Fast Profit Jacker Review

Fast Profit Jacker Review

Is it really possible to make upfront cash and recurring income in as little as one hour with Fast Profit Jacker?

Fast Profit Jacker is the new brainchild of founders Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari. I have reviewed many of their products (e.g.Infinitii Velocitii) and they have not been exactly true to what they claim.

So will this product be any different?

Try do a simple search online, you will find that many reviewers are promoting this product and offering you generous amount of BONUS if you purchase Fast Profit Jacker through them.

Clearly, they are the affiliates of Fast Profit Jacker. What they are doing is simply presenting their sales pitch rather than an unbiased review. If you dig further into the other reviews on their website,  you will realise that there are barely any negative reviews at all.

Before continue, I want to declare that I am not affiliated with Fast Profit Jacker, so I do NOT have any bonus pack for you if you decided to purchase it.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will know that I always dig deep into the core of product to find out how it works. My objective is to help my readers to make informed decision of what they are going to get, if they decide to do so.

Now let’s begin, shall we?

Fast Profit Jacker Summary

Product Name: Fast Profit Jacker


Founder: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Price: $27

Best For: People who are interested in helping other businesses’ to improve their online presence

Summary: Fast Profit Jacker allows you to do a thorough prospect search in any niche. You can get contact details, SEO information, social network info, keyword and meta detail, and ranking report on the businesses of your interest. Your job is to propose and implement improvement to your prospects’ site based on the information provided by the software.

Overall Ranking: 5/10

Recommend: Not Really

What Is Fast Profit Jacker

Fast Profit Jacker claimed itself to be a reliable lead generation software. It delivers the latest information about companies with specific details of what each business needs.

Once you have identified your potential leads (companies that are in need for specific services), the software then allows you to contact them, presenting your solution with professionally written templates that you can send out by email or SMS, all done within the same platform.

And as usual, they sugar coated their sales pitch with all these claims:

 Fast earning – within 59 seconds of logging in you can have your first paying customer

 Effortless – only an hour of daily work

 No skill needed

 No risk involved – not risking a dime

 Big profit – make 3 figures a day, and passive, recurring monthly profits while scaling to 6 figures

Fast, easy, big profit... Those are all the commonly used sales technique to get newbies excited and to purchase products that they barely understand.

The beginners will start their online business without having the right mindset. They are led to believe that by simply clicking on a few buttons within the software, making some no brainer suggestions (that they themselves don’t even need to understand), and there! They are well off to the race!

The truth is, there is no easy way making money online. Product owners make it sound easy to you, so that they can make money from you.


How Does Fast Profit Jacker Work

What Fast Profit Jacker attempts to do, is an integration between online Yellow Pages, site analysis, and automated system that allows you to contact your lead within few clicks.

The idea behind it is great.

Information is everywhere in the internet. By gathering them under a single platform, it can potentially save a lot of time and hassle.

In other word, the success of this product relies on the accuracy and types of information it can provide.

And to make those information work to your advantage, here are the steps you have to follow:


1. The first step is to logon to the system and search for your prospects.

By typing in the nature of business (e.g. restaurant) and location, the software will automatically return with a list of businesses with their contact details like email address, phone numbers and physical address.

When you click on the option ‘Check SEO’, it will return detailed information on the website in the area of:

  • SEO analysis – backlink count, Moz rank, search engine index etc.
  • Mobile responsiveness of the site – whether the site is optimised for mobile devices.
  • Social media presence – whether the site has been shared in Facebook, mentioned in Pinterest etc.
  • Keyword and Meta analysis
  • Ranking report to see how the site ranks.


2. Analyse the weakness of the business

Based on the information provided, you can then find out how well each prospect’s site is performing, and make suggestion on how you can add value to their site.


3. Contacting the businesses

Finally, you are to contact the companies to present your solution. For example, if the website is not mobile friendly, you offer your service to make it mobile friendly, if the site lacks of social media presence, you help them set up socials media accounts, improving their shares and likes etc.

The platform makes it easy for you to contact your leads. There are built in modules that allow you to reach out to your prospects either by email or SMS. You can literally deliver your proposal within a few clicks.

Even if you have no idea how to implement the solution, you can outsource the job to third party at a low cost, charge the company at higher price, and your profit will be the price difference.


