Funnel X Roi Review – With Free Funnel Comes Expensive Membership

Funnel X Roi review

I came across Funnel X Roi through Profit Robot. Funnel X Roi is one of the two funnels promoted in Profit Robot, alongside Funnel Franchise.

So is Funnel X Roi truly a $300/day system, without having to have any website, email list, or products to sell?

If that is your question, you have come to the right place.

Doing your own research is the first step of avoiding scam, and one step closer to finding the legitimate way of making money online.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what the product truly is.

So in this Funnel X Roi review, we will take a close in-depth look at everything about this system, and assess how true those claims are and whether it worth investing our time in.

Now let us begin, shall we?

Funnel X Roi Summary

Product Name: Funnel X Roi


Founder: David Dekel

Product Type: Auto funnel system

Price: Free + program costs

Best For: Experienced affiliate marketers

Summary: Funnel X Roi presents itself as a free to join opportunity. All you need to do is to drive traffic to the funnel, and the system will take care of all the hard work for you. However, most of the program in this funnel are using ‘pay to play’ system, meaning that you have to sign up for their membership at a cost before you can make money by promoting them. The commission rule is set up such that only those at the top membership level can reap full benefit from this funnel. In a nutshell, this opportunity doesn’t come cheap, and I believe that experience marketers will have a better chance of excelling in this.

Overall Ranking: 4/10

Recommend: Not really



What Is Funnel X Roi

Funnel X Roi claims to be an invite-only, free to join an opportunity that is going to make you $300 per day.

In fact, you were told that you can start making $100 as soon as today,

There is no need to pitch to anyone, no website, list, or product needed. All you need to do is to send traffic to the system, and the system will take care of everything else for you.

To keep things simple, there are only two things required of you – a desktop/laptop and the ability to follow simple instructions. You will be told what needed to be done, and exactly how to do it.

What’s more, this is a system valued at $1,997, but David decided to give it to you for free, as long as you promise to send him your testimonial when you have succeeded with his system.

Again, throughout the sales pitch, there is no hint of what kind of system/product we are getting here. The only clue we have is that it is free to join opportunity that takes away all the hard work from you.

Well, experience tells us that ‘free lunch’ like this never really existed.

So is it really free? I don’t think so, let’s find out how much does it actually cost!


How Does Funnel X Roi Works

As the name suggests, Funnel X Roi is not really a product, it is actually a done-for-you sales funnel.

Before you make any money with this system, you will have to dive into the funnel yourself.

As you travel through the funnel (by signing up for the system and follow through the sign-up process), you will come across several product sales pages/registration pages.

This is the part where you come to the realization that while the funnel is free, the programs are not. And a funnel without any program is of no use at all.

The funnel itself doesn’t get you the money. You make money by getting other people to go through the funnel just like you did, through commissions when they sign up for any program within the funnel.

And the programs/products offered by this funnel includes:


1. Easy 1Up

At first glance, Easy 1Up appears to be an affiliate marketing business. In reality, it is actually is an MLM or pyramid style of business.

It is a pay to play system, which means that in order to make money from promoting it, you have to first join the membership.

There are in total 6 levels of membership offered by Easy1Up,

Elevation Basic – $25 + $5 admin fee
Elevation Elite – $100 + $10 admin fee
Vertex – $250 + $25 admin fee
Vertex Elite – $500 + $50 admin fee
Vertex Pro – $1000 + $100 admin fee
Vertex Live- $2000 + $500 admin fee

You might be wondering what is the admin fee for.

According to Easy 1 Up, the admin fee is used to ‘maintain the system’.

The real reason behind it?

Since Easy 1 Up is paying 100% commission to their affiliates, it only makes sense that they charge an ‘admin fee’ as their own profit.

Although each membership level comes with a series of video training about online marketing, the training doesn’t really seem to justify the amount that you are paying.

In my opinion, the training was in place just for recruiting purpose, so that it is legit in the eyes of the law. The real differentiation between the different levels is actually the amount that you can make by referring people into this program.

Your earning depends on which level you are at. You can only make money if your referral joins the same level (or lower) as yours.

