My Lottery Store Review – Unlicensed Gaming?

My Lottery Store Review

Are you going to be the next big winner with My Lottery Store?

To be very honest with you, their whole website reminds me of those illegal gaming sites with huge pinwheel and mega prizes to be given away. A site like this makes me feel like want to click away immediately.

But let us not jump into conclusion right away, as usual, I will go deep below the surface to find out what My Lottery System truly is, before making my recommendation.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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 My Lottery Store Summary

Product Name: My Lottery Store


Founder: Michelle Lilly-Hester

Product Type: Digital Lottery

Price: $99

Best For: No one

Summary: My Lottery Store is a blockchain-based digital lottery system. It allows you to make money by referring people to join them as their affiliate members (or mobile agents as they call it), or when your referrals make a purchase of the lottery tickets.

Overall Ranking: 1/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is My Lottery Store

My Lottery Store is a  blockchain-based digital lottery system owned by Disruptive Blockchain Worldwide LTD.

Other than that, there is not much information on their website – no indication of who is the founder or any background information.

I did, however, do some research and found out that its domain name was registered on 3-8-2019. Along with this, I also found a video uploaded to YouTube on October 19, 2019, which further revealed Chad Creighton as the “COO of the company, and Michelle Lilly-Hester serving as the company’s CEO.

A little history about the secret founder Michelle Lilly-Hester here – she used to promote another company called Coins of Change, which is a cryptocurrency MLM company, and Total Life Changes which is also an MLM company.

To learn more about the background of My Lottery Store, you can check out this video My Lottery Store Call With The CEO, COO, and Other Leaders.


How To Make Money With My Lottery Store

There are 2 ways for you to participate in My Lottery Store:

1. Sign-up and play – and wish hard that you will strike a Jackpot. If you do, the company pays you in cryptocurrency.

2. Becoming their affiliate – or Mobile Agent as they call it, and make money by promoting My Lottery Store.


As a Mobile Agent, you will get commission up to 2 levels of your referrals, ie. 1st level Mobile Agents (your direct recruit) and 2nd level Mobile Agents (your referrals’ referral) and also from the tickets they sell.



How To Get Started

To become a Mobile Agent, there is a fee of USD 99 or 0.01375 BTC (price is accurate at the time of writing, there is a plan to increase the fee to USD 149).

Here is what you get at a glance:

2 level payout program: $25 First Level Payout; $15 Second Level Payout
> Profit Share on Ticket Sales: $0.50 Per Ticket on First Level Sales; $0.25 > Per Ticket on Second Level Sales
> 1% of Winning Ticket Jackpot
> Marketing & Promotional Materials
> MyLotteryStore Affiliate Website


If you wish to understand better how it works, check out the video below:



What I Like About My Lottery Store

There is nothing that I like about My Lottery Store.


What I Don’t Like About My Lottery Store


1. Lack Of Information

There is not much information that you can find about My Lottery Store. Unless you sign up and becoming a member, you won’t know how much the lottery tickets cost, when the drawing is held, how the drawing works, and how you can deposit your winnings etc.

Having a system like this, especially in the gaming industry, can arouse suspicion and many people will not be comfortable buying lottery ticket this way.

How do we know if anyone really got any prizes? How can we be sure that the system is not rigged?


2. You Do Not Own That Store

There is no doubt that owning a lottery store is like having a golden goose.

That is exactly what The Lottery Store want us to believe. The Lottery Store sells us on the dream of owning our own lottery store, except that it is far from the truth.

The ‘store’ doesn’t belong to you, what you get is only a webpage for you to promote the actual ‘store’. If you were to own the ‘store’, you would have gotten all the profit and not just the commission.


3. Is My Lottery Store Licensed

A Gambling License is required in order to start an online gambling business.  Gaming Curacao is a Master License holder issued by the government of Curacao, hence they are able to issue qualified eGaming operators with an online gaming license.

All eGaming operators who hold a valid license from Gaming Curacao are required to display a seal on their website, which acts as proof of the validity of the license.

So here comes the problem.

We were told that My Lottery Store holds a gaming license as follow:

However, upon tracking it’s Gaming Curacao seal, I found that their gaming license with Gaming Curacao is already disabled.



Did they forget to renew their license? Was their license revoked?

This is definitely a huge red flag here.


4. Pay To Play System

In a pay-to-play system, you have to first purchase the membership before you can earn commission by selling it.

Doesn’t it sound familiar?

In a way, we are actually paying money to become a ‘Mobile Agent’, so that we can make money by recruiting other ‘Mobile Agent’. There is no real product to be sold, we are basically just making money off recruitments.



Is My Lottery Store A Scam?

Although I don’t think My Lottery Store is a scam, I won’t recommend it to anyone either.

From the way I see it, the whole idea of bringing blockchain into the picture here is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, they are just cashing in on the popularity!  Let’s not get distracted, what we should do is to focus on the fact that my lottery store is not licensed, and too much information not being disclosed to the public.

For these reasons, I won’t recommend My Lottery Store.

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A Better Way To Make Money Online

My Lottery Store may not be what it appears to be, but the idea behind it – affiliate marketing, is actually a lucrative business.

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What do you think about My Lottery Store or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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