Fast Profit Jacker Sales Funnel Revealed

Upsell 1: Fast Profit Jacker Ultimate Edition ($47, downsell to $27)

With this upgrade, it is claimed that you can get 100x more profit. This upgrade allows you to search for unlimited leads and businesses from Google maps and yellow pages, send unlimited email and SMS, and follow them up with built in email templates.

Upsell 2: Fast Profit Jacker Site Spy ($97, downsell to $77)

And here you can provide complete SEO biz to your client, without having to know anything about SEO yourself. (What??)

Upsell 3: Fast Profit Jacker DFY Professional Website ($197)

How do you convince your client that you are a legit business that is going to help them to improve their online presence, if you yourself does not even have a website?

This upsell will instantly solve your problem, because they are going to give you a done-for-you prefessional looking website.

Upsell 4: Developer Rights ($77)

Here they claim that you can charge $500-$1,000+ to other business owner or agencies that need to find their potential customers.

Upsell 5: License rights ($97)

Here you can sell Fast Profit Jacker as their own product and keep 100% of the profits.


What I Like About Fast Profit Jacker

The idea behind Fast Profit Jacker is pretty good.

You get all the information you need from one single platform, there is no need to toggle between various software / sites. If you are in a business that requires such information, it can potentially be very helpful to you.


What I Don’t Like About Fast Profit Jacker

Accuracy of Information

As I have mentioned earlier, the heart of this software lies with the information it is able to provide.

What if I tell you, there are inconsistency with the information?


SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology used to safeguard the transmission of sensitive data between two systems. It is especially important for companies that collect personal details from clients.

Adding SSL can help preventing criminals from reading and modifying the information transferred.

So according to the training, when you see a company without SSL certificate, that is an opportunity for you. You can reach out to them and offer to provide them the solution – integration of SSL certificate to their site.

These all sounds good until…

Some sites that supposedly Not SSL Certified according to the software, turned up to be actually SSL Certified.

Notes: Sites with a locked lock symbol, and starting with https  indicating that the site is SSL Certified. A site that is not secured will look like this.


Contact Information

Again, another example!

From the post from we can see that this company 6S Marketing, has been rebranded as Major Tom sometime in Jul 2018. However, the software continued to show the old URL and old email address.

So the question is, how updated or accurate is their data? Are these due to technical fault, or is it simply outdated information?


Non-Exclusive Information

The Information provided by Fast Profit Jacker are not something exclusive.

For example, you can get total number of pages indexed by google from Northcutt, number of social media sharing from SharedCount, IP information from etc.

Having all those information presented to you within a glance has its perks.

However, with the current data accuracy, I don’t think I can comfortably rely on the information shown without doing additional check on my own.

In the end of the day, I am not really saving much time, and that defeat the purpose of having this software.


Unrealistic Claim

The worst part is, the sales pitch gives an illusion that the software being a money generating machine.

And guess what, the nature of the software is only to facilitate your work, allowing you to work more efficiently (providing that the data presented by the software is accurate).

Rather than spending time making unrealistic claim, shouldn’t they make more effort to ensure data credibility instead?


Is Fast Profit Jacker A Scam?

No Fast Profit Jacker is not a scam.

In fact for a moment I was quite impressed by the amount of data it gathered.


Be realisic! You might have the leads presented to you, but the hard works of negotiating with customer, finding solution, optimising the website (or outsourcing it) are all yours.

Don’t expect to press a few buttons and start seeing money flowing in to your account.

You earn as you work. That is how it works.

Just to make myself clear, I am not saying that this product cannot help you make money. I am also not saying that ALL the data provided are inaccurate.

All I am saying is that having this software itself doesn’t make you rich, and that certain information requires double check especially SSL and contact information.


Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online

Of course there is!

And it is called affiliate marketing, which is what I have been doing to make money online.

If you do it right, with a website that ranks well, and if you present yourself as a trustworthy person to your audience, then you are basically building yourself a passive income stream.

Imagine what you wrote on your blog a year ago, could still bring in income to you today, without you doing anything at all at the moment.

If you are interested to find out how to do it, and where to learn it from, check out my review on this academy where I learnt all my skill from.

What do you think about Fast Profit Jacker? Share with me your thoughts below!

