Profit Vortex Review – Can This $8 PDF Bring You 4-Figure Monthly Income?

Profit Vortex Review - Can $8 bring you $2k-$3k Monthly Income?

Is banking $2k to $3k per day into Paypal without ever relying on JV or affiliate traffic possible?

Apparently, this is what Profit Vortex claims to be able to deliver.

Try do a simple search online, you will find that many reviewers are promoting this product and offering you generous amount of BONUS if you purchase Profit Vortex through them.

Obviously, these people are affiliated with Profit Vortex (actually, I am not too sure anymore, read on to find out why). What you see on their sites are basically sales pitches, rather than unbiased review.

Just to make myself clear, I am not affiliated to Profit Vortex in any way. So I do not have Bonus packages for you if you decide to purchase it.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will know that I always dig deep into the core of product to find out how it works. My objective is to help my readers to make informed decision of what they are going to get, if they decide to do so.

Now let’s begin, shall we?


Profit Vortex Summary

Product Name: Profit Vortex


Founder: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer & Wayne Crow

Product Type: PDF training guide

Price: $8.37

Best For: Marketers who want to build their email list

Summary: Profit Vortex is a 69 pages PDF document that will teach you how to set up all the necessary tools for using click banking method to drive traffic.

Overall Ranking: 2

Recommend: Not really

What Is Profit Vortex

Profit Vortex claimed itself to be a step by step method on how to create a ‘vortex’ of $2k-$3k paydays.

The owner himself claimed to have never used a single affiliate or JV for his traffic, and he is going to reveal to you his unique traffic source. This source is an secret untapped method, which he himself had mastered well and he is now drawing average of $60k-$70k per month using it.

The best part?

It is easy to achieve that. You were told that you do not need to do any product or video creation, no list required, and no complicated technical skill needed.

That’s not all, here are some other claims that they have made:

 Quick to set up – hit the ground as soon as today

√ Effortless – only 30 minutes of daily work

 No skill needed – perfect for newcomers

 Secretive – unlike anything you have seen before, it is an highly overlooked strategy

√ Big profit – $2k to $3k a day

  Proven system

Moreover, they claimed that their guide consists of ALL the necessary steps you need to know to ensure that  you hit insane 4-figure paydays online with this proven system

They even go to the extent to claim that with these secrets in your arsenal, you’ll become a “Profit-Generating” machine!

Personally, I have heard too many sales pitches like this, and I can tell you 100% that those are just hypes. The hypes are in place to get you excited so that you will lose your focus on finding out the true nature of the product itself.


How Does Profit Vortex Works

Profit Vortex is a 69 pages of PDF file, teaching you how to build your list for free without paying thousands for traffic.

The technique they advocate here is called ‘click banking’.

If you have not heard of click banking, let me explain to you how it works.

For a start, it may be confusing but click banking has nothing to do with

You can think of click banking as an exchange of a pre-agreed number of clicks over a span of a period of time (usually from a few days to a month).

Now imagine you are just starting up with small list of 100-500. In order to get more traffic, you go to someone with huge list and make a deal, say ‘ I will send you 100 clicks this month. Once it is done, all you have to do is to return the clicks.’

If agreeable, the big marketer will give you a tracking link. What you have to do is to promote that link in your email or funnel and get the 100 clicks delivered to the big marketer’s squeeze page.

When your subsribers click on the link and landed on the big marketer’s site, they might ended up opting in on his page and become his subscriber too.

Now the big marketer is happy.

In return, the big guy will also do the same and send you the amount of clicks agreed on.

Here, ‘clicks’ basically referring to the click on the link in the email/funnel.

What I had shown here is just an illustration, you don’t have to deal with big marketers. And if you are dealing with someone with similar list size, both of you can work concurrently, meaning you don’t have to complete your clicks first.

Of course, the pdf will provide you with more details, what I have given here is only the concept of click banking.


