Five Minute Profit Sites Review (ClickBank Scam Alert!)

Seeing many affiliate marketers heavily promoting this Five Minute Profit Sites from ClickBank, I decided to dive deep into this product and write an thorough review on what it is about and whether or not it worth your time to consider.

Five Minute Profit Sites Quick Summary

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Founder: Sam Smith?

Product Type: Software / system that build you a done-for-you website which generate you income on autopilot.

Price: $37 + 3 upsells (60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee)

Who can benefit from this: Owner and affiliates of this product

At first glance the marketing video look promising. However, this product feed on the greed or desire of people who wants to make money online without spending much work. The product owner made bold promises with no concrete proof to back up their claim. Yes they do have a webpage builder. However, a pretty webpage is nothing without traffic and content, and how to drive the traffic is on you, not on them. So whatever you are paying here, is actually just for that webpage builder, and some tips and tricks that you can easily find online.

Overall Rating: 2

Recommend : No

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These are the few claims made by the Five Minute Profit Sites, let’s examine them one by one:

Claim 1 : Controversial software exploits $12.3 million loophole that allow you to make $519 per day


Firstly, they didn’t even show how those numbers came about. Anyone can claim anything they want but without proof,  those numbers are just fantasy.

Secondly, they make earning money sounds really easy and seemingly guaranteed. Truth is, they give you no promise at all, you can barely even find any testimony of clients achieving that level of income as claimed (except the sample account in their video, and of course, they haven’t tell you that you need to spend your OWN money running ads to bring in the traffic. Do you  know that you can potentially spending more money running ads than the amount of money you can earn? ).

And guess what, one moment they were talking about the income of an affiliate marketer, and the next moment they switch to their own vendor account. Is this another technique to confuse audience, I wonder?

And seriously, $519 a day translate to $15,570 a month, done within 5 minutes (initial set up) and additional 23 minutes a day? I would probably keep it to myself if I know a way to make money like that (just joking, I will share with you if you pay me $37 and buy my 3 upsells)! This is a serious red flag here.certainly, they do not have any system in place to make sure YOU are earning $519 per day.

Claim 2:  Start making money online under 5 minutes and 17 clicks


Partially true. You will be able to set up a webpage (a landing page to be exact) following the guide. But whether that brings you money or not is entirely another story. It is like someone promising to teach you how to earn money by writing a book, but what he did is basically give you a template of book cover.

Claim 3 : Make consistent money everyday


Again, there is no magic trick there. Basically, after your webpage is built, you will still need to promote the product, write some articles, leave some backlinks, just like any other affiliate marketers do.

If you are still not convinced yet, let’s dig deeper to see how their system work.

Members’ Area

Here is what you will see in the members’ area:

  1. Create an account with Clickbank and link it to your Five Minute Profit Site account.
  2. Create a domain name for your site
  3. Engage an email service with AWeber and link it to your Five Minute Profit Site account.
  4. Get traffic (here is where the upsells come in)
  5. Sit back and enjoy the income flowing in (or dream about it)

The idea behind this is pretty straightforward, the more people visit your landing page and give you their email addresses, the more money you make.

Sounds really easy, right?

Let’s examine deeper how the whole things works

How Does Things Work

1. Who is the founder, Sam Smith?

The owner of a legit product like to show their face, tell people their backstory, engage with their audience, and make it easy for you to contact them. Why? Because they are proud of their product.

But who is Sam Smith? She appeared on the video very briefly claiming to be the ‘spokeperson’ of the product. Other than that, everything about her is a mystery. There is no photo of her, or any of the team members on the website.

My personal opinion? she sounded like an actress reading off the script.

It is common practice for owner of scam product to hire some random people to represent their product, that is to keep their true identity a secret. When one product fail, they can conveniently hire another spokeperson to promote their ‘new and improved’ system.

2. Is it FREE or not?

I know this can be a little confusing, many reviewers criticised them for being self-contradictory by first declaring the product for FREE then later charge a $37 on it.

I am not supporter of this software but I do think they deserve to have their name cleared for this.

If you read closely, what is FREE is the license to use, and the $37 is the server cost to host your website.

