Insta Profit Hack Review – Weird Little Hack Revealed?

Insta Profit Hack Review

“The $7 Hack That Has The Gurus STUMPED… And Exploits A $2.5BILLION Honey-Pot”

Sounds familiar? Yes, I am talking about Insta Profit Hack.

Can this product be the answer to all your financial problems – the million dollar opportunity that has escaped the gurus?

If that is your question, you have come to the right place!

Doing your own research is the first step of avoiding scam, and one step closer to finding the legitimate way of making money online.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I always try to uncover and reveal to you what is hidden behind the glamorous sales pitches.

My objective is to help my readers to make an informed decision of what they are going to get if they decide to do so.

Now let’s begin, shall we?


Insta Profit Hack Summary

Product Name: Insta Profit Hack


Founder: Joseph Paul

Product Type: Pdf training guide

Price: $7

Best For: internet marketer

Summary: Insta Profit Hack consists of 4-pdf-file training guide, that teaches you how to do Instagram marketing by engaging Instagram influencers.

Overall Ranking: 3/10

Recommend: Not really

What Is Insta Profit Hack

Joseph Paul, who claims to be the founder of Insta Profit Hack, told us that we have all been using Instagram the wrong way.

Are you still posting your cat pictures, breakfast pictures, lunch pictures? You are wasting your time!

Joseph and his inner circle had instead used Instagram to pillage a cushy 7 figure sum from this social network.

And he did all these with a weird little-known ‘profit hack’ on the social media network Instagram.

And of course, they also claim that it is:

√ Quick to start – get started under 30 minutes.

Easy – all you need is a smartphone with Instagram

 No experience needed, even a child could do this.

Effortless – takes no more than 15 minutes a day

Secretive – a weird little-known profit hack

Good profit – hundreds of dollars a day from those whom he had taught.

After reviewing so many products, I can assure you 100% that all these are just standard sales technique to get your adrenaline pumped up.

These were meant to get you excited and lost focus about finding out the true nature of the product.


How Does Insta Profit Hack Works

As much as they want you to believe, Insta Profit Hack is just a bunch of pdf training guides.

Insta Profit Hack Review

The training is organized into 4 parts:

Part 1: Modern Instagram marketing – training guide (61 pages)

Part 2: Modern Instagram marketing – cheat sheet (8 pages)

Part 3: Mindmap (5 pages)

Part 4: Instagram Traffic Tyrant (18 pages)

However, Part 2 and Part 3 are mostly summarising and rehighlighting what had been taught in Part 1. So the real training is only in Part 1 and Part 4.

The training will cover topics like common mistakes made by most marketers, reverse engineer what your competitors are doing, Facebook Retargeting, interaction with niche-related Instagram influencers, tips to create successful Instagram post etc.

There is a good variety of topic but none of them seem to go really in-depth to provide anything that blows our mind.

All along we are under the impression that there is this little weird hack that brings prosperity upon our founder.

Sorry to disappoint, I sifted through the pages but there is no mention of any ‘revolutionary’ kind of weird trick. At the very least, there is nothing that can put our gurus to shame yet.

I am not a fast reader, but I managed to finish the whole training in about 1 hour. This really shows how shallow the training is.

Without a doubt, Instagram presents a mass opportunity for internet marketers. However, the sales pitch told us that even ‘a child can do this’, which led us to believe that literally, anyone could benefit from this product.

In reality, the training only covers the aspect of Instagram marketing, meaning that it assumes that you already have a business that you want to promote. There is no training at all about how to find your niche, set up your website, build up your business etc.

Not so ‘ child-friendly’ after all.


What I Like About Insta Profit Hack

Insta Profit Hack is sold on ClickBank platform, hence you are covered by 60 days money back guarantee provided by ClickBank.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just drop them an email within 60 days of purchase and you will get a full refund.


What I Don’t Like About Insta Profit Hack

1. Who Is The Real Founder?

The founder introduced himself as Joseph Paul. However, a clause found at the bottom of the page tells us that Joseph Paul is just a pen name, it was used in order to protect the privacy of the founder.

In other words, the real founder is hiding behind the screen, and we don’t even know who he is!

Is he really an Insta-millionnaire as he claimed? There is no way for us to find out.


2. Fake Testimonial

Joseph Paul is fake, and so is David Legg.

A simple Google image search reveals that it is just a stock photo that had been used over and over again.

If the product is truly so great, with his brother and ex-co-worker making so much money out of it, why do they have to fake the testimonial?


3. Superficial Training

Although the training covers a good variety of topics with regards to Instagram marketing with influencers, it seems to be just touching the surface of the subjects.

I was hoping to find more in-depth analysis, proprietary strategies etc., but I guess you do just get what you paid for.


4. Where Is The Link?

One thing that I hate most is an uncompleted product.

I guess supposedly there is an upsell for this product, but…

They forgot to insert their link?!

That is truly absurd that it just goes to show what kind of effort has been put into the making of this product.

Insta Profit Hack Review


Is Insta Profit Hack A Scam?

No Insta Profit Hack is not a scam.

You will certainly find some value from their pdf training guide. In fact, I do believe you get $7 worth of information here. But it really isn’t anywhere near as impressive as they want you to believe.


Discover A Way To Generate Passive Income

It is always disappointing to have a high hope only to find out that a product doesn’t actually work as advertised.

But the good news is that making money online is very REAL.

You might have stumbled upon many scams and on the verge of giving up but I strongly encourage you not to do that.

At least not today.

Because I was exactly where you are now when I finally found a legit way to generate passive income.

And that is called affiliate marketing.

Imagine what you have written years ago still generating you income at the present moment, without you doing anything!

Here are some testimonies, and they are all real people, not paid actors.

One thing they have in common?

They are all using the same system, which I am about to show you.

But let me forewarn you – it is not going to be easy. It will take hard work, patience, and time in order to succeed. This is not for people with get-rich-quick mentality.

p/s: free membership available, check out the link to find out more.



What do you think about Insta Profit Hack, or affiliate marketing? Share your thoughts with me by leaving your comment below!


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2 comments on “Insta Profit Hack Review – Weird Little Hack Revealed?


Thank you for this review.  I was wondering if it was worth spending a few dollars on it. But with the ‘forgotten’ links in PDF documents and fake testimonies, I guess that is what we can expect from a $7 digital product. At least there is a way to get our money back.   I will definitely stay away and hopefully, more people will read your review and also stay away.


Glad that it helps Denis!


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