How To Overcome The Challenge In Content Creation – Introducing Jarvis, My AI Writer

Welcome to my Review!

Keeping up with content creation can be challenging. Many new marketers give up way too early because they couldn’t keep pace with the mass volume of content to produce. We are not talking about just any content, we are talking about quality, search engine-friendly content needed to bring in traffic and conversions.

As a non-native English speaker, I know this all too well. Hiring freelancers can be a hassle, especially for those just starting out in the world of marketing. On the other hand, a professional full-time content writer generally doesn’t come cheap. These are real problems that new marketers face every day!

How about an AI content writer?

I got to be honest with you, I have done hundreds of product reviews and have come across many AI content writers. Trust me – most failed so badly that their sentence construction sounds so unnatural and robotic.

I almost gave up on AI writer, until I found Jarvis – who is going to be the writer for the remainder of this post (yes seriously, say hi to Jarvis).

Now I am going to hand over this post to Jarvis for it to introduce itself. So that you can see how impressive Jarvis is. If you have been following my blog, you know how fussy I am with the products that I reviewed. If I actually recommend a product, that is because it is REALLY worth it. I hope it will help you as much as it does for me.

Read on to find out how Jarvis works, and how to get your free 5-day trial with 10k word credit for FREE!

Affiliate Disclosure:

Want to try out Jarvis AI? You can get a 5-day free trial if you sign up with my link. I’ll get a tiny commission if you sign up through the following link and purchase after your trial is over. It won’t cost you anything extra, but will help me keep this blog running! Click here for more info.

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a gpt-3 based content writing software that allows you to create content effortlessly. It works by employing a complex and ingenious algorithm that is used in conjunction with input from other sources such as Google, Reddit, Wikipedia and YouTube. By having an entire database of relevant information Jarvis will automatically choose the most appropriate keywords and phrases for you to use in your article. Best of all? There is no need to know how it does it!

Here are Jarvis’s features at a glance.


Jarvis feature at a glanceJarvis feature at a glance

Jarvis feature at a glance

Jarvis feature at a glance

In short, Jarvis is capable of:

1. Support in creating long-form articles with ease for people who want to write but lack the time or motivation to do so using an AI assistant that makes writing long-form easy and efficient where it takes care of all the tedious parts like research, execution and publication offering an ultra-streamlined writing experience with minimal effort on your part.

2. Serves as an SEO manager where information from incoming sources are summarised individual work is done to make sure that they are structured correctly and that they are optimised for search engines.

3. Act as the ultimate research assistant where they can answer questions in seconds using its knowledge base at hand.

4. Create and plan social media campaigns, schedule content across platforms and ultimately analyse the performance of your posts so you know what works and doesn’t work.


There are so many more features that set Jarvis apart from other writing assistants out there. In particular, the feature being used here in this post is called ‘Long-Form Assistant‘ and ‘Content Improver‘. ‘Long-Form Assistant’ is where Jarvis help you to create a long-form article based on the title, content description and keywords that you input, while ‘Content Improver’ helps you rewrite your sentence to make it more readable and interesting. These two features together are what makes Jarvis a very powerful tool to have as part of your content creation system.

For example, this is what is I typed:


Jarvis long form assistant example


After pressing the key ‘Ctrl J’, Jarvis will then give you an article based on what you asked for. As simple as that, it can make things much easier when it comes to blogging!

Jarvis long form assistant example

In order to get the direction of the post correct, Jarvis will require you to write another short sentence (typically below 10 words) before it outputs more long paragraphs. This helps to make sure that your posts are going in the direction you want and that they’re written correctly by Jarvis.

Now I am going to show you another example using ‘Content Improver’.

Here are some sentences that I typed:


Jarvis Content Improver example


Jarvis returned me with 2 rewritten outputs:


Jarvis Content Improver example

As you can see, by using ‘Content Improver’, Jarvis rewrote my sentences to make them more readable without grammar mistakes or spelling errors, which is perfect!

It is really quite simple to use Jarvis. Hopefully, this helps you create content effortlessly.


Jarvis Pricing

Jarvis has a free plan, which offers many functionalities that you can use for your post writing and other needs. The best thing about the free plan is that you can try out some of the paid plans before deciding if you want to upgrade.


