Kids Have Money Review – Red Flag #3 Will Shock You!

Kids Have Money Review - Red Flag #3 Will Shock You

KidsHaveMoney – the name itself is too familiar to be missed. It is part of something bigger, like a network of schemes, and I am going to show you exactly what I mean in a short while.

KidsHaveMoney has existed under many different names before – KidsGetMoney, KidsEarnCash, KidsEarnMoney, KidsPaidMoney…. each of them lasted months if not weeks, before their bad reputation caught up with them. And all they do is simply changing their name and rebrand themselves.

I got to admit that this is an enticing scheme, and the remuneration it offers ‘seem’ to outweigh the risk of ‘trying it out’. But don’t join just yet! Read on and I am sure I will be able to convince you otherwise.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/platform truly is. I don’t use the word SCAM lightly.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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Kids Have Money Summary

Product Name: Kids Have Money


Founder: Unknown

Product Type: SCAM

Price: –

Best For: No one

Summary: KidsHaveMoney claims to be a Get Paid To (GPT) site, where users can either make money by performing little tasks offered by companies partnering with KidsHaveMoney, or by referring people to join the site. However, in reality, it is just a data harvesting scam in disguise.

Overall Ranking: 0/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Kids Have Money

KidsHaveMoney claimed themselves to be a Get Paid To (GPT) platform, where you “get paid” to do small tasks like downloading apps, filling up survey, testing new products etc. You can also make money by referring people to their site.


1. Task Wall

Here is where you can find all the tasks available. Typically, you get at least $20 for performing each task, and you can only perform each task once.

However, there is a catch. Before you can access the task, you will be asked to provide more personal information. The information required ranging from the phone number, address, to even credit card details!


My advice?

Stay away from this, there are other legit opportunity to make money online. Don’t bother with this one.


2. Creating YouTube video promoting KidsHaveMoney

You are provided with a video title and video description. All you need to do is to record yourself boasting about how much you have made with KidsHaveMoney and why you love it. After uploading the video, enter your video link in KidsHaveMoney platform and you will be credited $50 into your KidsHaveMoney account.

Now you know why you can’t trust those positive reviews you found on YouTube. Those people are just doing their ‘job’ to claim the $50.


3. Sharing your referral link

Once you have signed up with KidsHaveMoney, you will be given a referral link unique to your account. Simply post your link everywhere in your social media and you get paid $2 per click and $10 for every sign-up.

If you have signed up for any other GPT site before, you will definitely sense something not right here.

Think about it, you get $25 for being a member, $2 for each click on your referral link, and $10 for referring others, to a company that has no real commercial activity associated with it. How is that even possible?

Yes, there are companies that offer high referral fee like this, but those are usually companies providing paid services (like Uber). And you only get the $10 referral fee once your referrals engage services with that company (e.g. took and paid for their first ride with Uber). However, it is not the case with KidsHaveMoney, KidsHaveMoney does not have any sustainable profit generating business to offer such high remuneration.

The $10 referral fee here is just a bait, designed to get you to work hard for them and recruiting more people to their platform.

If you are still not convinced yet, let me reveal to you the TRUE IDENTITY of this mysterious yet powerful platform in the next section.



Red Flags Everywhere

1. KidsHaveMoney Payment Proof

Let’s face it! No one ever get paid from them.

Once you met the payout requirement and trying to cash out, they will just tell you that you have successfully scheduled for a withdrawal, and that you can expect to receive the money into your bank / PayPal account in few weeks time. That is when most people get comfortable, thinking that they have got their money.

The truth is, these scammers are just buying more time for themselves, trying to lure in more people before everyone started to see their true colour. No payment will come in when the time comes.

The only person benefitting from this are the scammers behind the scene.

When you are filling up survey, completing small tasks, you are really making money… not for yourself but for the scammers.


2. Close Resemblance With Other Scams

It doesn’t take a detective to see that all these schemes are somewhat related.

