iTraffic X Review – Traffic Goes The Wrong Way?


Traffic generation is the bloodline of any businesses.

So when someone tells you that you can get free, unlimited buyer traffic to any offer in 52 seconds or less within a few buttons, that sounds like the perfect news.

Unfortunately, here comes the ‘but….’

Is iTraffic X as good as they claim, or will we be waiting for the online traffic rush that never arrives?

If that is your question, I am glad you have found the right place.

There are so many products on the internet promising you quick and easy solutions to your problem.  Rather than spending time and money to find out whether it really does what it claims, it is so much easier to just find and read an honest review (like this one, for example), and save you your precious time and money.

Before continuing, I want to declare that I am in no affiliation with iTraffic X. So you can believe what I am writing here, because I am at a neutral position and I am not here to give you another sales pitch.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I always dig deep into the core of the product, and give my review based on fact and truth. I don’t accuse any product without solid proof.

Now let us begin!

iTraffic X Summary

Product Name: iTraffic X


Founder: Billy Darr, David Kirby & Justin Opay

Product Type: Platform that facilitates quick uploading of video to the various sites.

Price: $47.56 + upsells

Best For: Video creators that frequently post videos to multiple sites.

Summary: iTraffic X allows you to create video and conveniently publish it on many Social Media accounts and video sharing sites within a few clicks.

Overall Ranking: 4/10

Recommend: NO

What Is iTraffic X

iTraffic X advertises itself as a cloudbased software that allows you to get unlimited, free traffic in 52 seconds or less.

Cloudbase software basically means that you don’t have to install anything to your computer, so you can literally use iTraffic X everywhere you go. You can even use it on your Android or IOS device.

Using their software, you can rapidly scale your earning in just minutes each day. Or so they said.

With great traffic, comes great money…

Here are the few things that they claim:

 Fast result – unlimited traffic within 52 seconds

 Effortless – only minutes a day of work

 No skill needed – just a few clicks

 Newbie friendly

Big profit

A brand new way to get all the top quality traffic

I don’t know about you but it sounds too good to be true for me.

I am not saying that iTraffic X is a scam, but you have to be aware of the unrealistic claims here. Those claims are targeted at newbies that looking for a quick way to success. They make you think that you have finally discovered the ‘system’ that automatically pour in the traffic to your site.

And so far, other than big promises, they have offered very little information about what the product does seriously!

Unless you purchase the product yourself, you won’t know how exactly the whole thing works and whether the claims are real.

So now, it is time for me to show you what iTraffic X really up to!


How Does iTraffic X Works

Hypes aside, iTraffic X turned up to be a software that allows you to do simple keyword research (for your video title, description etc), create slideshow video, and make it easy for you to publish your videos to multiple social media accounts and video sharing sites.

Honestly, I don’t understand how all these are going to bring you unlimited buyer traffic in 52 seconds. All the software do is to facilitate the upload of video to multiple platforms.

Yes, there are training provided to guide you through their ‘traffic generation’ process, but the training itself consists of 5 short videos of around 16 minutes length in total.

Video 1: Overview (3:00) – Overview of the product

Video 2: Accessing the software  (3:29) – How to navigate around the software 

Video 3: Finding Offers (3:39) – Where to look for affiliate products to sell 

Video 4: Your First Campaign and Getting Traffic (2:49)- A guide to set up campaign in the software

Video 5: $423 Case Study (3:11)- A case study with income proof of the earning.

How much can you really learn in 16 minutes? Promising you tons of traffic within a minute is simply a hype, a hype that set out to mask the true nature of the product they are selling.

I repeat, the software itself does NOT drive traffic to your site!

If you are still not convinced, read on to find out how the software works.


Inside the Software Interface

This is what you will see after log in to the software.

Here I will be showing you exactly how to make use of this software to drive in traffic, according to their training.

1. Keyword Research 

The first step is to perform keyword research. Let’s try ‘make money online’.

Obviously, this is not a good keyword to target because the competition is way too high. Ideally, you should find something at the ‘easy’ level.

But guess what? There are only 3 levels of competitiveness: Easy, Medium and Hard, which are determined only by the numbers of search results.

How about the number of competing sites? A suggestion of other keywords? Monthly searches of keywords?

Nope, nada!

Those important information are not provided.

So if you are looking for a proper keyword analysis, this certainly looks like a child play to you.


2. Set Up Campaign

The next step is to create a video campaign.

You can either upload your pre-created video, or you can create a slideshow video with this software (I will show you in a moment why this video creator is not what you have in mind).


3. Sharing Out

The last step would be to share it on your social media accounts, or video sharing sites.

The list of social media platforms and video sharing platforms are already pre-selected for you. Before sharing, you will first need to key in your account details in order to connect your software to them.

Looking to share to more platforms? Good news, that is where the upsells come in.


iTraffic X Sales Funnel

The frontend product itself cost $47.56. Once you purchase it, there are more upsells waiting for you.

Upsell 1: iTrafficX White Gold Edition ($97 downsell to $77)

Here you get to unlock some additional features and training, for example, 2 extra traffic sources, unlimited traffic campaigns, unlock 2000x video tutorials, 1 additional vide site etc.

