IRazoo Review – Uncertain Outlook

iRazoo Review - Uncertain Outlook

If you’ve been searching for online money-making opportunity, you must have stumbled upon a few get-paid-to sites. These are the kinds of sites that will pay its users for completing various menial tasks.

Since the pay is usually quite low, you may be wondering if this is even worth your time – and I am going to answer that on this review.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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IRazoo Summary

Product Name: IRazoo


Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Get-paid-to platform

Price: –

Best For: People looking for odd jobs online

Summary: IRazoo is a rewards program that allows you to earn points when you complete simple tasks like doing web searches, watching videos, completing offers, playing games, answering surveys etc. The points can be used to redeem free gift cards and cash.

Overall Ranking: 5/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is IRazoo

Founded in 2007, located in New York, iRazoo is an online platform that connects employers to freelancers from all over the world. Having been in business for 12 years, IRazoo earned its reputation as a decent get-paid-to platform.


How Does IRazoo Work

IRazoo offers several ways for people to make money on their website, and it uses a point system for you to keep track of your earnings. You are awarded iRazoo Points each time you completed a task, which you can then redeemed for various rewards once you have reached the minimum cashout threshold.

At the time of writing, 600 points are equivalent to $1.

The tasks offered are usually very simple and would not actually require that much thinking on your behalf, for example:

> Filling up surveys
> Completing offers
> Watching videos
> Playing games
> Searching the web
> Referring friends
> Downloading apps


Filling Up Surveys

Before you can start filling up surveys, you will have to go through a profiling questionnaire which will gather information like gender, employment details, household details etc.

That is because each of the surveys has its own ‘targeted respondents’, and the profiling process helps you to find surveys intended for you.

You will be rewarded 100 points for completing your profiling questionnaire.

Here is a list of the surveys that I was offered. As you can see, the remuneration ranges from a few cents to around $2, depending on the complexity of the survey.



Completing Offers

Among all the tasks given, completing offers is one of the high paying ones.



However, there is a little catch.

The catch is that you will have to subscribe or sign up to the third parties’ programs in order to complete the tasks. In some cases like online casinos, you may be asked to make a deposit.

As a word of cautious, read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you cancel any subscriptions or trial afterwards to avoid getting charged.


Watching Videos

Generally, the videos last anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. In order to get paid, you will have to watch each video for at least 30 seconds, and make sure you play the video one by one i.e. no simultaneous watching of a few videos.

Watching videos is not really a high-paying task, you will only get a couple of points by doing so.


Playing Games

What’s better than making money while playing games?

Here you get paid for playing short games. The games available range from simple games like the solitaire to more complicated arcade games.

However, the payout isn’t great as well, you only get a couple of points from playing games.

That’s not all, you also have to watch ads in order to earn the points. Be sure to let the ads before and after the game run in full before you exit the game.


Searching The Web

To earn points this way you are asked to set your browser’s default search engine to the new iRazoo Search Engine, which is powered by Yahoo!.

After the initial setup, every time you do a search, you can ‘win’ anywhere between 1 and 25 points per each unique search you make. These points are awarded randomly, and you will have to click to claim the rewards.

However, do note that there is a limit of 25 points per day.


Referring Friends

By referring your friends to the platform, your friends will be awarded 500 points.

However, you can only get 100-500 points (depending on the country where your referrals coming from) when your referrals earn their first 1000 points.

That is kind of disappointing I would say.


Downloading Apps

Actually, you don’t just earn points by simply downloading the app. Most of the tasks require you to do beyond downloading – open the apps, create an account, achieve certain points/levels in the apps etc. Make sure you read through the instructions carefully.



Reach Daily Goals

There are goals set for you by IRazoo. By achieving each goal you will earn the points as stated in the screenshot below:



Promo Codes

You can find promo codes on iRazoo Facebook page or in their weekly Newsletter. Simply type the code into the iRazoo site before the code expires, and the points will be added to your account.

Your are, however, required to have at least one paying activity in iRazoo within the last 24 hours before the code expires. Otherwise, you may not get the bonus points.



Cashing Out

Once you meet your minimum threshold, you can cash out via gift cards or PayPal cash.
They offer a wide variety of gift cards, including ones from popular brand names like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart etc.

That being said, if you are staying outside US and Canada, you can only opt for the PayPal option, and a minimum of 12000 points is required for PayPal cash out, which is equivalent to $20.


What I Like About IRazoo


1. Mobile Apps

With mobile apps, the users can make money anywhere, anytime they want, as long as they are connected to the internet.


2. Various Payment Options Available

Some reward site only allows you to earn points in exchange for free gift, but IRazoo offers you both gift option as well as Paypal cash-out option.


