How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

So you probably landed on this page because :

  • You are tired with your 9-5 job and looking for a change.
  • You have a satisfactory job but you want to earn some side income.
  • You have home commitment but you needed an income.

Whatever situation you are in, I want to show you that there are plenty of ways to earn an income from home that doesn’t require single cent from your pocket.

What I am going to show you below is exactly what I am using now. They have been tested and proven to work, so you don’t have to strike out alone into the uncharted waters.

Depending on which niche you want to delve in, you might even earn a full time income if you put in enough effort. The key to working from home is to avoid scam (too many of those lurking online looking for its prey). So before you are 100% sure what you are doing, don’t throw in your hard earn money yet!

Start A Blog And Become An Affiliate Marketer

But, but… is it possible to be an affiliate marketer without any investment?

The answer is straight YES!

Affiliate marketing is not meant for everyone, and you need to dive in head first to find out for yourself. That’s why, it is important to start your journey for FREE. Don’t throw in your money for beautifully design website and hefty theme membership just yet (of course, with the exception that you have the spare money to do so, then by all means do it your way!).

So what is the catch?

I assure you that there is no catch, the only trade off is that you will need to spend a little more effort. As a proof of concept, this site as of now is still running with all the free resources, from web hosting, SEO package, theme, keyword research tools, images, email marketing, access to insider knowledge, call to action buttons, even the courses that I took are free!

I have spent great deal of time researching for the best FREE route, so that you don’t have to do that on your own.

What I teach is what I do exactly

That is what set this article part from the others. The vast majority of people show you free stuff that they learnt about online and they don’t really use it themselves. Dan Kennedy refer these people as ‘shovel seller’, because during the gold rush, they are the one who earn the most yet they don’t do the hard work themselves. And now many online sellers make money by first showing you free stuff that doesn’t work well, so that when you get too frustrated hitting dead end everywhere, they come to your rescue with paying product to solve your problem.

Where to get the free stuff?

They are everywhere, you just have to dig deep enough to discover them. Through my extensive study I found that the huge chunk of free stuff can be found from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is like a academy for affiliate marketers, if you are interested to find out more you can read my review on them. Otherwise, let’s just stick to how to get some free stuff for the time being.

Here are the free stuff you can get from them:

Web Hosting :

2 free sites hosted under subdomain (easily upgradable to full domain should you choose to do so in the future). Although you can also get free hosting directly from subdomain, you will lose control over the advertisement they place on your site, and there are restriction in place on how you can make money with the site. On the other hand, WordPress via Siterubix is tailored for affiliate marketer. There are cool customisation available for optimal affiliate marketing experience. You can use the Siterubix tool below to check if the domain you want is available:

SEO package and image optimiser:

There are many ‘add-ons’ from WordPress called plugins to improve the functionality of your site. Two of the most essential ones are ‘All in one SEO pack’ and ‘EWW image optimizer’.

All in one SEO pack contain many features that optimise your WordPress site for SEO. For beginners you don’t even have to adjust any options, it simply work out of the box. As for EWW image optimizer, it automatically optimises the images you upload, which in turn increase the loading speed of your site. Faster loading equal better page ranking, which means more sales and conversion.

Both of these plugins can be activated easily when you build your WordPress site through Siterubix. I have tried activating this plugin when I setting up my site directly with WordPress, but I got this message, and the business plan cost $25 per month.

Duplicate content checker:

Google and other search engine are not fans of duplicate content. When you publish your article from Siterubix, it automatically run a duplicate content check at the background. If everything is clear, it will publish your article, otherwise, it will issue a warning (and still publish it if you insist).

Personally I prefer to edit the article from WordPress website editor itself, but because I want to make use of this feature, I first publish it via Siterubix from Wealthy affiliate platform, then click ‘Edit in WordPress’ from the pop up box that came out right after you click ‘Publish’.

Keyword research tools

You can get 30 searches from Jaaxy which is built into the interface of Wealthy Affiliate.

From the search result You will get the information on

  • Avg: Monthly search volume. We want this number to be high.
  • Traffic: Estimated traffic if you land on page one.
  • QSR (quoted search results): How many other pages competing on the same keywords. We
    want this number to be low, ideally below 100.
  • KQI (Keyword quality indicator) : Green means good and red means poor (KQI), and
  • SEO : On a scale from 0 to 100, the higher it is, the easier for you to get ranked for that keyword. Any number above 90 will be great.

Insider knowledge

The community in Wealthy Affiliate is awesome! And they are not stingy to share their journey on the dashboard. You may as well make full use of what they are sharing! Believe or not, that is where you got all the insider knowledge, and the cheapest (free to be exact) way to get into the affiliate marketer inner circle.


