Paying Social Media Jobs Review [2021] – Another Rehashed?

Welcome to my Paying Social Media Jobs Review.

Note: Paying Social Media Jobs is previously known as Paid Social Media Jobs.

In today’s business world, social media is a must for companies to interact with customers and keep up-to-date on new software. Social Media Departments are set up to use social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to interact with customers and prospective customers on these sites. These departments also need to stay abreast of the latest software that will optimize interactions between users.

Paying Social Media Jobs claims to help you make a full-time income by working easy tasks for companies on social media. With the high demand for this job, it is no surprise that there are more opportunities available than ever before!

So is Paying Social Media Jobs a legit platform worthwhile of your time?

If that is the question on your mind, you have come to the right place.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

My objective is to help my readers to look past the hypes surrounding the product, and to be able to make an informed purchase decision based on a clear understanding of the nature of the product.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

And if you’d like to see an alternative, honest, and legitimate platform to start earning money online, then please click here.

Paying Social Media Jobs Summary

Product Name: Paying Social Media Jobs


Founder: Annie Jones

Product Type: Freelancing platform

Price: $27 + upsells

Best For: Freelancers

Summary: Paying Social Media Jobs is an intermediary that redirects you to other freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer, you can filter jobs by your level of experience, job site, and freelancing platform. It also comes with basic training on social media management.

Overall Ranking: 2/10

Recommend: No

My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Paying Social Media Jobs

Paying Social Media Jobs is a platform connecting you to online home business opportunities where you can complete simple, actionable tasks to help companies grow their social media presence. They also claim to provide training where you’ll learn everything you need to know about becoming a full-time social media manager.

Social media account management is about creating and maintaining social media presence, posting status updates or videos. It also requires replying to comments from customers.

We live in a golden age of innovation, companies are starting to realize that social media is an integral part of modern business. Smaller businesses face a dilemma because they can’t keep a social media manager on staff, so instead, they’re hiring freelancers who work remotely from home. This allows them to maintain an active role in their company’s social media presence without having the added hassle of managing it themselves all day long. gives you the impression that without much prior knowledge or training, and by simply performing tasks everyone can do, you can make a living as a social media manager.

That’s a flat out lie! This is just like another platform that I recently reviewed Paid Online Writing Jobs.


How Does Paying Social Media Jobs Work

Now let me walk you through how does Paying Social Media Jobs works.

From the moment of signing up, a few things became apparent as to what this platform is all about.

At first glance, you may think that it is free to use Paying Social Media Jobs site. After all, most freelancing platforms don’t charge you a fee upfront.

Guess what, the platform will first ask you to fill up a job application form.


Then the next moment, they will notify you that you have been selected for the job and in order to accept this new position one must pay $27.



There is even a countdown clock to give you a false sense of urgency. This is part of their strategy for encouraging job hunters and luring them into making an impulsive decision they might not otherwise make if time were not such a factor.



Anyway, let’s get back to the platform.

Now assuming that you have indeed paid the money and signed up, here are what you will get.

In the program, you will get access to tutorials and videos with information about how to apply for jobs using their tools. You can also choose from a list of current job opportunities on the board itself.



The training consists of 4 modules which are of decent quality. But again, the Internet is a treasure trove of resources. There are plenty of ways to get it cheaply or even for free online.


Here are the outlines of the 4 training modules:

Module 1: Welcome Module

This welcome module gives you a basic idea of what social media managers do, why they are valuable to businesses, and some tips on how to become one. There is also a video on the importance of promoting businesses online in today’s digital age.


Module 2: Getting Started

This module talks about how being a social media manager can offer many benefits and the types of work involved. It briefly discusses why you should keep on top of your personal social media accounts, but it provides no specifics on achieving that goal.


Module 3: Finding Clients

This module covers some of the various kinds of local business owners who can be great prospects as well as giving advice on where to look for those businesses so you have a better chance at getting in touch with someone.


Module 4: Advanced Training

Advanced training offers some useful tips on how to run a Facebook ad campaign that generates leads, how to promote yourself, building a virtual sales team, reputation management, reporting and analysis etc.

Although it covers a wide range of topics, the training is lacking in detail and doesn’t cover enough ground for someone who wants to use these strategies effectively.

That’s basically all for the lessons. And I still don’t see how these 4 training modules can transform a newbie into a competent social media manager!


Job Board

The supposed “job database” is actually a job filter or intermediary that redirects you to other sites like Upwork and Freelancer, you can filter jobs by your level of experience, job site, and freelancing platform.

Think about it! Those websites are all free.

Paying Social Media Jobs does nothing more than pass along information freely available elsewhere while collecting an upfront fee from you.

Since the site will only give me access to these same job postings I could find for free online, there’s no reason why I would ever pay a membership fee of $27!

And in case you haven’t noticed, those links are actually affiliate links.

What does it mean?

