Mass Income Machines Review – But Where Is The Machine?

Mass Income Machines Review

‘You can now make up to $42,000 a month working from home’, says Mass Income Machines.

I would say that sounds really good!

But is Mass Income Machines another scam or does it truly deliver what it advertise itself to be?

To be honest with you, it is possible to make money from home, but it is not going to be as easy as people claim.

So why the limit of $42,000? No one knows why because there is no explanation provided in the video. It appears to be a random number plugged out of nowhere.

With so many scam products littering the Internet, it pays to do due diligence in finding out more information on any products or services before getting involved.

So I am glad you have landed on the right place, doing your own research is the first step of avoiding scam, and one step closer to finding the legitimate way of making money online.

Before continue, I want to declare that I am in no affiliation with Mass Income Machines. I have seen many of such products out there and I know what games are they playing.

Let’s dive into the detail!

Mass Income Machines Summary

Product Name: Mass Income Machines (previously known as Profit 24/7?)


Founder: Jacob Allen (pen name)

Product Type: Training and courses

Price: $37 + 3 upsells ($37, $67, $97)

Best For: People who is interested in creating digital product for sale

Summary: Mass Income Machines is NOT a real system. Yes it has value in it but it is nothing more than a training course. The course will teach you how to find your niche, build your site, drive traffic and create digital products for sale.

Overall Ranking: 5/10

Recommend: No

What Is Mass Income Machines

Mass Income Machines claimed themselves to be a tried and proven system that contains almost everything you need to earn money online with the shortest time possible.

In the sales video, it reveals a ‘secret’ industry that worth $12 billion dollar, which according to them is a secret source that has been hidden from you all the time.

The ‘secret’ industry, which was  later revealed to be the information market, is the key to your success.

It further explains  that quality information are well sought after. By bringing the right solution to people’s problem, many are willing to hand  you their money in order to get their problem solved.

As the video progress, you are shown income screenshot of people earning hundreds of dollars just few days after getting started. Easy money, who doesn’t love it?

You are also told that there’s is a secret group of people that make money by helping each other up. The power of group is a massive leverage for greater profit.

Although the video provides a glimpse of what kind of business you are about to be engaged in, it is still very vague on what kind of product it has to offer. Which is a red flag.

What is the nature of the product, is it a automated machine, a training course, or a tool for you to use?

We DON’T know anything about it!

When is the last time you bought something without knowing what it was. I bet it didn’t go well.

I know everything look grim right now. But without concrete proof, I hate accusing a product as scam just based on how it looks. So I dive in deeper into the members’ area of Mass Income Machines.

Inside The Mass Income Machines

As suspected, what you find inside the Mass Income Machine is not what it was portrayed to be.

But considering so many red flags raised in the video, I am actually pretty surprise that it is not as scammy as I thought.

It turns out that there is no system really, but a training consists of 17 videos and 8 PDF guides, which can be categorised into 8 modules. By following the training, you will learn how to create your own digital information product to sell online.

The training will cover:

Module 1. An overview of how to make money online.

Module 2. How to find profitable niches 

Module 3. How to set up your website

Module 4. How to create a digital products, together with the program you will need.

Module 5. Technique used to create your sales copy

Module 6. How to build up your list for email marketing

Module 7. Clickbank payment integration 

Module 8. Traffic generation by using free and paid traffic, and how to sell your products through affiliates.

They claim to be almost everything you need, but the fact is that they are just going to teach you how to make money with Clickbank by creating digital product.

True, they will provide you with some resources. But…

Easy money? I don’t think so.

Driving traffic is not easy, marketing is not easy, creating product is not easy. Paid traffic is easy but it cost money.

Let’s face the reality!

Once you have purchased their product, it is either time for you to learn the truth- that no money can come by with a flick of finger, or you will be fed with more lies and promises to lure you into their upsells.

Now that you have spent $37 and if you have yet to succeed, you are told that there are more to learn:

Upsell 1 ($97): Learn the secret method to quadrupled your profits

Upsell 2 ($67): Learn how to build up list and email marketing.

Upsell 3 ($37): Learn how to drive traffic to your site

With similar strategies applied, the upsells paint a perfect picture for you to get in deeper. And beware, the upsells is using a one-click check out mechanism. Meaning if you click it wrongly, you will be immediately charged.

What I Like About Mass Income Machine

To be honest, I am just Glad that it is at least not a scam, just a poor quality product with a overhype marketing strategy.

What I Don’t Like About Mass Income Machine

1. Fake founder

Well at least they are honest about it, but seriously it doesn’t make anything better.

If you have created an awesome product, you will be eager to let everyone knows it, let alone showing your face, won’t you?

Using a pen name gives an impression that even the founder is not confident about his own product. Why do we want to purchase  something that even the founder himself not proud of?

2. Video is not streaming live

This is not something critical, but personally, I just dislike being lied to. The viewer counter is simply a pre-programmed counter starting from 1000 that slowly increase by 1.