Starter Plan ($29/month, 20k word credit)

At less than $1 per day, the Starter Plan is very affordable for a start.

The main disadvantage of the Starter Plan is that it comes with a limited word count, so you won’t have access to the Long Form Assistant tool which we use for writing articles. The price per month also goes up by $5 if you want more words in your plan and an additional fee of .10 cents each time there’s a change made after the first draft (which usually happens quite often).

If you have signed up for Starter Plan but want to increase your word count and take advantage of the Long Form Assistant tool, you can consider upgrading to the Starter Plus plan for $59/mo.


Pro Unlimited Plan ($109/month, unlimited word credit)

This plan comes with unlimited word credit, so you can write as much content as desired without paying any additional fees! It also includes the Long Form Assistant tool that helps you create in-depth articles that engage readers. If you are looking for a long-term content partnership this is the plan to go with!


Boss Mode Plan ($119/month, unlimited word credit)

Boss mode unlock some cool features like Create AI content 2x faster, Compose button (no need to input your own sentence in between each run), Jarvis Commands (Just tell Jarvis what you want, run the command then watch Jarvis run with it), and increased Jarvis visibility.



What Do I Like About Jarvis

Jarvis is the best program for those of us who can’t spend all day writing articles. With Jarvis, we won’t run out because he produces content faster than anyone could use traditional methods and you just have to feed him your topic, then sit back while his algorithms create awesome posts in minutes!

Jarvis is so amazing that you won’t even realize it’s a bot because the content will be relevant and engaging. Jarvis doesn’t just write anything– it understands who is reading it, making sure every post fits your audience perfectly. It is Jarvis’s goal to make sure that your website content is engaging and differentiated enough from the competition so that you can gain a competitive advantage.

Plus with Jarvis 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured knowing each order was written at its highest level of excellence!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What can Jarvis do for me?

Jarvis can write any content you want, and make sure it suits your audience.

It really doesn’t matter how much or little you know about writing compelling copy because Jarvis is here to take care of the hard work for you! Jarvis’s main priority is producing high-quality articles that will drive traffic and lead to your website while simultaneously improving your SEO rankings. No more struggling to keep up with ever-changing algorithms!

You’ll receive well researched, written in-depth content on the topic(s) you submit without spending a huge amount of time trying to figure out what should be included in each post (which saves time). It will be human-readable with proper formatting done automatically as well.


2. Can I change the tone of my write-up with Jarvis?

You can set the tone before you generate the content. By default, Jarvis will look up the keywords you provide and also your website subject matter. This way, Jarvis can automatically find an optimal tone of writing that fits not only the keyword but also your business voice.


3. Can I control how long each article is?

Yes! You decide what range (word count) that your articles fall into s (short), m (medium) or l (long).


4. Is there a limit to how many posts I can create with Jarvis?

There’s no limit. Jarvis will work as long as you keep the plugin active and up-to-date.


5. Does Jarvis generate original content that passes the plagiarism test?

Yes! Jarvis passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% original content. Jarvis will never post copied content even if it’s not plagiarized.


6. How good is the Jarvis AI as compared to other AI writing tools in the market?

Well, this is subjective. However, Jarvis uses an out-of-the-box AI engine that learns as much as it can and becomes more powerful with each post you write, which is a huge advantage over the competitors. By far, Jarvis is the best AI copywriter that I have come across.


7. Will I be charged once the 5-day trial is over?

Yes, you will be charged based on the plan you have chosen. But worry not! You can cancel the plan anytime within the 5-day trial without any charges if you found Jarvis not suitable for your need.


8. How to cancel the 5-days free trial of

You can cancel the 5-days trial from the ‘Plan & Billing’ page of your account or by following this link.


9. Does Jarvis come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Jarvis has a 7-day refund policy. If you are not happy with the result of your articles they will refund your order.


10. How much time does it take to create an article?

Depending on the length of your article- it may take 1 hour or less to write an article if you input clear information and headlines.



Final Thoughts…

So, I am back!

