Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge – Scam or True Opportunity?

Seriously, with all the hype around this challenge, I couldn’t find any review about it, except from YouTube videos made by advocates of the challenge itself. Of course, they are mostly sales pitch.

So I decided that I would go all in into the heart of this hype. I personally joined the challenge so I can share my first hand experience here. I want to set apart this review from all other sales pitch, so I am going to present you everything I have found out from my experience- the good, the bad, nothing withheld. I will even show you the mistake I have made, something I wished someone would have told me before I joined them.


What is Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge

First of all, whatever this is, it is not a product. It is a challenge to promote a platform called Builderall. Every tool that you need to market this product are ALL provided by the founder of this challenge Liam Kay – from domain, landing page template (you just need to copy and paste your name, links etc), auto-responder etc.

However, you do have to become a member of Builderall to join this challenge.


What is Builderall

Builderall is a legit and powerful all-in-one platform. If you are in the business of online marketing, I am sure you are awared of how many tools and services you need to engaged in roder to have your business running efficiently. For example, an email autoresponder, landing page designer, sales funnel etc. Below is just an illustration on how much those services could cost you:

Get Response 10k subscriber list= $168
Aweber 10k Subscriber list= $69
ClickFunnels = $97 / $297
Lead pages= $37 / $79
Clickmagic=$17 / $47 / $97
…Plus other hosting or site’s cost

imagine now you can have them all under one roof of Builderall at a much more affordable cost. From web design to online marketing, you don’t even need to spend any time sourcing for your own provider, everything preselected for you.

There are 3 different pricing options in Builderall, namely Web Presence, Digital Marketing and Builderall Business.

Builderall’s strength relies on their wide variety of services. They may not offer the best-of-market in everything but they make their platform as user friendly as possible, so that anyone can improve their online presence in a professional way. Their platform is amazing, in fact till now I haven’t able to fully utilize everything they have to offer. Below is a summary of what are the services included. And yes there is even an app creator, but don’t expect to come out with a complicated app with it though.



Why Is Builderall Chosen As The Targeted Product For The Challenge

First of all, Builderall is a legit and useful product. So far I have not seen a single review claiming that they are scam. The platform and service it offers provide the perfect tools to create whatever necessary to set up the funnel for this challenge. In short, we are using Builderall itself to create a funnel to sell Builderall.

Secondly, Builderall offers a irresistable affiliate program. As an affiliate you make 100% commission for every new sale, and 30% for subsequent month the customer remains active on Builderall. Not only that, Builderall has 2-tier commission structure, meaning that you even get a share of what your client earn by referring new clients. .

Therefore, whoever that refer you to this product, they will generally WANT you to success and continue to bring in customers, because it benefits them too. (Note that I say ‘generally’, there are some cases that people get ignored once they signed up, obviously that is a very bad move).


Is There Any Cost To Join This Challenge

Payment to the founder of the challenge: $0

Payment to Builderall :$49.9 (Builderall Business)

To get the sales funnel put together by Liam Kay, there is no payment to it. However, in order to be an affiliate of Builderall, you need to sign up for their Business plan, which will cost you $49.9 a month. It sounds hefty if you are just planning to sell their product. But again, good news is that they are offering a 30 days money back guarantee. So if nothing work out by the end of the 30 days, you can get a refund by simply sending in an email to the Builderall team. That is how the name 30 Days Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge came about.


The Idea Behind This Challenge

Many people crave the lifestyle of affiliate marketer – work anywhere, passive income, semi-retire lifestyle… However, they are often too eager to success and get defeated too easily. Can you imagine the challenge faced by a new affiliate marketer? From finding a niche, getting domain, web designing, web hosting, researching the niche to building a funnel and getting traffic, the list just goes on and on.

By participating in this challenge, you will get the template sales funnel which make it easy for anyone to become an affiliate marketer, because everything have been thought through, planned through and what you need to do is simply copy and paste, follow the guide and promote the product.

Liam is not just going to teach you how to do it and leave you to figure it out yourself, he had almost everything done for you.


How Does The Challenge Work

The Challenge is organised into a 3 Step Guide.

Step 1 The Perfect Product

This step introduce you to the product that you are promoting, i.e. Builderall. You will need to sign up an account with Builderall before you can proceed further to step 2.

Step 2 The Perfect Funnel

This step is full of action. You are basically creating your very own website / landing page here together wih messenger autoresponder. The hardest part (web design) is already done for you, you simply have to follow the video closely, copy and paste your details into the template and you are done!

Step 3 The Perfect Traffic

You will learn how to drive traffic to your site – both free and paid traffic. There is nothing new with the recommended traffic source, but he does give a few attention-grabbing tips and tricks. Liam suggests you to use free traffic, so that this challenge could be completely risk-free.


What I Like About This Challenge

Liam Kay does make everything easy for new affiliate marketers that do not want to spend much time building their business up from the ground.


What I Don’t Like About This Challenge

While the product itself is legit, this is basically like a mass invitation party – free to join and bring 10 friends along with you.

The whole challenge is built around the hype. I believe less than half amount of the affiliates have any real idea of what Builderall is about. The only time they actually use this product is when they are creating the landing page for this challenge. But, many of them managed to earn some commission from it!

During the process of setting up, most of us will simply use the subdomain provided by Liam. So technically, this site doesn’t belong to you. Of course, if you want to own the site you have created , you will have to purchase your own domain name which will incur additional cost.

The moral of the story? You just have to be a good sales person to get this done.


Do I Recommend This Challenge

The sales pitch may give an impression that it is easy for anyone to achieve $1000 per month. In reality, it will not be as easy as it sounds. At the end of the day, it still depends on the effort you have spent, and your ability to promote a product.

It is hard to give a straighforward answer whether this is a recommended program or not. If you are good in sales, obviously you will be able to make money out of it. As for me, I think that this challenge is encouraging people to sell things that they themselves are not familiar with, and that is the reason I am more incline towards not recommending it.


Should Anyone Sign Up?

Since it is almost risk-free, if you are keen, then why not? My suggestion for you is not to get stucked too deep inside. If you think this is not for you, get out of it! Without any sales, $49.9 per month can be a pain.

Not interested in this type of challenge that build around hype, and want to learn how to earn money online in a more lasting method?

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