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18 comments on “Fast Profit Jacker Review


This is a very honest and in-depth review of Fast Profit Jacker, which I actually enjoyed reading. I like the way you did undo their sales pitch and I think you will help many people by understanding the program as it is. I certainly do not like the upsells. I have personally reviewed a number of done for you systems (upsell 3) and found them, without exception, not very recommendable. The fact that I would be totally dependent on some software from them, makes me feel hesitant to go for this program.


True, using a done-for-you-program usually means many things are out of our control. 


I agree with your assessment. If the quality of the data is not accurate, you’ll be producing inacureate analysis that won’t actually gain you clients. And it’s definitely unrealistic to be making money in an hour. How many people actually respond cold callers/emails? 

Thanks for the great review of Fast Profit Jacker – you’ve provided a good outline of how it works. 


Glad that it is helpful, Fiona!


Hello – very informative review of Fast Profit Jacker.  I was not familiar with this business prior to reading this post.  Thank you for all the detailed information which should definitely help anyone determine whether or not they would want to pursue this opportunity.  You are very thorough and helpful.

Nice job,



Thanks Michele, glad that the information is helpful for you.


Thank you for exposing this for exactly what it is, an easy way for the owner to get a dollar out of someone who does not know the work behind the business.

I agree with you that on first glance, this would seem like a good option. All you need seems to be in one place, including how to contact the potential client. But without actual knowledge of how to implement any of the “fixes” it just doesn’t feel right.

This was a wonderfully informative read. Thank you again.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mercedus! 


I mean, I feel that anything that promises you to earn money with as little as even one hour a day is a scam. It’s just a bait for those suckers, who still believe that you can make it online with much less effort than working a typical day job. Which if you think about it is ridiculous.

I completely and totally agree with you about the “Fast, easy, big profit…”. In that sense, it’s ridiculous how toxic the online making programs are just because they prey on people’s desires to work barely ever and earn huge profits. Which reminds me of the quote. For some reason, I can’t recall instantly who said that, but it’s absolutely relevant to the online world and money making in general.

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

I appreciate the insights!

Cheers and have a Great One!



Thanks Matiss for sharing your thoughts!

Seun Afotanju

Fast profit jacker does not seem to be effective and true,  they sound like those scam site offering too much and ends up giving you lesser than expected, you can’t earn money by few clicks on a site, is profit jacker an affiliate company or just another of those site that don’t practice what they preach? 


Hi Seun, it is not an affiliate company, it is a software.


It may not be a scam but sure does sound like one to me, if all the information this “Fast Profit Jacker” is providing with the software promoting you can begin making money right away, but then you can find it all with researching on your own, that you are going to end up doing anyway.  How can you claim it is legit the software is outdated and cannot be reliable to provide you with current information.  I appreciate you making this all public knowledge considering many people will fall for this type of gimmick and others that promote it just to make a profit from it.

Thank you,



Well to be fair with them, other than SSL and contact info which I have found discrepancies, the IP address, social media info, ranking and index etc are accurate. So it still has its value there.


Fast Profit Jacker is just another software that promised you to make money without doing anything or doing the minimum, how can a beginner is gonna be able to fix other peoples problem it just don’t make sense this software is more for advanced people.

Thank you for sharing this great review about Fast Profit Jacker and hopefully after more people read your review think about it and make the right decision if Fast Profit Jacker is for then.


Yea in certain sense it does feel like the blind leading the blind.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Daniel Gonzales

Hello and thank you for this insightful review on Fast Profit Jacker. I feel like I’ve heard about these systems already from other online marketers and consultants. They use a software that also utilizes google maps to find out if business have and SEO presence or not. 

Then they call them up as a consultant and offer services to help their business grow their leads. It’s really a market of generating leads and not always sales. I’ve seen another guru talk about this extensively with his business model and some have found success being a consultant.

I am looking into it myself, but I am more pre-occupied with e-commerce at the moment. I fell like I’ve seen alot of these programs from JVZoo and Warrior Forum that offer low ticket products then hit you with a bunch of upsells in an effort to profit from the “launch”. I’ve read that a number of these fly by night programs are just rip offs of other successful software, just without the continued support. When the hype wears down, they just quit the program and create a new one. 

You are absolutely right to point people in the right direction towards Wealthy Affiliate. Here, they can learn what to look out for and make a better informed decision while learning the ropes of affiliate marketing. Thanks for your great review and recommendation. 


Thank you for sharing your experience with people using this software. Sounds like there are people who are able to put it into good use after all.


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