In other words, if you are at Elevation Basic ($25) and your referral join Vertex Live ($2000), you will not earn that money.

Easy 1Up uses a “Reverse 1 up” compensation plan, meaning that you earn commission for all your sales except for the second sale. It allows you to ‘recoup’ back your investment simply by performing one sale.

Personally, I am not too fond of how Easy 1Up operate. It reminds me of MOBE, which had since shut down by the FTC.


2. Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle is another MLM company in the Healthy and Wealthy Industry, founded by Joel Therien.

The main product lines of Now Lifestyle can be divided into 3 broad categories:

1. Health and wellness membership program
2. Nutrition supplements
3. Marketing automation tools

To earn commissions from Now Lifestyle, you will need to get the reseller program, and also the program you choose to promote.

As you can see, getting any two of these programs would have already cost you close to $50/ month.

But with $50/month, you can already get all the three programs at an ‘opening special’ price (which seems to be always available). So it really doesn’t make sense to sign up for each program individually.

There are 3 ways to make money with Now Lifestyle:

1. Direct Commissions – 50% commissions payout for any direct sales

2. Matching Bonus – 50% of what your direct referrals earning.

3. Binary Commissions – This commission is paid out through a binary compensation plan structure. In order to qualify, you must first personally refer at least two people. Thereafter at least one person per month so that you can maintain your eligibility for the residual side of the compensation plan. Once you get 6 referrals, a cycle is completed, and you get $20 for every cycle generated.


3. The ROI Panel (previously Clickmagick was offered in place of ROI Panel)

ROI Panel is simply a click tracking system. It helps to calculate your return on investment (ROI) so that you can find out your most profitable traffic sources.

There are 3 levels of membership:

Each of the levels comes with reseller license, and you get 50% commission by selling them.


4. Funnel X Advance

This is a pay per lead system. You get to share your affiliate link and make $1 for any qualified leads that you bring into the funnel. They also offer 50% commission on referral upgrade.

Free membership tier is available for this system. However, in order to make more commissions, you need to sign up for a higher package. Paid membership also comes with training and pre-written sales material that you can copy and paste for your own campaign.


5. Advertising Boost

Advertising Boost allows you to organize your own vacation giveaway, either to your existing clients or simply to attract more leads. It is a subscription-based vacation incentive designed for any size of business, and it costs $49/month or $458/year.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 40% recurring commissions, or you can recruit other affiliates and make an additional 10% on their sales.


6. Udimi (Solo Ads)

Udimi is a marketplace for Solo Ads.

For the benefit of those who had not heard of Solo Ads, I will give a brief explanation here.

Solo Ads is an email broadcast sent out on your behalf by a solo ad vendor. It is usually charged on a pay-per-click basis, meaning that you will be charged when a recipient opens up his email and clicks on your link to your landing page or offer.

Advertisers can go to Udimi to find their potential ads vendor. In Udimi, information like vendors’ reviews, buyers count and charges per click are readily available.

With that info on hand, you can easily sieve out vendors with bad reputations, e.g. people with fake email lists. Those vendors are bad news because you will either receive no clicks at all from them, or clicks that are not meaningful (clicks that do not come from potential buyers).

Now back to the Funnel X Roi, we want to make money with Udimi by referring people to sign up for and engage services in Udimi. For this purpose, you will have to sign up for their affiliate program, which is free. In return, you will get 15% commissions on any sales.


Summary Of Cost To Join

Here is all the cost of membership at one glance:

1. Easy 1Up –  $25 to $2000

2. Now Lifestyle – $50/month or $600/year

3. The ROI Panel – $197, $597, or $1497

4. Funnel X Advance – free to $1997

5. Advertising Boost – $49/month or $458/year

6. Udimi – free to join


Can I Make Money With Funnel X Roi

There is no doubt you can make money with Funnel X Roi.

But a more important question is ‘Can I lose money with Funnel X Roi?’

And the answer is also ‘Yes!’


What I Like About Funnel X Roi

Having pre-made funnel has its own perks, it does take care of all the sales material so that you can concentrate on a single thing – bringing in traffic.