Profit Vortex Sales Funnel Revealed

Upsell 1: Super Simple $300/day Method ($27, downsell to $17)

You get a chance to learn another unique and fresh $200 to $300 a day method. It can be used side by side with Profit Vortex.

Upsell 2: Full Resale Rights to Profit Vortex ($47, downsell to $27)

With the resale right you get to keep 100% of the profits selling Profit Vortex.

Upsell 3: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Paydays ($27, downsell to $17)

Full details of 5-figure a day strategy revealed.

Upsell 4: Simple buyers List Building Method ($12, downsell to $7)

You get to learn how to build a highly profitable buyer list without having your own product, tech skills, or any product launch.

Tips: For you to get the downsell price, remember to scroll to the bottom and clicks on ‘No Thanks!’

Although the frontend product comes with a 30-days-money-back-guarantee, remember that the guarantee doesn’t applied to the upsells. So all you can get back is the $8 if you decided to ask for a refund.


What I Like About Profit Vortex

The idea behind click banking is basically forming a temporary partnership between marketers and helping each others out. It is both legit, and workable.


What I Don’t Like About Profit Vortex

The whole course is delivered in the form of pdf.

Depending on your preferred learning style, pure pdf learning can be tedious and hard to visualise for some.

And guess what, with all the hypes and promises, the ‘ways to make money’ module is surprisingly superficial and not much of details.


Profit Vortex Ugly Truths Revealed

1. No List Required?

Think about it, this method is called click banking, not click donating.

Without having a list yourself, how do you convince people to exchange clicks with you?

Alright, you may disagree with me. List is not necessary, since funnel works too, right?

But without tech skill, how do you set up your funnel?

And to have a funnel, you will first need to have autoresponder, squeeze page, sign up form, click tracker, domain name…

All these can add up to $100 a month. and of course, they were not mentioned in the sales page.

So you can see, it is really not as simple as the sales pitch had led you to believe.


2. Disclaimer

This is my favorite place to go to ‘unhype’ myself.

Everything said here are basically anti-climate as compared to the sales pitch.

Guess what, visit here more often and you will lost the urge to buy anything.


3. Never Used A Single Affiliate

Right now I am just confused.

On one hand it was highlighted that Wayne Crowe has never used a single affiliate for his traffic.

On the other hand, by selling product on Warrior Plus which has an affiliate program in place, isn’t it considered as ‘indirectly’ using affiliate for his traffic and sales?


Is Profit Vortex A Scam?

No Profit Vortex is not a scam. It teaches you how to get more traffic and expand your list.

And to be fair, the frontend product is inexpensive.

However, in my opinion this program is not so suitable for beginners. It is more for people that are on the intermediate level, who understand how to integrate this as part of their traffic generating strategy.

Think about it, will a product that going to earn you $2k-$3k be priced at $8.37?

This is just another product that gives unrealistic promises and false hopes.


How To Build A Strong Foundation

If you are a beginner looking for a way to make money online, I strongly encourage you to make it your priority to build a firm and sturdy foundation.

Having only a squeeze page without a proper website sounds nothing like a good foundation.

Stop chasing shiny object one after another, and having the delusion that the next one could solve all the online money making mystery. The time and money spent hunting for shortcut, could have been more fruitful had it been spent on building a real business.

Yes internet provide a vast opportunity, but the truth is that making good money online is never easy, certain not without hard work and dedication.

If you are ready to take on the challenge, commit yourself to the quest, then I want to share with you this place where I learn exactly how to build my foundation up.

As usual, read my review on them and decide for yourself if this is for you.

What do you think about Profit Vortex? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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18 comments on “Profit Vortex Review – Can This $8 PDF Bring You 4-Figure Monthly Income?

LearnToEarn Admin

I tend to agree with you that we are so prone to running after shiny objects and ending up being frustrated again and again and again!  Your advise has inspired me to focus on the project at hand and not be turned to the right or the left.Thank you for taking the time to put this review together for us.  It is good to be aware of what is out there and what people try to promote to unsuspecting customers who genuinely are looking for a legitimate opportunity to work online.


