iViral X Review – Another Rehashed Product

iViral X Review - Another Rehashed Product

“You either get free traffic or we’ll send you $250 guaranteed!”

If I were to stumble upon a claim like this a few years back, I would have considered myself lucky. Hey, I might even perform some celebration dance (well, just joking)!

However, since it is my job now to expose scams and low-quality products, I have become more sceptical.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

My objective is to help my readers to look past the hypes surrounding the product, and to be able to make an informed purchase decision based on a clear understanding of the nature of the product.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

And if you’d like to see an alternative, honest, and legitimate platform to start earning money online, then please click here.

iViral X Summary

Product Name: iViral X

Website: http://iviralx.co/brand-new

Founder: Billy Darr, David Kirby & Justin Opay

Product Type: Cloud-based software

Price: $18.90

Summary: iViralX claims to a brand new cloud-based software that gets you viral, buyer traffic in 60 seconds or less at the click of a button. However, it is just a software that makes it easy for you to share content (be it in the format of video, image or text) to many social media accounts within clicks of a button.

Overall Ranking: 2/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What iViral X Claims To Be

iViral X claims to be a brand new push-button software that gets you viral, buyer traffic in 60 seconds or less.

As we all know, traffic is the lifeblood of any online businesses. However, traffic generation is what many internet marketers struggle most of the time. And it’s no surprise because the reality of driving high-quality traffic is that it’s typically either ridiculously expensive or extremely time-consuming. 

Now with IViral X, everything is going to change.

Instead of creating our own viral post to attract traffic, we are going to make use of existing viral post and use it to our advantage.

IViral X allows you to instantly reshare viral content together with your affiliate links.

You can leverage top social sites like Facebook, Twitter and more to drive huge amounts of free traffic. And you can use IViral X to drive traffic to your website, eCommerce store, blog, affiliate link, freelance profile or even your social media page. The potential is unlimited.

That’s not all, here are some other claims that they have made:

> Rapidly scale your income in just minutes using the software

> 100% newbie-friendly, no prior experience or tech skills needed…

> Free agency licence so you can charge others $497-$997 for viral traffic

Includes step-by-step training to 3-figures in daily sales

They even go to the extent of offering you 365 days money-back guarantee and a promise to give you $250 if you can’t get your free traffic (of course, bear in mind that even if there is only 1 person who clicked on your link, you have already gotten your free traffic)!

After reviewing so many products, I can assure you 100% that all these are just standard sales technique to get your adrenaline pumped up.

These were meant to get you excited and lost focus about finding out the true nature of the product. In fact, this product reminds me of another similar product called iTraffic X.


How Does iViral X Works

In short, iViral X allows users to post videos, text, and images all at once on 10 different social accounts. And it only takes one single click to do so.



But.. but.. that’s basically it!

And the step-by-step training is actually a compilation of 4 short videos:

Video 1 – Big Picture Overview (6.28)
Video 2 – Accessing The Software (3.11)
Video 3 – Finding Viral Content (3.04)
Video 4 – Your First Campaign & Getting Traffic (4.11)

Looking for a push-button software?

Sorry, what you get here can only help you to fetch some videos from YouTube or Dailymotion and then share it to your social account.



iViral X Sales Funnel Revealed

And as if the frontend product is not disappointing enough, iViral X also comes with 5 upsells:

Upsell 1: iViral X – Unlimited Edition ($47)
Run unlimited viral campaigns and unlock additional features and training.

Upsell 2: iViral X – A.I Edition ($47)
Unlock more features such as additional accounts and scheduling ability for automated campaigns.

Upsell 3: iViral X – 10K Daily Edition ($47)
Scale your business up to 10K a day.

Upsell 4: iViral X – Supreme Edition ($47)
The upsell gives you the rights to sell iViral X and keep 100% of the profit.

Upsell 5: iViral X – Luxury Edition ($197)
Get your funnel completely setup for you.


What I Like About iViral X

To be completely honest with you, 365 days money-back guarantee is hard to come by. I am not sure how are they going to honour their guarantee but I believe you might need to show proof of work done. Perhaps, to the extent of having to complete every single task mentioned in the training before you are allowed to claim for any refund.


What I Don’t Like About iViral X

1. Not As Good As What You Were Led To Believe

I was under the impression that iViral X is a push-button software similar to an ATM machine – simply press a button and watch the money come rolling in!

