Secrets Of The Wealthy Review – Can You Trust Your Success Coaches

Secrets Of The Weatlhy Review

Can you really make 5 or even 6 figures per month from home and becoming a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” with the Secrets Of The Wealthy?

If that is the question on your mind, you have come to the right place.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

My objective is to help my readers to look past the hypes surrounding the product, and to be able to make an informed purchase decision based on a clear understanding of the nature of the product.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

And if you’d like to see an alternative, honest, and legitimate platform to start earning money online, then please click here.

Secret Of The Wealthy  Summary

Product Name: Secret Of The Wealthy

Website: (Success Coaches – Matt and Orlando)

Founder: Unknown

Product Type:

Price: $3k to $21k + admin fee

Best For: No one

Summary: Secrets Of The Wealthy claims to offer informational and educational product packages but it is actually a pay-to-play system that consists of 4 levels of membership. The membership costs between $3,000 & $21,000, and you make 50% – 75% on any successful membership sales made through you (closed by your success coach)

Overall Ranking: 1/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Secrets Of The Wealthy Claims To Be

Secrets Of The Wealthy claims to be a learning platform that offers different informational and educational product packages through a membership system. You will get training on the top 3 selling categories on Amazon – Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership training.

So how does this system helps you make money?

Simply put, by signing up for the membership yourself and get other people to sign up the way you did.

The selling point of this system is that you don’t have to do all the selling! Those are the job of your success coaches. You simply need to spread the word (or paid ads, to be exact), get your prospects to go through the Secrets Of The Wealthy sales page like what you just did, and let your success coaches do the rest.

It is all about making easy money online, or even off-line. There is no need for you to build an online business, learn complicated new skills, do cold calling or anything like that. This is a system that does all the work that you don’t want to do. It is strictly focused on giving people the opportunity to earn easy money with as little work as possible.

The best thing about it? You don’t spend more than few hours a week, and you get 50% – 75% commissions (75% commission if you sign up at the Royal level and 50% for the rest) on sales.


How Does Secrets Of The Wealthy Actually Work

The main product of Secrets Of The Wealth is their membership program (with training provided in each level of membership), which cost anywhere between $3,247 to $21,847 (extremely overpriced!).

There are in total of 4 levels of membership:

Gold level
Cost to join: $3,000 + $247 admin fee
Commission: $1,500 – $2,250

Platinum level
Cost to join: $7,000 + $447 admin fee
Commission: $3,500 – $5,250

Diamond level
Cost to join: $14,000 + $647 admin fee
Commission: $7,000 – $10,500

Royal level
Cost to join: $21,000 + $847 admin fee
Commission: $10,500 – $15,750

From their website, you can easily find the list of e-learning products associated with each membership category. If you look closely, you will learn that the training provided doesn’t really justify the price that you are paying. The training is only there for recruiting purpose. Without any ‘products’, this scheme will be deemed illegal!

What does that mean?

Let me show you a shocking discovery:



Those e-learning materials bundled in their membership packages are nothing more than cheap Private Label Right (PLR) products! If you know where to find them, you probably can get all those materials well below a hundred bucks!

In fact, if you are looking for training and tools to hone your online money-making skill, there are other options out there that better worth your time and money.

Let me get this clear – you are basically buying their membership just so that you can make money by selling their membership!

Looking at how it operates, it reminds me of a couple of similar schemes – MOBE and Digital Altitude. They are both high flying digital MLM companies that came crashing down because of their business practices.


Some Background About MOBE

Just a sidetrack story here…

On the surface, MOBE seems to offer real training and product.
However, it was shut down by FTC for fraud in Jun 2018. According to
FTC, MOBE had taken $125 million dollars from unsuspecting consumers who
were seeking to make money online to better their lives, but instead,
they lost thousands of dollars into this scheme.

Before they were shut down, they went great length to sue Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, for allegedly calling them ‘another obvious scam’.