Live streaming?

No way, it is a prerecorded YouTube video. See the YouTube sign at bottom right hand side?

3. Rehashed Profit 24/7?

Just a while ago, the same URL that brings you to Mass Income Machines actually landed on a site look like this.

Profit 24/7 vs Mass Income Machines

So yes, they are EXACTLY the same product, only with some renaming and repackaging. Often time, when a product received too many negative reviews, the founder simply repackage and sell It under different name to avoid being under radar.

Alas, someone forgot to change the slide!

Mass Income Machines Review - Scam or Legit

4. It advocates recycling of free information online into a product to sell

While it is true that with the help of proper research, free information can be repackaged into something useful.

However, if not done properly, it  will encourage low quality products flooding into the market. Selling Low quality products not only hurts your brand name, it also means higher rate of refund. Once your customer lost faith in your product, there is no point gathering a list for email marketing. Your customers aren’t returning for anything anyway.

5. Unrealistic income claim

Yet another lie.

On one hand, they told you ‘be real, your are not going to be a millionaire this time next week’, but on the other hand, they show you screenshot of income proof valued at $10k+ a week.

Aren’t they similarly far-fetched  and unrealistic?

After being in online business for few years, I know what is the reasonable range of income to expect.

Trust me, $10k+ a week is way beyond that.

Is Mass Income Machines A Scam?

NO, Mass Income Machines is not a scam, despite you might have seems many other reviews says so.

Look at the training, it does bring value to people, at least on the topic about  creating digital product to be sold on Clickbank.

To be fair to them, if they have marketed it as it is and sold it as a course in places like Udemy, it would have been a better option. Readers would have been given a fair chance to access the quality of the training  before their spending decision.

But from where it stood now, I really can’t recommend it due to the fact that they aren’t entirely honest about what they are selling.

Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online ?

Of course there is!

I know it can be frustrating, with so many low quality or scam products swarming the  market. It is hard to tell them apart from the good one, if you still believe it exists.

I have personally encountered many of them and I have come to realise that there is no short cut to earn money online. If something sounds too good to be true, they probably are!

If you are still interested in making an honest money online, my best recommendation is affiliate marketing.

Instead of spending money upfront without knowing what you are getting into. You can join this program for free and learn how to build your affiliate marketing business, from scratch! That is also the same program that has handheld me throughout my affiliate journey.

No credit card info will be asked, so it is at no risk to you.

What is your thought about Mass Income Machines, has it helped you? Let me know in the comments below!

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24 comments on “Mass Income Machines Review – But Where Is The Machine?

Joe Handigr

Wow, so many over-hype claims out there, they just bombard you when you try to search of a way to make money online.

Its so frustrating, I get that money isn’t easy to make, it shouldn’t. You should have to work for it! I’m willing to put the effort needed but usually its hard to trust anything to be legit.

I thank you for the information you provided about this, as I was keeping an eye on it. I see your recommendation is free, and allows you to make sites from scratch.

But as a free member to that program, is there any hope to making any money without 1st paying for a subscription?


Hi Joe, I have been there too and I can relate with your frustration. 

Yes you can still earn money without paying for subscription for Wealthy Affiliate. It provides you with 10 free courses and lifetime free starter membership. Whatever knowledge you gain there is yours to keep and to capitalise on for your own online business. 

But if you are referring to becoming an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. Then yes you still can earn money by being a free member but your commission will be half of those earned by paid premium members. Read this post if you are interested to find out more about them. My Honest Review On Wealthy Affiliate

And here is something you would want to know before joining them. 3 Insider Secrets Of Wealthy Affiliate


Is hard to believe in Mass Income Machine, because those days alot of websites are scams. You said this may is not a scam and I take your words for it, but I never meet nothing better and real deal Wealth Affiliate. Here in WA I have been learned so much, that I am amazing and proud of myself. Talking about the community that’s help which ether, they are wonderful. Every time I need help, I have a way to ask. If I write my question, I have automatic answers and if I don’t find or I am not satisfied with my answers, I can ask the community and always will be someone to help me, no matter what. Even the owner come to rescue me if I need, so I can say for sure WA is not a scam.

Thank you for a very informative article.


Thanks Telma for your trust on my review!

Indeed Wealthy Affiliate has the warmest community ever, I regretted I haven’t found it earlier!

Phil Lancaster

Wow! This is one of the best negative reviews of an Internet Marketing product that I’ve ever read.

It’s not one of those stupid “I’m really an affiliate for this product” – you know, an AdWords ad that says “DON’T BUY XYZ” (until you’ve read my review of this great product and clicked on my link to buy it.”

But it doesn’t totally ban it either. Your review tells me exactly what to expect and exposes it not as a scam, but simply a low quality product that isn’t going to deliver on its promise.

Don’t you love the fact that they forgot to change the product name on the slide. Tells you straight away that they’re a pretty sloppy bunch.