Overall, I am really impressed with Jarvis, as you can see, Jarvis writes so well that no one can tell that the article is written by an AI! If you want to see another example of what Jarvis is capable of, try check out another article written by Jarvis here.

If you are interested, click on this button to activate the 5-Days Free Trial.

I hope you found this introduction to Jarvis helpful, if you have any further questions or requiring assistance getting your free trial, do let me know in the comment section below!

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46 comments on “How To Overcome The Challenge In Content Creation – Introducing Jarvis, My AI Writer


Thank you for great article. I created my own blog few months ago and I already learnt how time consuming may be to create high quality content. I had no idea that there are so advance tools to create posts, but Im really impressed with possibilities of Jarvis. It would make my life much easier and for sure I will test it during trial.


Glad that you find it useful!


This looks like a great asset to invest in for any blogger. So let me get this right. You simply type in a sentence about what you want to write about and the app does the rest? I am going to give it a shot and see if this will work for me. I did try one a few months ago and I wonder if it is the same one, but at the time I felt I couldn’t afford it as was off due to Covid restrictions.

Also does it add pictures or is it only content?


Yes that’s all it takes! As of now only content.


Hello, I’m having trouble writing articles as well. When I start writing a blog, it feels as though all of my ideas vanish into thin air. Even if English were my native language, I believe I would have the same difficulty generating quality content because I am new to the marketing world. However, I have no prior expertise in writing using bot content writers. If Jarvis AI is the author of this piece, I am impressed because it is well-written.

I used to read long posts from others and wonder how they manage to write such important and lengthy content. It’s the first time I’ve heard about AI content writers, particularly Javis AI, which I intend to try out in the next few days. I wish to write in-depth articles that capture readers’ attention.
In the coming days, I’m going to put Javis AI to the test and see how it performs for me.

Thank you very much.


Sounds good, let me know how it works for you!


We seem to be living in the future. And I am not that old. But all that we thought would only be science fiction or suited for the screen of a movie, is what we daily use. And what can I say about having an AI assistant to help us write articles. I would definetly want to claim this free trial and see if Jarvis works for me. Thanks for this post!


Yes do give it a try, you have free 5 days trials to decide whether it works for you anyway.


I. am. SOLD! 

Wow, this was a well written article, between the shortened paragraphs, smooth flow through the topic and the fact that it adapts (Robot takeover imminent). This is one GEM of an article for the affiliate marketer and blogger/writer. 

Also, nice job on explaining the effectiveness of Jarvis.

I am bookmarking this page and buying this bad boi here as SOON as I get the cash flow for it.

Thank you much Grace, you da best!


Thanks Nicholas, all the best for you!


Hi. I’ve been looking at these AI content creators for a while now. The demonstration you gave is really helpful. I like the interactive process that you showed how you were able to guide Jarvis and keep your article on track to produce the result that you wanted. Many of my articles require a lot of research and I often don’t know the conclusions I will be drawing at the end of the article until I have completed the research. Do you find you are able to do that as part of the writing process with Jarvis or do you need to know your conclusions before you start an article? Thanks, Andy


Sometimes when I am stuck, I will just type a guiding sentence and see what Jarvis come out with. Jarvis could come out with a different conclusion than mine, so it is up to me whether to accept Jarvis conclusion or steer Jarvis to write in the direction of my conclusion. 


Hi Grace,

Jarvis sounds too good as a content writer. It is tempting to try out. I take quite a bit of time to write a piece of content. They are mostly of 1500-2000 words. It is painful but I learn and enjoy.  

At this point of time, I am not inclined to use AI. It might change. 

I will have two questions for you.

1. Has Google ranked Jarvis generated keywords rank high in SEO?

2. If few bloggers ask same or similar key words to Jarvis, how can Jarvis generated articles will be different?

Thank you for bringing up a newer product which can change the way of content creation.


Yes Jarvis can write in a way that is optimised for SEO, Jarvis is able to churn out content in many different ways, hence avoiding duplicate content. Jarvis also learn as your article progresses  to make sure the output aligns with the direction of your post. 


Thanks for your review of Jarvis here. I have never actually heard of this particular article writer before but i’m glad you pointed it out as I also like to review these web tools and programs on my own website.So, I think I shall give it a try being as t seems to have a FRee Trial.