What I Don’t Like About IRazoo


1. Inactivity Of 60 Days Can Have Your Balance Reset

This is a huge turn-off for me.


By any chance you go 2 months without any activity on your account, no matter how much you have earned, all your points will be reset to 0!


2. Limited Tasks

Depending on your residing country, some opportunities may not be applicable to you.

For example, iRazoo games are limited to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States only.


3. No Prospects

If you just want to earn a few bucks in your spare time, then this might be something worth looking into.

Otherwise, micro jobs like this is a shortsighted way of making money with no prospect of advancement.

There will be no pay raise, no promotion, no bonuses of any kind. And to be honest, considering the small pay that comes with it, it barely worth your time.


4. Uncertain Outlook For IRazoo

On 16 Nov 2019, IRazoo issued a disturbing statement on their Facebook:


For the past few months, there have been many complaints about slow payment and delay in issuing rewards, alarming the IRazoo users.

Apparently, IRazoo had been losing money for the past 18 months. In order to recover their revenue, they are going to reduce the points issued especially in the Games and Survey section.

While we wish for the best for IRazoo, it also means a lower income potential for you.


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Is IRazoo A Scam?

No, IRazoo is not a scam, it is a legitimate get-paid-to platform that allows you to make some side income.

The amount you can earn will all depend upon the time you spend on it. Once you stop working, your income stop flowing in too. If you want to make a full-time passive income from home, then iRazoo is not for you.

Spending time doing menial tasks like this, without building up anything for yourself – it is not worth it!

For that reason, I recommend you to see how I went from my 9-5 job to making a living online.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

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What do you think about IRazoo or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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14 comments on “IRazoo Review – Uncertain Outlook

Stratos K

There are many similar platforms that pay you for certain activities but from what I have seen none of them are worth your time as the amount you can get from these are too small to be even considered worthwhile. There are so many other ways to earn money online that it seems like that you just loose your time with these platforms. I agree that they could not be considered scams but the benefits are so little that should be avoided at all costs.


Yup agree with you Stratos!


Clearly this is another one of those platforms where the hidden agenda is to get the user to register details with 3rd party companies to enable them to expand on their mailing lists, and then blanket mail them with spam hoping to get a sale at the end of it.

I find paid-to surveys / videos very tedious for very little reward and would probably only do them for a little bit of side cash.


Thanks for sharing your view Dave!


Hello Grace, thank you very much for a good review of Irazoo. I personally also found several similar websites like swagbucks, clickmoney, etc. The website is a legitimate website and not a scam.

However, on the other hand, I feel looking for opportunities to make money from home, websites like that are not a good way. Because sometimes the number of tasks offered is very small. And I feel like just wasting time for waiting, refreshing related websites.

And in the end, the best way in the online world in my opinion, is selling goods. However, I myself still learning about affiliate marketing like the product that you recommend. By the way, if someone like me who has no experience in the world of affiliate marketing, can I join the Wealthy Affiliate program?


Definitely, in fact Wealthy Affiliate is best suited for beginners in my honest opinion. 


This is a very interesting review. This would not work for me because I really don’t have the patience to watch those short videos just to make points. Did you actually try all the money making ways on iRazoo? Even though it is a legit online business, people like me might perceive iRazoo to be a scam because of all the requirements to gain points just to cash out.


Nope I didn’t try it, I have tried other GPT sites before but currently I am more keen on doing affiliate marketing.


Yes, I’ve been following your website and have seen that you always give quality content to your readers. Well, I’m very much aware of get-paid-to-sites and to me is not the best way to get started making money online.

I can recommend it only when you feel you’re bored and need something to pass the time. Time is precious and it is something we need to carefully utilize properly. But if a citizen of the United States, then Mturk is just the real deal.

I know of IRazoo and it is a legit platform. You will make more money when you are good at referring people.

But if anyone is really interested in making real money online, you will need to create your own business which is not difficult as it may sound and I think I’d advice anyone looking for this to go on with the author’s recommendation. I have my own online business running and it’s been great so far.

Thanks, Grace, for this great post.


You are welcome Kell!

JR Bible


I appreciate your iceberg principle approach to online reviews. And that’s certainly needed with IRazoo. I suppose if you have time on your hands, and money coming in from some other source, IRazoo could be a way to earn some extra money. But it appears to me to be a waste of time.



Yes definitely!


Hello Grace, Thank you for writing on IRAZOO REVIEW – UNCERTAIN OUTLOOK. I learn a lot that IRazoo offers several ways for people to make money on their website, and it uses a point system for you to keep track of your earnings. I know it is not a scam but earning is low. I like you 1st recommendation. Thank you… Parveen


Thanks for sharing your view Parveen!


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