How To Create A Website That Really Makes Money

We have all heard about people who make money by blogging. Is it really that easy? Can we just write about anything and start seeing money rolling in? How does it work exactly?

Truth is, while blogging success stories can be inspiring, you need to take them with a grain of salt. Starting any business is hard and success does not happen overnight. But it’s possible!

So, are you ready to start a website that really makes money?


What Are The Advantages Of Having A Blog?

Do I really need a blog?

I know, you have been fed with so much misinformation – it is a hassle to start a website, too much work, find an easy way out like blasting paid ads everywhere etc etc…

But having your own website is actually the best way to succeed online. You will have full control over what you post on your site. People would rather visit an independent blog or website than one that belongs to a big company – it gives them more options for success stories they wish to read about.

And do you know that website is actually an online asset? Once a website is set up, you can use it to its full potential and make money online.

With sufficient content, the search engine will send you traffic on its own. This is a great way to get started promoting your offer and make money online! Organic traffic like this allows you to generate passive income while you sleep.

Remember this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you just want to make quick money without all the hard work, this is not for you. Here we are talking about consistent passive income that takes time and effort to build.


How To Make Money With A Blog


1. Ads Revenue 

You can get paid by placing ads on your website.

The success of this strategy is based upon how many visitors you have and what kind of ads they click on, so it’s not always the most reliable method either but if done right there are no risks involved.

Here are some common ads providers:

  • Google AdSense
  • Mediavine
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks

While ads on websites can be effective they also typically don’t pay very much unless there is an extremely high traffic level. Even then, it’s often not a substantial amount although when done right this can add up over time making them worth considering. It is best if it is combined with other monetization methods.

Of course, you can also do private ads placement. Approach local businesses and offer them your traffic by placing their ads on your website. You might be able to strike a better deal depending on the quality of traffic on your blog.


2. Paid Guest Post Or Sponsored Post

Another way to make money with your website is to charge a fee for guest posts. After all, if you have a good readership already then why not take advantage. Just make sure that your website is worth the fee!

If your website is popular, you can also get paid to do sponsored posts. This is where a company will pay you to write about their product or service on your website. It’s an easy way to make money if you can find the right sponsor! Be sure to disclose your sponsorship clearly so that your readers aren’t misled. A proper disclosure also helps to earn trust from your reader so that they are more likely to come back.


3. Create Your Own Product And Sell It On Your Website

Why promote other people’s products to earn a commission if you can create your own and keep 100% of the profit?

This option is more difficult because it requires some product creation and marketing skills. it is best to conduct market research before you actually create a product to gauge the general market interest.

You also want to make sure your website has a reputation – this means making sure you don’t have any bad reviews on third party sites like Yelp. You can do this by actually reaching out and connecting with other businesses in your field of work or even just doing customer service really well. If they are happy with what you did then chances are they will leave positive feedback for future customers who come looking for help as well. It’s important that people know about how great your products are so spread the word through these platforms online!

Success in selling your own product largely depends on self-motivation and market demand. Plus there’s actually no guarantee of success even if you do all the right things so this isn’t a great choice for everyone despite being an effective way to make money online.


4. Affiliate Marketing 

THIS is my absolute favourite, and also one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, so you should consider it if you want a website that really makes money.

So what does affiliate marketing mean?

In affiliate marketing, you’re not selling your own products; instead, you are getting paid commission for referring customers to a product or service.

You can get started by participating in affiliate programs with Amazon or other large companies that payout per sale made from clicking your link. Alternatively, you can look up tabs like ‘partnership’, or ‘affiliate program’ on businesses’ websites and register your interest to become their affiliate marketer. You will be given a unique referral link for you to promote their products.

Many affiliate marketers are making thousands or even ten’s of thousands each month just by following affiliate marketing strategies below. Success is possible but do your research and know everything about affiliate marketing before setting up a website. It’s crucial that you understand all aspects of this business model before taking action because success is highly dependent on it.

It doesn’t matter much what niche you choose for your website or blog because there’s some sort of affiliate program out there that fits almost every interest possible – from hobby all the way down to blogging and social media tips.


How To Set Up A Website

Don’t let those get-rich-quick internet guru fools you, setting up an affiliate website is easier than you thought, in fact, you can do it within 30 seconds.



Don’t believe me? Try to see it for yourself! Your site can be ready with just a few clicks of the mouse!


How To Build A Blog


1. Narrow Down Your Niche 

A niche that is too broad can be distracting.

If you are struggling to come up with a good niche, think about the success stories of your favourite websites. What topics did they cover? Can you narrow it down to one specific topic that people would be interested in learning more about?

Another way is to look at what other successful blog posts have talked about. You can find this by doing an advanced search for “keyword” + success OR success blog post title. This will give you some great article ideas and from there you can see if anyone has written anything on that particular subject already or maybe add another spin to it! The possibilities are endless here so go wild!


2. Create Blog Posts That Provide Value To Your Reader.

A common mistake that is made here by people who are new to blogging and website building, is they tend to just go for the popular keywords and stuff their posts with keywords.