Sad to say, the reality is far from that. There is really nothing much that the software can do for you, except for saving you some time uploading posts to individual social media.

And the founders know that hence the little clause at the bottom of the page exists, too bad, not many people spend time reading it:



2. Doesn’t Work As Claimed

Not all traffic is good traffic, traffic itself doesn’t guarantee purchases, which is why conversion is important. Conversion simply means how many of your visitors convert to paying customers.

When you can increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, the better you will be able to increase your website conversion!

However, in this case, I really don’t see how uploading some viral videos can lead to better conversion.

Yes, you might get more exposure, but quality buyer? You will need to work harder than this.

Think about it, if this works as well as they have claimed, no one is ever going to hire anyone to produce advertisement anymore. Every one can simply find viral videos on the net and share them on their social media to generate traffic. How easy!


3. Rehashed Product?

I know the excitement when you stumble upon a product that gives great promises. It makes us believe that we have uncovered some hidden secret that no one else has ever seen.

But let’s take a look at the member dashboard below, notice that it looks almost identical to the iViral X?



This product is called Traffic Robot – founded by the same David Kirby we have here.

It is not difficult to connect all the dots and come to the conclusion that iViral X is actually the rehashed product from Traffic Robot. The product owners simply relabel the old product with a different name and repackage it as something new and exclusive.

Think of it this way – if a product is indeed very good, why bother to repackage it? The most logical thing to do is to ‘enhance’ a good product, not scrap it and then rename to something else.



Is iViral X A Scam?

No, iViral X is not a scam as you do get something for your money. However, what you get is nowhere near what the sales page promise you. You don’t really get a 3-figure daily money making software at all, that is a total lie.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

It is possible to make money online. But like anything worthwhile, it doesn’t happen at the push of a button. Success is the result of learning a proven process and working hard to build your business.

The only way to do it is to work hard, be persistent, invest some money in a good program and into your business, then start generating money from the internet

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?


They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

It is a total package of knowledge, training, and strategies that will guide you from a complete newbie to an extraordinary marketer.

Not only that, I can also be your personal coach if you sign up through my link. I will personally guide you and assist you if you need any help on your venture.

p/s : free membership tier available, no credit card info will be asked



What do you think about iViral X or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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10 comments on “iViral X Review – Another Rehashed Product

water life

I have never heard before about iViral XA but as I can see in your article by your personal experience the promises this program gives are a lie. Its price is nice. Money-back guarantee is positive but by itself, it doesn’t tell me anything since the negatives are more. Thanks for not recommending it.


You are most welcome! 


Thanks, good article. I had never heard of iViralX. Honestly it sounds like an interesting concept. You can just re-share another viral post or video, and just add your affiliate link to it? Never heard of anything quite like it before. I’m sure it would be hard to find un-biased reviews from people who actually tried it, since it has an affiliate program. So if all the users are affiliates, it would be hard to find an un biased review. 

I am doing Wealthy Affiliate now. I can’t speak to iViralX much since I haven’t tried it. I like Wealthy Affiliate enough though. I got a lot of value out of my first $20 month on premium and I will be signing up for another month. I have learned a lot about making money online so far. More than I did in the last year. Part of that is the fact that I’m paying for it. Because I’m paying for my membership I want to keep using my membership which helps. 


Make sure you make full use of the platform! 


This has punctured my hope of making a quick sales with iviralX. I was introduced to this program by a colleague at work though I was very suspicious but since they looked very convincing, I decided to make a research before putting my money into it. Thankfully you have unveiled some top secrets for me about them and I’m glad you did. Thanks so much and I will definitely make sure to stay off them.




Its very annoying when I opt for something and I get less of what I’ve opted in for. This is the case here, these people are dubious to have made statements and claim which you can’t keep. These lies are a very big red flag for me. They tend to use what could bring people to them as bait. Thanks for your absolute honestly in course of this putting up this article


Yes it is definitely annoying!


Thanks for this interesting review. My colleague who has been hungry for new visitors in his just created sites once told me about iviralx and he really made me feel like I was missing a whole lot and he was been paid for advertising for me. I felt I was lacking in knowledge about the latest developments in the affiliate world and I am glad I am reading about this. This is a nice platform although it has not lived to what is expected of it. I am glad I know about this platform in a deeper way than before and I can now take a decision if I wish to make use of it. Thanks for this insightful and helpful review.


No problem, glad that it helps! 


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