I have to say though, although these can be good tools for helping you gather informatiion from around the web on any given topic, I do not recommend them as a subsititurte for hand written work. You should always be able to write an article yourself and if you ARE going to spend money avoiding it, hire a Freelancer.


Sounds like you prefer a freelancer than AI writer, I get it that everyone has a preference on their own but I am glad that you willing to give Jarvis a try. 
who knows, you might change your mind after trying.


Hi there

Thanks so much for sharing, I just discovered Jarvis recently and I have to admit it`s the best thing for bloggers like myself who are not native English speakers.

What I worry about is if there is a time in the near future that Google will be able to read Artificial intelligence written content and not index them, but until that happens(if it does)I`ll use Jarvis as I`m tired(was tired) of watching an empty screen feeling unable to write.

I love the fact that it`s so affordable, will sure make content writers lose some work about this I’m sure.

Once more, thanks so much for sharign


I can relate to that -staring into the computer screen not knowing how to start or complete a sentence. Jarvis is really helpful in addressing this problem of mine.
To search engine, the most important thing is readability. So if an AI can write content that aligns with natural human thinking, then it won’t be any problem in terms of SEO Optimisation. 


Hi Grace, this not the first time I have heard of AI written content. I am old  school to think if something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. I know if AI can drive a car, it can probably write blog posts as well! 🙂
Can you rework the copy from Jarvis and change of add to it if you wanted to? There are so many things you can add to you blogging business, after bit the cost does go up. I would love to use AI to create content. I guess I am too scared to try. ;(


No worries, you can always take advantage of the free trial, no harm done anyway. And yes, you can edit , add, or takeaway any part of the content generated by Jarvis. It is very flexible! 


Jarvis sounds just like what the doctor ordered as I have been consumed with trying to write content recently and it can be quite a slog at times. It was very interesting the transition between your opening speak and the handover to Jarivs. It was seamless and I dare say the rewriting component really added value to your original text. I am happy to learn that there is a free trial so I will likely check it out. Thank you so much for this find.


Glad it helps!


Thank you very much for recommending Jarvis. I’m stuck at writing content because I’m quite busy with my office job. It’s quite interesting and the free trial sounds tempting. Now I have two questions: Do you need to input proper English sentences or can Jarvis ‘guess correctly’ what I’m trying to say? I’m not an English native, so my sentence structure may seem ‘bad’. Another question, is it only available for English article? Thanks for the answer


No you don’t have to input ‘proper’ English. Jarvis will try to guess what you are trying to say even if the sentence structure is off. However, just like human being, Jarvis may not make the correct guess every single time, but you can always request Jarvis to generate more output until you got the one you are satisfied with. 
And Jarvis is able to handle multiple languages, which language in particular you are looking for? 


I never knew that there was such a thing as an AI content assistant until I ran across your article! I think that this tool is amazing for people who dislike writing. I believe that utilizing this tool can help you create content faster than your competitors. I love the way you displayed the pricing in your article! I will definitely mention this to others!


Thanks! I am glad that you like it!

AL. S.

I have read about Jarvis before and I have been very impressed with the program. I really enjoyed your review and the examples that you gave. Jarvis looks like an excellent service and something that I would invest in if I could afford it. As awesome as it is, it is also kind of scary. I wonder how many articles that I read that I really enjoy are actually written by AI.


Haha I know that feeling. Jarvis is smart, but it still needs guidance from the writer to make sure that what you’re saying comes out correctly. It’s kind of like when writers open their sentences for input and Jarvis help finish them off.


I recently saw an advertisement for Jarvis on Instagram, so was very curious to know more about it, so it is great to find your post on it. It indeed looks like a very powerful AI tool, that can help anybody to create content very quickly. I am particularly impressed with the two snippets that you show where Jarvis improved your content. I think I will explore this Jarvis software more to see how it can help me. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome!

Karan Patel

Hello grace, 

wow, jarvis comes with a free 5 day trial! I am currently hitting a bit of a writers block and am running out of idea to write about. 

This is amazing. Love the way you have access to different writing styles. Original content and SEO is my top priority. Live that jarvis is able to target this checkpoint!