What I Don’t Like About Funnel X Roi

1. High Cost And High Risk

If you had paid enough attention, you will realize that many of these programs come in multiple levels of membership.

And remember? By signing up the lowest end of membership, you will not be able to make money from referrals that sign up for a higher level of membership.

What does it mean?

It means that only people who are willing to invest at the highest level of membership can fully reap the benefit of this funnel. Even then, there is no guarantee that you can make any money. if you do not know how to bring in quality traffic, or traffic that converts.


2. Pre-Selected Products

While there are advantages of having pre-set funnels, one downside is that you can’t choose the products you want to promote. Your choices are limited to what you were presented with.


Is Funnel X Roi A Scam?

No Funnel X Roi is not a scam.

However, I do not recommend this funnel because it promotes Easy 1Up.

Personally, I think Easy 1Up operates in a grey area similar to MOBE, which I do not agree with their practice.

But if you are really determined to go with Funnel X Roi, my last piece of advice is that please do not sign up if you are a beginner. Beginners have all the odds stacked against them as they do not know how to differentiate themselves from others who are using the exact same funnel. I believe that experienced marketers will have a better chance to succeed in this.


A Better Option For Beginners

Without a good foundation in online marketing, you can get sucked in easily by a system like Funnel X Roi, thinking that it is a quick solution to financial freedom.

But a system like that simply doesn’t exist. Making money online requires hard work and persistence.

If you are a beginner, I can point you the in the right direction where you can get the training that you need.

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?

They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

And don’t worry, these are real people with real testimonies. For that, I can guarantee you.

Not only that, I will also help you along the way, by being your personal coach.

But first, read my guide here and find out more.



What do you think about Funnel X Roi or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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10 comments on “Funnel X Roi Review – With Free Funnel Comes Expensive Membership


The Funnel X Roi review you made is really a honest one. If truly it claims one is able to be earning $300 daily, then i think its most likely a scam as this prices are unrealistic. If it were true, many would have resigned their daily job and concentrated in making money online. This post was really helpful, will hope to read more of your posts subsequently


There are always efforts required from our side in order to make things work, be it our daily job or online opportunities.


Funnel x roi is not a scam but it’s a very risky business model. After reading your post, I was left with a lot of thoughts about what could go wrong in this program. You would have to be investing huge to register for all this programs. And, if you’re unable to generate traffic through your funnel, you will have to bare a huge loss. I totally agree with you when you acknowledged that this program is for experienced marketers.

Thanks for the good work, think I’m much better at Wealthy Affiliate, where you can even register for free and still earn.


Thats why it is always good to do research first before delving into any kind of program!


I am happy reading this insightful post because you have been able to expose another expensive shiny object offered on the Internet. It is unfortunate that many newbies eager to make fast money will fall for these programs. I have heard about funnel x roi; They dont look like scam to me but I can never recommend for anyone that wants to make legit money online.

Thanks for the eye opener; I hope newbies will find this article very helpful


I certainly hope so!


I think it is safe to keep away from a supposed online money making platform that is rated 4/10 by a reviewer that has really done a detailed review. I have never used any of these click funnels but I have noticed that a lot of them have several hidden costs, hence when a friend recommended Funnel X ROI,  I had to search for detailed reviews before I go signing up and I am glad I did. I hope my friend hasn’t signed yet, she is not really a beginner like I am but she isn’t experienced either, which means this Funnel X might not really work for her too. 


Glad that I could help Vapz!


I’ve seen similar services like this one, and I don’t think they’re good for anyone, personally. I think beginners should always start up building their own website and growing it organically. No point in paying to be a part of a program when you there is free training online on how to start an online business(Like WA). I don’t even think more advanced people should use these. There seem to be quite a few restrictions on how you can do business that just don’t seem worth it to me. Better to start and run your own business.

I also looked up Easy1Up. Right off the bat, it’s clear that these people are misleading. They claim in their FAQ that they educate people on starting an online business. Which isn’t at all what they do. I also can’t find who owns it, which, due to past experience, is always an immediate red flag for me personally. And I would say I agree with you on them. I don’t like their business practice.


Thank you for sharing your thought with us, Mike!


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