Still, it is confusing. As quoted from a very dear friend of mine ‘if you cannot convince someone, you confuse him/her’.

3. Hidden Cost

If you think $37 is a small amount to pay, think again!

Once you pay that $37 and dive into their sales funnel, the only way you can go is DEEPER.

Remember that you need to sign up for AWeber email service as one of the step in their instruction? That will actually cost you $19/month. Now you are a step deeper.

Now after you have followed and completed all the instructions, you realise that you havent get the $519 per day as advertised, and you wonder why?

Aha! You found out that it is because you haven’t fully utilise the full potential of this software.

Yes, there are still more ‘secret sauce’ to it, namely:

  1. FMPS Faster Profits ($197)
  2. FMPS Double Your Profit Sites ($187/$137)
  3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami ($97)

Yea right since you are already paying why not pay upgrade somemore right?

Congratulations! You have travelled thus far to the bottom of their sales funnel.

Are you going to see $519 every day into your account? I seriously doubt so. Those upsells re just as crappy as their front end product.

And now you realise that the picture is not as pretty as it was painted to be, and you want to opt out.

Guess what, you are now left with NOTHING.

The webpage doesn’t even belong to you, nor is the domain. Whatever effort you have spent, you are now back to square one.


Well, you may think, at least there is training provided right?

Now lets see what kind of training they have to offer.

4. Training Provided

The traffic methods covered include:

1.Article marketing 
What is taught: Write simple articles of around 600 words, and then submit to article directories like EzineArticles together with link that driving traffic to your landing page.
Does it work: This is an outdated method that is no longer effective. In fact, Matt Cutts, Google’s ex-head of search spam suggest against such practice, because contents published in those directories are generally tend to be of low quality.

2. Guest blogging
What is taught: Submit your articles to guest blogging directories and market places.
Does it work: That depends on the quality of your articles. High quality = more demand

3. Forum marketing 
What is taught: Contribute to niche forum related to your affiliation and leave a link to your sales page.
Does it work: In theory it does! But only if you made such a stellar impression in the forum, so much so that it grasp the attention of your readers that compells them to check out your site.

4. Blog commenting 
What is taught: Leave comment on other people’s blog together with your link either in the comment or in your user profile
Does it work: While this is a legit way to leave you links around, at the end of the day it is all about the quality of your site. Reputable blogs are usually more selective on the links left on their site. If your site has only sales page without solid content, the blog owner may remove your link and there is nothing you can do about it.

5. Press release 
What is taught: Create press release video that potentially goes viral if news reporter decided to pick it up.
Does it work: This approach left me speechless, have you ever seen a news reporter reporting on a ‘ new and improved make money online product’? You get the gist.

6. Solo Ads 
What is taught: Use paid ads to drive traffic.
Does it work: Ads is a good way to drive traffic. However, you can have all the traffic you want but if non of them convert, they are of no help at all. You basically spent your own money in vain.

So what converts people?

Will you buy something from a page that is only full of sales pitch but provide no other value at all?

Well I won’t.

Because I don’t trust the salesperson.

You have to understand that you are selling products to REAL people. You can spend as much money advertising as you like, but by doing so you can only reach their eyes, without winning their heart.

Why so? That is because all you have done is SELL, SELL, SELL… and you have not investing time to build up rapport and trust with your audience.

And that is exactly what Five Minutes Profit Sites don’t teach you about. At the end of the day, it left you confused and wondering what have you done wrong. Only that it is not your fault, but they simply didn’t equip you with all the knowledge you need to succeed.

As you can see, there is really no loophole or secret sauce.

If you just lay back after the creation of landing page, chances are slim that you can even get any sales.

If you are the hardworking type, then you are just like any other affiliate marketers out there, spending time writing and driving traffic. Only that whatever you work on here doesn’t even belongs to YOU! Should the company close down, all your efforts goes down to drain together with the company.

In a nutshell

Why spend time and money working on something that isn’t even belongs to you?

There is no short cut to become an affiliate marketer. Many offers quick solution but they are often either a scam or not a lasting strategy.

If you are keen to become an affiliate marketer, do it the right way. Learn alongside many affiliate marketers who started up just like you.

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