Although not many selection, but they have got the few best theme for affiliate marketing. I spent a whole afternoon trying out different theme and yet I came back to the one that they had first provided. Some free theme like Ryan Dark even comes with cool looking landing page template.


If you have been using Coursera, Udemy or any online learning platforms, you will surely be impressed by the FREE courses provided here. There are 10 free lessons under Online Entrepreneur Certification and another 10 free lessons under Affiliate Bootcamp (some overlap of information between the 2 courses due to the nature of the topic). The lessons guide you through from a total beginner to creating a SEO optimised website ready for income to stream in.


Everything I had mentioned above, from web hosting to the access to theme selection, will be covered in the free course itself. You will learn how to use them effectively to your advantage.

Upon completion of your course, you should have a fully functional website, with a few content page.

With that essential parts being taken care of  by Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to show you where to get the rest of your tools for FREE:


A study shows that campaign with images had 42% higher click through rate compared to those had none. That said, please don’t just Google something and copy and paste the image on your blog. Some images are copyrighted and you don’t want to get into trouble of copyright infringement . Here are some free resources for your awesome images:

  1. Pexel
  2. Pixabay
  3. Stockvault

Or just take your own pictures! You can take a photo with your smart phone and enhance your pictures or insert wording with Snapseed, a free yet powerful photo edit app. Everything can be done with your handheld mobile device.

Call to action button

As affiliate marketer we want to direct our users to take certain desired actions. Buttons work great because it stands up from the sea of texts and grab readers’ attention immediately. It helps to achieve targets like sales, subscriptions and sign-ups.

Depending on which theme you are using, some probably comes with the ‘call to action’ button already. If not, head over to cooltext and get a button in style. Their only term is that you need to place a link back to their site. Here is an example of the button and the link.

Cool Text
Tip: Try not to choose fonts that are too comical, it makes your site appear ‘scammy’.

Email marketing

There are 2 types of web traffic, one that you don’t own (like traffic from Google), and one that you own (like your email subscriber). You should start collecting email address as soon as your first few contents are published. Mailchimp provides its service for free as long as total subscribers is less than 2k and email per month less than 12k, which is perfect for a small growing online business. It gives you access to all the features the big guys do at no cost to you.

Find out more about email marketing and ways to improve website traffic without SEO in this article. 

Word count tools

I don’t always have the luxury to draft my articles on my laptop. Most of the time I draft them on notepad in my iPhone. The word count tools help me keep track of the length of my article, and provide me with other statistics like keyword density, readability level, estimated reading time etc..
Here are the 2 tools I am using:

  1.  Word Count Tools
  2.  Word Counter

With all the useful free tools at your disposal, there is no excuse why you cannot set up your online affiliate marketing business.

Can I stay free forever

As a matter of fact, I think you can.

But you see, when your income starts streaming in, it no longer make sense for you to work on chores that could be easily settled by spending a few bucks. Conserve your energy for bigger projects! Imagine how much more you can achieve with the time you have saved, you could have channeled your energy into developing new strategies and expanding your business for its impending growth.

Yes it cost a bit, but your income will increase tremendously.

For this reason, I am recommending you to stay with the FREE tools until either:
1. You are sure that affiliate marketing is the way for you to go, or
2. You have met your writing goal (e.g. create 5 1000-word articles for your site).

Most of the tools recommended here are upgradable, meaning you pay when your business grow. That is a very important aspect because when your business expand beyond the capability of what free feature could handle, you could simply upgrade to the paid tier. It save you the hassle of switching and learning new set of tools altogether.

The process of upgrade is easy, since the bulk of the services are under single platform created by Wealthy Affiliate. An upgrade of membership will take care of almost everything : full domain hosting for 25 sites that are completed with SSL security certificate, unlimited keyword research capability, access to full course content, access to anyone (including founders) in the community via private messaging, live chat, free images for your articles and so much more…

You can refer to the chart for a comparison of the two types of membership.

Just remember affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick program. You will need to write a lot, so you seriously can’t hate writing if you want to be in this business.

Six months is the critical time where most people give up, and those who persist will usually prevail. Once the first sales come in, the snowball effect kick in too and everything you do thereafter will look so much more rewarding.

Till we meet again…
At the time of writing, this site is running totally on free resources as a proof of concept. I hope the thought of getting to test the water for free will motivate you to take action now.

If you need further guidance on this topic, I will be glad to help. We will be connected once you register as a member at Wealthy Affiliate with this link. I will be your personal coach and be there (virtually, that is) to welcome you.

See you there!


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