I am convinced that people behind Kids Have Money are the same people who are behind

If you have read my reviews on them, you will know that I have categorised all these schemes as scam. So any association with these names are flat out bad news.



3. Potential Phishing

If you are still thinking that you have got nothing to lose by giving this a try, think again.

For all we know, this could be a data harvesting scheme that steals your personal information such as name, email address, phone number (which is required when you are completing the tasks on task wall) etc. Scammers nowadays are no longer just after your money, they want your personal information too.

That information can then be sold to the third party for cash. As a result, your email could be flooded with spam emails or resulting in a loss of privacy.

Take a look at the complaint below for KidsEarnMoney (the previous version of KidsHaveMoney), not only the users did not receive any payout, one of the users even reported hacking attempt on his /her account.




Is Kids Have Money A Scam?

I can say with confident that KidsHaveMoney is indeed a scam.

The fact that it is targeting kids/teens truly set it apart from other scams that I have come across.

Being a parent myself, I would hate to see my kids fall prey into schemes like this.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

If you are interested in completing small tasks like this, there are other legitimate sites like Swag Bucks or Survey Junkie which you can join. Those are well-established companies with a decent reputation. I am not saying that this is a good way to make money (in fact, the pay is so little I don’t think it worth the time spent), but at least they pay and not being an absolute scam.

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Do you have any thoughts about KidsHaveMoney, or other online money generating methods? Share with me at the comment section below!

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8 comments on “Kids Have Money Review – Red Flag #3 Will Shock You!


Yeah, this is a scam! 

I thank you for this review. I have seen kids have money somewhere but I never really paid attention to the subject, well I thought it was for kids. But your review has just revealed the other face of this company. And I am so glad I didn’t pay attention to it. 

This is really a well organized scam. How do they get away with it? It’s very sad to see people loosing their time, money and efforts to scammers. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.



I guess they just keep changing names to avoid being identified. 


Hi there! 

After reading your article, I went to Kids Have Money just to see how they make things work for their advantage. If you scroll down to their homepage, they would flash their current status. It says they have now 473k members, 54m shares, 44.9 m paid and 10 awards. Now, I don’t believe these of course. I just want to point out how good they are in manipulating numbers so they can attract people to join their gig.

I have also participated in some survey and testing apps like User Testing. They’re legit and you’re right, it doesn’t pay much unlike what KHM offers. Sometimes there are no available survey or testing task that fits your demographics. But they are very transparent with your earnings which you can get from paypal. 

Well thank you for warning everyone about this scam. Scammers will never stop fooling people but I do hope that many readers will be educated more on differentiating legit from scam businesses. 


I hope you didn’t give them any real personal information. Indeed they are good in deceiving people into joining their platform. 


Thank you for the warning, Grace. 

I’ve come across many scam artists in the Make Money Online niche, but this is the first time I hear about a scam targeting kids in particular. All scammers are unethical, but getting kids involved is outrageous! There are many adults who despite life experience fall for a scam, but most kids are naive and such an easy catch! I wonder if young teenagers would even do their own research and find your revealing review before joining KidsHaveMoney. Still, it’s a very helpful post, at least for the responsible parents. I hope your post saves many young souls from being scammed.

I checked out your #1 recommendation. I totally agree that affiliate marketing is the most reliable way to earn money online, and teenagers can do it too. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to do it right.

All the best,

~ Julia


Indeed scams targeting the vulnerable groups are worst! 

Shui Hyen

Hi Grace,

Thank you for bringing another scam – Kids Have Money – to awareness. Mostly these scam GTP sites are only interested in your personal information such email address, financial information as they have other intended illegal purpose. Usually there are a lot tell sign about these type of scams, all you have to look for red flags. Otherwise, do a due diligence search on the net by reading reviews of such program.

I would caution everyone not to reveal their email address or banking information to any suspicious program. If anyone seriously want to start an online business to earn passive income, l personally recommend him/her to Wealthy Affiliate where l was taught to be a successful entrepreneur.

Best wishes.


You are welcome Shui Hyen!


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