Thanks Karan! 


As an internet marketer, content creation is one of those major challenge I have faced. The challenge in creating content easily run me into writers block. Thank you for highlighting a tool like Jarvis. Top of it is the affordability of this tool and it coming with a five days free trial. I will take advantage of the five days trial to explore the system. 


Sure Parameter, let me know how it goes for you! 


Wow, suffice to say, I am blown away by how well this bot wrote the remainder of your article.  A few quick questions for you…

For the five-day trial, do you get access to everything in the BossPlan or just the minimum plan?  I am curious to try all the features of this program.  

Also, and please be honest, how much editing do you end up doing after Jarvis has created copy for you?  

Lastly, you say it takes an hour to write an article. Is that because you are feeding Jarvis information for that hour, or does it just take that long for the AI to finish creating the copy?  

Thanks for some very useful information about the Jarvis copywriter. 


During the free trial, you get to access the pro plan which includes the long form writing. You do need to spend some time guiding Jarvis to write in the direction you want, by feeding it leading sentences etc. At times Jarvis can write beyond the topic you want so those leading sentences can bring it back on track. 

Michael Pyle

Wow, Jarvis certainly sounds like a fantastic AI content writer! Yes, I totally agree that it didn’t seem like this article was actually written by a bot. This article read as if it was written by you, so it was really hard to tell that Jarvis was in fact behind this article – for the most part anyways.


Thanks, it is indeed a great help!


Oh wow! Jarvis is so intelligent! I wouldn’t have thought that a bot had written almost an entire article if you didn’t mention that Jarvis was writing most parts. I’ve been on the lookout for a software or person who can help me write my blog posts if I don’t have the time. And Jarvis looks like the ideal solution. I have to say, this is a really creative review, by not only telling us how good it is, but also having it write the article and showing us clearly how good it is! Thank you for this review Grace! I definitely had fun reading it


Thanks Julian, glad that it helps! 


This sounds like an interesting tool for creating content. I like to write and prefer to do my own in most cases but I can see how this would be useful.  I don’t always have time to write so I think I’ll give this a try.  This tool would also be good for writing papers for school, reports for work and other professional applications.  I would have killed for this when I was an administrative assistant!  


Yup, sometimes Jarvis comes out with ideas that I never gave a thought about before. It helps to keep the creative juice flowing!


Hello, Grace,

I will have to admit I couldn’t tell when you dropped out and Jarvis stepped in.  And, I will agree that Jarvis can be a real help for people who do not have a  lot of experience using the English language. Which leads me to a question. Can Jarvis be programmed in any language? example: I am well versed in the English language, but let’s say I had to write an article for readers who conversed in French? Could Jarvis be programmed to take my English and translate to French?

I personally like the exercise of writing. I like to construct the sentences, and see the thought turned into the written language. But that  does take time, and time is what we never have enough of.

The cost could be prohibitive for some people. But, it is one more tool that is available to people, and I’m impressed at what it can do. We never seem to have enough tools to do tasks and save time.


I don’t think Jarvis can translate, but Jarvis can write in many languages, French included. 
For people who are well versed in English, one application I can think of is to use Jarvis to generate ideas on the topic you want to write about. By simply keying in one sentence, Jarvis can provide you with one paragraph of content. And if you couldn’t find what you want, tweak the sentence and let Jarvis provide you with another paragraph or two. Keep it going until you got enough ideas for your write up. 


I found it interesting to read your article and I read the part that you said was written by Jarvis very carefully. Unfortunately, I am a native English speaker and found the sentences way too long for a normal human. I’m not sure if that is because of the sentences that you fed him. But it didn’t have a natural feel to me and I felt that it was very expensive. Although, I do pay a bit more for a live copywriter. It doesn’t cost me any more for rewrites and I can be certain of the quality.

I’m sure it will work well for many people, just not for me.


Hiring a writer is a bit of hit and miss- get a good one and you can basically hands off everything, which is the best case scenario.
AI writer helps in other ways- when you still want to be pretty much in control of your content , when you couldn’t afford a freelance writer, or when you just want the AI to help you brainstorm ideas on your topic. 


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