It means that whatever job you landed on via these links, the owner of Paying Social Media Jobs is going to get a cut from it, simply because you are using their ‘job filter’ which they have charged you earlier at $27.

Freelancing is a job like any other, requiring lots of time and effort to make money. You either need the right skills or you must be willing to spend some time grinding your name out there. Do not trust sites that promise easy jobs with high pay; they are misleading you!



Paying Social Media Jobs Sales Funnel Revealed

You may think that the $27 is all you need to pay.

Not true at all.

After you made the payment, you will be taken into a sales funnel that offers 2 different upsells. Personally, I skipped out on all of them. If you are curious, below is a quick outline of the offers included inside of the sales funnels for Paying Social Media Jobs:

Upgrade 1: Social Media Arbitrage ($37)
Upgrade 2: Launch A Digital Product Business program ($47)


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What I Like About Paying Social Media Jobs


1. Legit Opportunity

Not only is social media management a legitimate opportunity, but it’s also becoming an increasingly popular freelance career.

Businesses out there are outsourcing tasks such as Facebook and Twitter accounts management to freelancers. This provides us with the chance to work online at our own pace whenever and wherever we like, with flexible payment schedules that we can manage.


2. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

As a ClickBank product, you are covered by their no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee.

So if you’re not satisfied with this product for any reason, they’ll refund your money. You’ve got 60 days to decide if it’s worth keeping or returning the item!


What I Don’t Like About Paying Social Media Jobs


1. Who Is Annie Jones

The narrator in the sales video, Annie Jones claims that she was once broke and depressed, but after she discovered how to make money through social media, her life has completely changed for the better – her financial problems are solved!

She does not give any other information except a photo of hers.

Well, the story is inspiring, but it’s fake.

Or at least, Annie Jones is not who she claims to be.

Take a look at this, the photo is nothing more than a stock photo from that you can get easily online. There is no such person as Annie Jones, it is just a fictional character created by Paying Social Media Jobs.

2. Fake Breaking News

The breaking news story discusses how people can become “social media managers” by joining Paying Social Media Jobs. Being featured in news is supposed to improve the credibility of the platform.

Guess what, when I realise what it is all about – an actor’s prerecorded scene that appears on screen with a fake background designed to look like a breaking news video, it actually lowers the credibility for the platform itself.



3. Paying Social Media Jobs Payment Proof

Here is something that puzzles me.

All the while we are talking about Annie Jones – how she made money on social media etc. but how is it that the payment proof shown is under the name Kate Jones instead?!


Paying Social Media Jobs Payment Proof - real or fake

That simply makes no sense!


4. Not Enough Guidance

Paying Social Media Jobs promises a comprehensive training package to teach you how to become a full-time social media manager.

However, as you have realised by now, there is no mentorship or guidance and most of the information provided in this program can be found for free on other websites.

There are only a few lessons that I would consider worthwhile in this entire course, most aren’t actionable enough compared with what we could learn from elsewhere entirely for free!


Where To Find Social Media Jobs For Free

As mentioned above, there are lots of resources out there for finding social media work. One such is Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing website with over 10 million registered users (and counting), gigs that include paid social media jobs to abound!

There’s no need to pay 27 dollars when these sites offer similar services at no cost. Some other options include:

1. Indeed
2. GlassDoor

3. Freelancer

4. Fiverr

As for the training, here are some resources that I have collated for you, completely free of charge. Use them to learn at your own pace!

1. Social Media Management

2. Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency from Home

3. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients



Is Paying Social Media Jobs A Scam?

Paying Social Media Jobs is not a scam, as it does come with some sort of training.

However, this site is going to charge you $27 for information that could be yours free.

The training inside the platform isn’t very extensive either. All they do is funnelling users to other sites where they can find work if they are lucky, like Fiverr or Freelancer which don’t cost anything either!

This service seems pretty redundant to me, and it is not something that I would recommend.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

If you are looking to make money online, let me show you a much more reliable option that will not waste your time or money like Paying Social Media Jobs.

Making money online is possible. But like anything worthwhile, it doesn’t happen at the push of a button. Success is the result of learning a proven process and working hard to build your business.

The only way to do it is by investing some money in good programs that catapult success while being persistent and work hard throughout this journey.

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?


They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

It is a total package of knowledge, training, and strategies that will guide you from a complete newbie to an extraordinary marketer.

Not only that, I can also be your personal coach if you sign up through my link. I will personally guide you and assist you if you need any help on your venture.

p/s : free membership tier available, no credit card info will be asked



What do you think about Paying Social Media Jobs? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below!

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2 comments on “Paying Social Media Jobs Review [2021] – Another Rehashed?


At first I believed most of the things I saw online. But as I discover all these nasty little lies they make up, I have started to be more skeptical. I was surprised to see that the breaking news thing was fake. And that the testimonial of the lady was fake too, using a stock image photo.


Indeed, so many things can be falsified nowadays !


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