Again, thanks for all the information. The really sad thing is that you could pretty much apply the same remarks to hundreds of other products that newbies are paying for every day.

Totally agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. I checked it out and I would say I am really impressed!


Hi Phil, oh yea I hate those clickbaits too! It really gets on my nerves every time I clicked on one. 

Glad that you enjoy reading my review. I like to dig to the bottom of things instead of simply labelling a product as scam by judging the red flags alone. For me, the difference between a scam and a low quality product is HUGE, and they shouldn’t be categorised under the same roof.


I haven’t had experience specifically with Mass Income Machines, but with other similar things. 

I think you hit the main point when you said that driving traffic, marketing, and creating a product are not easy. And you have been very fair to them in saying they do offer something of value. But the problem seems to be that they’re misrepresenting their product, saying that once you have the main product and all the upsells, everything is going to be easy. 

It almost seems like they don’t have enough faith in their own product. If their product is really worth something, they should be able to say, “This product will help you, but it won’t be easy. You’ll have to put a lot of work into it before you see results, and the results will start slow and build over time.” 


Glad that we think alike Danette!


Hi! Thank you very much for this review. I appreciate the time you have spent reviewing “Mass Income Machines.” Your honesty is very important. The fact that they do deliver value is important to note. But also pointing out that this product is over-hyped and un-realistic in its claims has saved me time and probably money.

We must be careful with this type of offers. Because they are not a total scam. But they offer stars and under- deliver. Thank you very much for detailing what we will find in this product.


You are welcome Henry!

Heidi Yates

As soon as I see the word “secret” in any online marketing I start to feel queasy and this looks to be littered with secrets! I really am not sure how it is that people can simply pluck a figure out of nowhere without any real proof that their system can do that for you. There is always the fine print that says something like *results may vary and we can’t guarantee your income Pfffft!!

Also the re-branding (poorly done at that) from Profit 24/7 to Mass Income Machines makes it feel like a poor product. My suggestion to anyone getting into making money online is to check out how long the company or platform has been in business. Obviously the longer the better. This shows real value and reliability. 

I am a Clickbank affiliate and didn’t need MIM to make that happen. 

Thanks for a great review, I hope plenty of others find your blog so they are informed before parting with their hard earned cash.


Thanks for your suggestion Heidi, it is helpful!

jessie palaypay

You mentioned that if you accidentally click the wrong button after purchasing the product, you can get charged extra for the Upsell. Is there a way to get a refund on it should we accidentally click that button? 

Also, is this a click bank product by any chance? I hear Click Bank always gives refunds.


It is a ClickBank product but I believe you can only get a refund from the frontend product, not the upsells.


I gotta admit the 5 figures income claim sounds really attractive. Sincerely speaking, I just can’t wait to make such amount of money doing business online. But as you have pointed out in this review, it’s damn impossible to do it with this low quality product. 

Thank you for exposing them, that way I don’t have to waste my time on this product.


Glad that the review is helpful for you Vwegba!


Yeah this product is so hyped up and alot about it is not true. There is no secret bla bla bla. No secret ways to make money online. The ways to make money online are already spelt out to us. The only problem now is that we don’t do what is required of us in order to achieve success.

I saw you said it’s not a scam. It’s true in a way though. But Mass Income Machines is very deceptive and anyone eager to make money will immediately pay for it and they’ll definitely find out that making money online is not as easy as said!


Glad that we think alike Barry!

Tim Bennett

One of the things I love about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, is that we have a community of people who look out for each other.

You have done an excellent job of sharing your discoveries with the Mass Income Machines.

It is refreshing to read a review from someone who has actually bought the product and been under the hood.

I think you have been very fair in your reporting.

You clearly show that the product has a value, albeit the training, but you also clearly show it is not what it clams.

It’s a shame because I am sure if they sold it as a training program, they probably would have done quite well.

It also seems very strange that they don’t put their own names on their product. That seems to be the biggest warning flag for me.

Thanks for a great job and for sure a program that I will be avoiding.

Great job!



Thanks for your comments and encouragement Tim!


I like the fact that this article does not tend to glorify online mass income machines, because there are so many of them out there that end up yielding nothing after so much money and effort has been wasted. At some point I gave up on making money online and I started looking for ways to start up a business. In the end, however, I think the key is to never stop trying. You never can tell when you’ll find something genuine.


Well said Zuchii, that’s the spirit, never give up!


I wonder what’s with all these programs that teaches you digital product creation and sell through Clickbank. Coming up with a good digital product takes time and if you are just creating a bunch of PDFs or eBook, it’s going to be hard to sell. Nowadays, people are looking for step-by-step teaching courses using videos and webinars and coming up with those is a lot of work – something I don’t think a $37 product can teach you all, if anything at all. 

A lot of these courses don’t have a proper tutor behind them and I guess the same goes to Mass Income Machines as well. 


Totally agree with you Cathy!


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