While this may be a success at first when you start ranking on Google for these topics, it will not last long if all your blog posts are stuffed with them! It’s still possible even now as an experienced blogger or webmaster.

If you keep up that trend of using the same words over and over again throughout every single post then eventually Google will catch up with you and drop your search rankings.

Rather than overly relying on keywords, try to find an audience that has problems or interests in common with your own and focus on how to deliver values to your reader. Work to build trust so they see value in what you are offering. Don’t forget to promote yourself through content marketing as well as paid ads on Google Adwords or other platforms if you can afford it.

If you are promoting a product, make sure the product you sell can actually solve your readers’ problem(s). Give them the confidence that you are not just giving a sales pitch but rather having their best interest at heart.

Generally, I try to recommend only those products that I have personally tried and tested. That way I can be sure that my recommendation is truthful to the product. Just be consistent in your approach and in the value you provide.


3.  Build Up Your Reputation In The Question And Answer Site

The best thing would be to research some other more focused terms which relate back to your niche topic itself. You can go to question-and-answer sites like Quora and look for commonly asked questions in your niche. Answering those questions publicly can help you build up your reputation. Leave your website link on your profile so that people can find you easily.

You can also look for regular blog posts on the subject and go into more details. This will help you build up your reputation as an expert in that particular niche topic further down the line if done correctly.

Alternatively, create blog posts that address those questions, so that people can find your articles easily in search.


7 Tips To A Successful Blog


1. Choose a Relevant Domain Name

The first tip of a successful website is to choose a domain name for your website that is short and easy to remember. Try to create a domain name that is relevant to the success of your website, or how people can benefit from it.

Pick something that would stick with them and eventually lead them back to your site so they can get all their questions answered on one platform instead of scattered across several different places online.

Your success depends on whether or not people remember who you are and come back for more information in the future as well as how fast they find out about you, which means getting meta tags correct is incredibly important!

Meta tags do matter because this tag governs where search engines see your page going when someone searches up specific words (also known as keywords).


2. Web Hosting

Web hosting is where your blog will be housed on the internet.

And of course, it is important to choose a reliable web hosting for your website. This way, your website will be up and running all the time with minimal downtime and short loading time!


3. Make Sure You Have The Latest SEO Techniques

Use SEO to make your posts search-friendly.

You should also make sure that when people search for something related to what your website offers they will find yours instead of someone else’s. While there are many ways to do this, one way is by using keywords in meta tags which tell Google’s spiders exactly what words describe each page.

By doing this your chances of being found increase dramatically as well as achieving higher rankings than competitors who don’t place care into their metadata.

In order to achieve success, you must also make sure that the website is easy to access and navigate. For long articles, use a site map page as well as having consistent category names across all of them so people can find what they are looking for quickly. It’s important not only because this will keep visitors on your sites longer but it can increase conversions by up to 20 times!


4. Keyword Research

The next tip for a successful website is to use a keyword research tool for your blog writing. Write blogs with important keywords without overdoing it.

This is very important because it helps your page rank higher in search engines. For example, if you are writing about how to start a blog, include words like “how to” and “blog.”

Additionally, use the keyword research tool to select low hanging keywords, which are keywords that have a good number of monthly searches but low competition. A lot of beginners tend to look for keywords with a large search volume of about 70k to 400k per month, which may not be a good idea because the competition for such keywords is usually high and it reduces the chances of your articles appearing on the first page SERP.


5. Update Your Blog Regularly

The success of any website depends on the type of content that exists there as well as how often this content gets updated. You will not get many visitors back if all you do is post an article once or twice per month – people want fresh information! Try posting at least three times per week over weekly posts. It may seem tough but eventually, it becomes easy with practice.

Try to make your post interesting, you can experiment with different techniques like using infographics instead of photos, video marketing instead of screenshots and much more!

The success of any blog or website depends on how well you can create high-quality content for your visitors. The best thing to do is spend some money – invest in a good writer that will produce quality articles for you every day! Investing in great writers really pays off over time as people start reading and sharing their posts with friends. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because it’s definitely going to make you money down the road!

Being a non-native English speaker, I know how challenging content creation is. Ever since I engage my AI writer Jarvis, my productivity has increased by 8x. What used to be a six-hour writing haul was reduced to under one hour of work.

Here is a 5-day free trial with 10,000 word-credit from Jarvis if you would like to try it out for yourself.


6. Promote

Next, you want to promote your blog, especially if your blog is still new and haven’t get ranked well on the search engine yet. You can promote your website with social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A great tip when promoting yourself with social media is to use hashtags in every status update so people searching certain keywords will find your profile easier!


7. Be Interactive

Finally, always respond to comments and questions. You will build a better reputation this way by showing that you are willing to help others that read your posts.


In A Nutshell

The formula for a successful blog is hard work, planning, patience, perseverance and most importantly great content that your readers love.

Creating a blog that makes money requires planning and trial-and-error, but if you follow the above tips success will come! Be persistent even if you do not see an immediate result, success requires time and dedication. You will start to see results if you stay committed!














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