Upsell 2: iTrafficX Rose Gold Edition ($47 downsell to $37)

More features get unlocked here, for example, 25 additional accounts, scheduling feature, more training, agency license etc.

Upsell 3: iTrafficX Pearl Edition ($47)

This upsell is all about additional training, worksheets, templates etc.

Upsell 4: iTrafficX Black Sapphire Edition ($47 downsell to $37)

Here you get the reseller right license. Once you purchase the license right, you get to sell iTraffic X as your own product and keep all the profit to yourself.

Upsell 5: iTrafficX Pink Diamond Edition ($197 downsell to $97)

This upsell will provide you with the funnel setup, autoresponder integration, squeeze page, follow up emails, almost everything you need.

p/s: You will get offered the downsell when you click on the ‘No thanks’ button positioned right below the ‘buy now’ button.

What I Like About iTraffic X

I like it that the software is user-friendly and easy to understand. It doesn’t take long for anyone to find out how the whole thing works, even for beginners.

I also like the idea that I can share video to many different platforms from one single source, it does save a lot of time especially for people who upload videos frequently.


What I Don’t Like About iTraffic X

Low-Quality Video Creator

For a software that emphasises so much on the importance of video marketing, I am truly speechless when I came to find out how bad the video creator is.

The video you can make with this software is very basic- only slideshow with no special effects or whatsoever. The only option I found is the option to insert an audio file.

That’s it!

There is not even a control to manage the speed of the slide.

To be honest, the iMovie apps is so much better than this, and it is free.

I seriously doubt that anyone will use it to create videos for their campaign.

And that is not the end, I even found out that video creation can only be done in Google Chrome.

So although you can open the software everywhere, that does not apply to video creation. That defeat the whole purpose of being a cloudbase software isn’t it?


Naive Keyword Research Tool

A simple google search can tell you how many search results are there. So this so-called ‘keyword research tool’ is really not providing any added value at all.

A real keyword research tool will show you information like monthly searches, number of competing sites, suggestion on other similar keywords etc. That way you can truly access the difficulty level of competition and decide whether you want to go for it or pick another similar keyword.


Low-Quality Training

Don’t expect yourself to get a surge of traffic simply by blasting your videos everywhere.

Without a proper training on keyword research, how to rank on search engine, how to create enticing videos, it will be hard for your video to grab the attention from your audience.

And remember, this software only make it faster for you to spread your videos around. Even without it, you still can do it on your own, only that you need to log in into the various platform to upload them one by one, which will take you a slightly longer time.



Despite all the income proof, and promises of easy traffic, here comes the moment of truth.

They openly admitted that the testimonials are not from the average result but are from exceptional cases. And that we should not assume that it is going to be the result we are going to achieve.

It is kind of disheartening to read this, especially after seeing all the hypes from the video.


Is iTraffic X A Scam?

No iTraffic X is definitely not a scam. It does provide a one-stop platform to facilitate the sharing of your video content.

And they even offer you a 30 days money back guarantee.

The concept behind this software is great. Video marketing is indeed a great way to reach out to the vast audience. However, I find the software does not deliver what it was set up to be.

And the worst part is, this product is extremely misleading about the nature of its software from the beginning. It gives an impression that the software itself is driving you traffic rather than facilitating uploading of videos.

There are so many ways that they can improve on this software – better video creator, better keyword research tool…

But with their current quality of the product, I really can’t recommend this to anyone.

Is There A Better Training?

Of course, there is!

What if I tell you, there is a place where you can learn more than just video marketing, but also affiliate marketing in a step-by-step systematic way?

And that is the training that I have received. Hence I can testify that it is much more superior than all those products that I have reviewed before.

I have reviewed many products and so far I haven’t come across one that exceeds the quality of training, community support, and tools provided by this all-in-one platform.

If you are interested to learn more, I will strongly suggest you to give it a try. It is free to join so it is at no risk to you.

But of course, it is best for you to find out more about it before jumping into it. My review is right here and feels free to do the research you need to.


What do you think about iTraffic X, or tips about how to drive more traffic? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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4 comments on “iTraffic X Review – Traffic Goes The Wrong Way?


This is a great review of iTraffic X. Most other reviewers would have just looked at it, not try it out and call it a scam, but you, you actually bought into the program and looked at what it can actually do. Well done! The product is definitely similar to other software I’ve seen before. It’s when they combine multiple things that you can do for free easily together to make it have a little value. Quite sneaky, but with enough research, it can be found that all can be done easily for free.


Glad that you enjoyed the review! Personally I would rather spend more money on quality products than buying into things that are neither here nor there. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Todd Matthews

This is a product that’s definitely no scam however they sell their product in an identical way a supplement company sells theirs. While the results aren’t typical, a special 1% of testimonials will be labeled exceptional, if they aren’t already being paid off by the company selling the product which can happen. 

It’s a product I wouldn’t recommend despite a rather simple learning curve. There are too many cons here plus the upsells, which is almost always a red flag in my opinion. Many of these companies look for upsells and if they do, most of the time you want to turn and run.


I like your analogy, upsells is always a sign that you are not getting the full package of what they advertised (assuming if they are even honest about what they claim to deliver).


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