profitable Engagement Secrets  (2.16 )
More tips to engage your audience. Frugal gave an example of ‘ask me Monday’ where the readers can ask him any questions with relation to the make money online niche.

Time To Make Money  (Part 1 – 7.01, Part 2 – 4.43)
Finally, it is time to apply all that you have learned to promote your products. Here you will be shown where to find your products and how to promote them.


Snowball Traffic Sales Funnel Revealed

There are in total 5 upsells for Snowball Traffic:

Upsell 1 – Fergal’s DFY Pack + Case Studies ($27 downsell to $17)
You will be provided with 5 done-for-you campaigns, which is said to be the exact material that Fergal used. Now you can just copy and paste them into your own ‘Snowball’ campaign.

Upsell 2 – Super Simple $300/day Method ($17 downsell to $12)
This method can be used alongside Snowball Traffic frontend product to give you surefire result of $200 – $300 per day.

Upsell 3 – Resale Rights to Snowball Traffic ($37 downsell to $27)
Here you will get the resale right of the product, which allows you to keep all the profit from any sales that you made by selling Snowball Traffic.

Upsell 4 – How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days ($27 downsell to $17)
This is a strategy that is usually only taught in the $297 and $497 programs. Fergal is going to reveal the full details of how to execute the strategy properly to help you bank in 5-figure per day.

Upsell 5 – Simple BUYERS List Building Method ($12 downsell to $7)
In this upsell you will learn how to build a list without having to create a product or launch a product.


What I Like About Snowball Traffic

1. Decent Product For Beginner

For $8, this product is considered decent. If you are new to Facebook group, you will learn quite a fair bit after completed the training.

The course is created with beginners in mind, so it covers the basic steps of setting up a group in a clear and structured way. By following the exact steps laid out in the video, you will get a nice looking group in no time.


2. Money Back Guarantee

For any reason, if you decided that this product isn’t for you, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

However, it is a common practice that the guarantee is only applicable to the frontend product. So don’t jump into the upsells just yet before you are 100% sure that is what you want.


What I Don’t Like About Snowball Traffic

Free Resources Available

To be honest, Facebook group isn’t a new strategy. There are plenty of resources around, if you look hard enough, you can even get some for free.

Like I always said, Google and YouTube are your best friend, always try to look up there and you will be surprised what you can find.


Is Snowball Traffic A Scam?

No Snowball Traffic is not a scam.

The training material is decent and I do believe that you will get more than $8 worth of knowledge in return.

That being said, Facebook group is just a very small area when you look at internet marketing as a whole picture. The disadvantage of having small courses like this is that you are only getting the tips of an iceberg. After completion of the course, it will leave you wondering about what your next step should be.

As a result, most people ended up jumping from one small course to another without any direction.

If you are new in this area, my suggestion for you is to first learn the basic of internet marketing and build up the foundation. All these tricks and strategy comes only AFTER you have mastered the foundation, and not before.


How To Set Your Foundation Right

Guess what I found!

Fergal looks really familiar at first glance, and after some digging, I realize that he is also one of the members in a platform that I love to every bit.

And this is his profile page!


This platform is unlike any other training sites that only offer generic information and elementary education. It is a total package of knowledge, tools, training and it set your mindset on the right path of success.

If you are interested to find out more, read my review on them by clicking the link below.

p/s: FREE membership available, click to learn more.

What do you think about Snowball Traffic or internet marketing in general? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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