Long story short, the whole episode concluded with a happy ending –
the truth prevailed, and Kyle donated half of the money awarded from the
lawsuit to the victims of MOBE, in order to help them get back on their

I am sharing this because Wealthy Affiliate is a community that I am proud to be in. It is a warm and helpful community, and this culture start all the way from the top!




What I Like About Secrets Of The Wealthy

Seriously, there is nothing that I like about Secrets Of The Wealthy.


What I Don’t Like About Secrets Of The Wealthy


1. Mysterious Background

At this point, you might have assumed that Matt and Orlando (or other success coaches you have come across) are the founders of Secrets Of The Wealthy.

Only they are not!

The sales page you are viewing, are set up by your success coaches. Some people stumbled across another coach named Coach Marc, which at the time of writing, is no longer doing business with Secrets Of The Wealthy.

So who is the real founder behind? Which organisation does Secrets Of The Wealthy belongs to? We don’t have any idea about it. The website is quite barren in the way of background information, offering no indication as to who owns the company or when it was founded.

That leads us to the next important question – can we really trust them handling our money?


2. Way Overpriced

Secrets of the Wealthy is not for the faint-hearted, even the lowest membership tier starts at $3,000.

You might think that you can sign up for the lowest level just to test the water.

However, at the lowest level of membership, you will not be able to earn a commission from a referral who sign up at a higher level.

Imagine you are a Gold Level member ($3,000) and your referral sign up for Royal Level ($21,000). Since you can only earn $1,500 you will have to pass up the rest of the commission.

That is the sad truth.

In order to make money in a scheme like this, you have to be at the top level (and trust me, your success coaches will pressurise you to sign up at that level).

That’s not all, we haven’t even factor in the cost of engaging paid ads. Paid ads can cost you a fortune especially at the trial and error stage when you are still figuring out the most effective ads campaign.


3. You Bear All The Risk

Secrets Of The Wealthy makes it sounds like you have finally found the right ‘system’ that can help you earn big bucks with very little effort on your own, even if you are a complete newbie.

Having everything done-for-you sounds like a really easy way to make money, but let’s be honest with ourselves – you have no control over anything.

Your success depends on your success coach, who had just earn 50% of the membership fee you had paid. What if he decided to take his own sweet time afterwards? For him, every deal is an extra gain, but for you – you haven’t even recouped back your investment! Not to mention the monthly advertisement fee you have to pay.

Unlike you, your success coach has nothing to risk. The risk is ALL on you!

Personally, I prefer to build my own audience, by publishing my own content, so that I control the asset. Your website, your content, those are all asset that can be sold at a good price – but only if you do it the proper way.


4. “Pay-to-Play” System

In a pay-to-play system, you have to first purchase the membership for yourself, before you can earn commission by selling it.

Needless to remind you, the membership fee here is really expensive!



Final Thoughts

Due to the mysterious background of this system, I strongly advise against participating in it.

But let’s assume for a moment, that Secret Of The Wealthy is legit, can you really make money with it?

Come on, there are people who can even make money off selling air (I am serious)!

My point is, Secret Of The Wealthy is operating at a grey area here. So many things could go wrong with this and I will rather give this a miss.

The only reason anyone would buy into the membership is just so that they can promote it. Many who bought into MOBE thought that they are investing in a dream, and they ended up losing thousands of dollars.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Making money online doesn’t always involve a big upfront investment.

It is possible to make money online. But like anything worthwhile, it doesn’t happen at the push of a button. Success is the result of learning a proven process and working hard to build your business.

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?



They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

It is a total package of knowledge, training, and strategies that will guide you from a complete newbie to an extraordinary marketer.

Not only that, I can also be your personal coach if you sign up through my link. I will personally guide you and assist you if you need any help on your venture.

p/s : free membership tier available, no credit card info will be asked



What do you think about Secrets Of The Wealthy? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!


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