Glad that I could help! 


Another all profit and no work concept-smh. Thank you for a great review. I believe I have seen this program before and your right. It is not something that I would ask a newbie to even consider. The concept is viable, but the upfront cost could bankrupt you if you are not careful. This is definitely something that only an experienced online marketer should consider, as they would understand the underlying cost vs benefits. Especially since they would already have splash-pages and the like set up to facilitate integration. 

And of course, the “disclaimer” is always an eye-opener. After making such grand promises and guarantees, in small print at the very bottom of the last page is the real truth. They make money by selling you the system, meanwhile, the only way you are going to get anything is to try selling it someone else. Not actually using the product. 

Thank you again for exposing the truth behind the hype. 


Great insight you have Mercedus, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


One problem I have with some of these online products that are been released is that some of them might have some valuable information to share to people but they end up making outrageous claims to people about how much the product can make them. These claims are always misleading and are not right no matter what. 

Profit vortex from your description has done the exact thing. Like you said they have some good pieces of information that people can learn one or two things but they make outrageous claims just to make one to drawn in to purchase their products. Any system that does this to me is not legit and should be avoided.


Yup, hardly come across any sales pitch without hypes nowadays! 


This is some great information! I think that they have a very cool logo so it is good that I came here first before seeing them on one of those affiliate sites you mentioned. It is easy to fall for big promises like this especially when you really want to change your situation, but then the upsells come along and crush you.

It is better to focus on building a high-quality website that serves a function in the community. There really are no shortcuts to success, unfortunately.

Thanks for sharing this! I think you just saved me a lot of headaches.


No problem Renton, glad that I could help!

Emmanuel Buysse

Great post and good info.

Ive been hearing about this platform a couple of times, and always it was a very bad review, in terms I mean negative. 

I do trading and everything around it, such as affiliate marketing, but honestly, I never would use vortex. In my opinion it is a waste of time and money. 

Instead, try Wealthy Affiliate and you will have more luck, and more income. 

Thanks for sharing it with us! 


I did trading too, wasn’t my cup of tea though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 

Sandra ehinomen

As a beginner in online business, I have only heard of clickbank, good explanation you did on that if not one would think that clickbank and click banking are the same, I love the advice you gave for a beginner in online business, Thas a very good way to start out.i would prefer profit vortex if the payments are  real, then it will be a good online business to  try. Thanks for the article. 


Yup I was confused the first time I heard about it too!


Thanks for your review of Profit Vortex. This review definitely helped me to make an informed decision on not going for the product now and that I can wait until I generate a funnel good enough for exchange. 

The concept like you mentioned is legit, and the way it is marketed, it may seem tempting. But thanks for breaking the myth and showing the accurate picture to all readers.


Glad that I could help, Rudolph !

Seun Afotanju

Thanks for making a review on this article. This is the first time i heard about this platform and how they operate. Although from what I read in this article this site isn’t active scam site but i totally disagree with them promising that one could make 2k to 3k a day with  this platform. I would rather stick with wealthy affiliate, where you get training on how to build your websites for free and make profit out of it!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Seun!


Thank you very much for this valuable review. It totaly opened my eyes because 10 days later after all comments were published on your review they have launched a new product Snowball traffic including in bonuses also Vortex profit!
And this Snowball traffic has also price 8$. After launching yesterday I was a bit sceptical how much a newbie can make and also think they have unrealistic promises. Despite that all reviews on Google and Youtube are positive but as I was sceptical I just searched for their product Vortex and then came across your article. Thank a Lot you saved me Lot of time and money cause upsells in both products are identical..


Products like this just keep sprouting out everyday. They are cheap but the little price tags do add up quickly too.

Glad that my review has benefitted you!


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