How to Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

No matter how impressive your website is, if your niche is not something well sought after, you will probably up end up with hard time monetising your site. Finding a proper niche is so important, it is probably the first and most crucial step of becoming a affiliate marketer.

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As exciting as it sounds, there are few important things to keep in mind when doing so:

  • You are going to write a ton of content on your niche, so it is best if you actually have genuine interest in it.
  • You will need to be able to find relevant products within your niche to promote.
  • You niche doesn’t have to be something you are expert in, but it have to be something that you don’t mind spending agreat deal of time researching on.
  • Although there should be only one niche per website. It is common for someone to own multiple websites, so there is no need to overthink your niche, you can always have another one.

Coming out with a niche…

1. Brainstorm a broad market area

There are a few approaches you can use to generate ideas:

Interest oriented
Is there anything that gets you excited and motivated?

Problem oriented
Are you facing any challenges either in your love life, your health, your finance etc?

Trend oriented
Is there any new rising interest in a particular market area?

Profit oriented
Market areas fall into this category are generally crowd pleasing, forever relevant and never go out of style. For example, health and wealth, romance, gaming… Does any of these area resonates with you?

Whichever approach you used, write down all the ideas you have gathered and take a closer look at each of them.

2. Identify a profitable niche

The next step would be to evaluate each of the areas written and ask yourself these questions: are there anyone else interested in this, and do people spend money on this. There are problems which people happily have their money poured in to get it solve, and those that people expect to get for free.

Try to type ‘affiliate program for ’ in Google search and see if it returns with anything substantial. Or go to Amazon and browse by department to see if there are relevant products to promote.

3. Narrow down the broad market

A niche that targets to everyone, targets to no one. Beginners tend to avoid choosing the wrong niche by going for broad niche. The fact is, broad niches are usually already dominated by big players, and you will not have enough resources to compete with them, and you will start off with disadvantage.

To find out who are your competitors, you can type ‘allinurl: ’ in Google. The ideal niche is one that is not yet saturated, but also not too neglected that no one bothers about it anymore.

It is true that certain niche may not generate as much income as others, but Internet business is fast revolving, the table can be turned anytime soon. So there is no need to spend too much time finding the ’perfect’ niche. >

3. Pick a niche

With everything written down, you can now decides on one to capitalise on. The ideal niche should be something that you like and at the same time profitable.

For example, say, you are interested in health related topic, and it also happens to be one with unlimited potential. This niche brings in diverse group of people from all age groups and walks of life. And the best part is that it always stay relevant and important, because maintaining good health requires constant update of knowledge. People are usually generous with health related expenditure because health is priceless! Don’t we all look to internet for health-related information at some point of time?

So we know that health is a profitable niche, now we want to narrow our  ideas down. Some of the possible niches are weight loss (still too broad in my opinion, can be further broken down to – low calories diet, body toning exercise etc) , diabetic diet, gut health… all these are in high demand and we can easily find products or services affiliated to them.

Now let’s say we want to go into diabetic diet. You can either Google ‘affiliate program for diabetic diet’, or go to Amazon and search for diabetic diet related products to promote. Lastly, check out your competitors. Write your articles 10% longer than them, Google loves informative content.

And that’s it! You have found a niche, and I bet you even have a better head start compared to your fellow beginner affiliate marketer. The next step is to find yourself some affiliated products.

No scam product please…

Nobody likes getting scammed, selling scam products stain your reputation irrevocably. So whatever you are selling, don’t get affiliated with any scam product.

Maximise your return

Ideally, it is best if your product is not easily available in physical store and even better if it is also hard to come by online. That limited your audiences’ choices and increase your chance of success.

Since you are already spending time writing and promoting products, you may as well maximise you returns. Don’t settle for few dollars value of stuff but don’t try to target hundreds of dollars stuff from the beginning too.


There are probably millions of people out there sharing the same interest with you, and people are getting comfortable looking for recommendation and spending online. You just need to know how to reach out to them, and  build up trust with your audience. Above all, be honest, show the good side and the bad side of products, give them enough information so that they can make educated decision, give them a rating, and most importantly, never scam your audience.

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