Easy Retired Millionaire Review

Have you watched the Easy Retired Millionaire video presentation?

Stacks of cash, inspiring testimonials, and an illusion of easy money making- a technique that scam artists use to lure people into buying their product.

After the long video, we are still not clear about what kind of product it offers.

Now first thing first, I want to declare that I am in no way affiliated with Easy Retired Millionaire.

So the main purpose of this review is to prove to you that Easy Retired Millionaire is not what it claims to be. It is using a shady strategy in their sales pitch to entice you into buying their product, and you should stay away from it!


Easy Retired Millionaire Summary

Product Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

Website: easyretiredmillionaire.com

Founder: Chris and Kathy?

Product Type: Automated money making system (or so they claimed to be)

Price: $47 + upsells

Best For: No one

Summary: The video sales pitch create an illusion that this is a automated money making solution, which you can make money within 12 clicks of mouse. In fact, this is simply some training videos with pre-made ad template, squeeze page template etc.. The product that you get is not what it was advertised to be.

Overall Ranking: 1

Recommend: No


What Is Easy Retired Millionaire

Easy Retired Millionaire claims to be a system that automates the ‘hard’ and ‘repetitive task’ that is required to make you money.

They also claim that by using their system, you are going to have commissions funnelling into your bank account without any extra work. Or, to be exact –within 12 clicks of your mouse.

At the beginning of the video, the illustrator even goes as far to promise you that he is going to make you an income-generating account live, which the commissions will be added to it throughout this video.

That sounds exciting, I have never got any free money just by watching a video!

As the video progress, he will show you how much your commissions have grown. This is the amount at the end of the video.

Is that account really yours?

Of course not! Without your name and details, how is he going to create for you an account?

This is just a trick to get your adrenaline pumping up by looking at it , a number which obviously doesn’t have anything to do with you.

I repeat, that account is NOT yours!

Throughout the video, the exact nature of how their system works is never truly explained.

If you really go check out their website, there is nothing much information either, only generic information that doesn’t provide any clue on the business model.

So anyone who decides to buy the product is as good as gambling, they have no idea at all what they are getting.


Red Flags Everywhere

1. Fake Testimonies

There are many convincing testimonies throughout the video.

But guess what? They are just paid video spokesperson hired from Fiverr!

When you are in online money making business long enough, those few faces are going to look really familiar (and I got to admit that they are doing a really good job there).

Here is just one of the example.


2. Fake Founder


Is there anything real nowadays?

This image was shown when the illustrator introduce himself as Chris and the wife as Cathy.

Apparently, it is only an image purchased from Shutterstock!

The question is, why do the real owner hide their faces?


3. Conflicting Information

Without spending a dime?

That’s right!

You just have to spend $47 instead!


4. Product That Doesn’t Match The Description

Without being given much info, there are only 2 ways that you can find out what this is really all about:

  1. Spend $47 to purchase their product
  2. Read honest reviews online like the one that you’re reading right now

I believe that it is not just me, but everyone who had heard the sales pitch are under the impression that this is a (almost) fully automated money making machine, right?


They are simply providing you with some video training:


1. Emergency Cash Generator Training

You are taught to sign up with GPT (get-paid-to) site, where you earn a small amount of money upon completion of tasks like watching an ad, doing survey etc. The payout is usually not high and you need to put in a lot of time in exchange for little pocket money.


2. Easy method for $100/day income

I rather not elaborate on this as this method is pretty shady. The idea behind it is that, you are basically listing items for sale – items that doesn’t not belong to you. When people click on the item they will be brought to site that you are affiliated with, which they need purchase membership before proceed. Membership commission – that is where the money comes from.


3. Forgotten Traffic Plan

Blog commenting, forum commenting, article submission… basically tips that you can easily found on Google.


4. List Building Blueprint Training

This will cover fundamental training like paid ads, pop-ups, squeeze page on blog etc.. – the only training that seems to provide real value.

However, at this price, you can find something better. Training provided by Wealthy Affiliate will not just teach you tips and tricks, but a proper way to build up your online affiliate business from the ground. You don’t have to take my word for it, because they provide free trial for you to see it for yourself.

Many scam products sugar coat their sales pitch without revealing the true nature of their product. Wealthy Affiliate on the contrary, create a free membership tier so that people can find out what they have to offer, without truly spending a dime.


5. ClickBank Takeover Training

Basically, you are learning about basic ClickBank info here.


Be An Easy Retired Millionaire Affiliate

You will probably learn more here as they are really eager to teach you how to promote them effectively.

Notice that there are front end product, back end product, and even recurring fee? That is their ultimate target – get you to buy more!

They even give you some sample wordings for your paid ads to promote them.

Look whose name I found? Ewen Chia!

Could he be the real founder behind this?

Ewen is behind many so called ‘automated’ making money online system. They all follow similar sales tactic – one lead to another, and promise you things that the previous product did!



What I Like About Easy Retired Millionaire

There is really nothing that I like about them.

But since this a ClickBank product, you are protected by a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

It is not a complete scam, but the product delivered is simply too far off from the automatic system that we thought we are getting.

All done within 12 clicks of mouse?

You Wish!

They do offer some training, but in my opinion, you are better off getting a proper step-by-step training rather than wasting your time chasing tips and tricks everywhere.


A Better Way To Make Money Online 

I am sorry to disappoint you, but this is not the kind of product that you thought you are getting. Good news is that, there are many ways to make money online.

One of the best way that I highly recommend is affiliate marketing.

Of course, not by being affiliated with products like this, but products that actually helps people improving their life.

By matching people’s need with the product they want, you are not only do them a favour but also getting yourself paid – a win-win scenario.

If you are interested, check out this training platform which I am using, where you can get started for FREE! However, be prepared to pour in real effort, because there is really no free money online.

Or, check out my review about them first!


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7 comments on “Easy Retired Millionaire Review

Very well stated with discretion. Your article shows both sides of the “pitch” in such a nice manner.

I have found that 99% of the time if something says it is easy or automated and sound to good to be true it usually isn’t. The old adage “buyer beware” is great policy to follow.

Great job of presenting “just the facts” without bias.

Thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward to more of your reviews.


Thanks for this educative information. Only God knows how many this easy retired millionaire has wasted their money and time. I always want to read reviews from other experienced online entrepreneurs like you. Have been victims of sugar coated online marketers which has made me become a better person. Its a nice idea to plan towards retiring but instead of getting the right help you fall into wrong hand. 

Thank God for wealthy affiliate. This place is my final online entrepreneur bus stop. The live community and the trainings you will receive are master piece. Also you will be exposed to a lot of online profit making business that will be earning you passive income for life. 


Thanks Tsquare for dropping by my blog! This has just proven how close knitted this community is. See ya on the inside!


Wow! Thank you for exposing this. That’s kind of scary to think that someone would be that deceptive, to use fake testimonies and not even reveal the true identity of the founder! But I know how easy it can be to fall for something when you really need money… then you end up wasting your money instead. 

I think one thing to learn from this is that if an offer says that you can earn money without really working, it’s probably a scam. Work is a good thing, and that’s how we not only earn money, but learn and grow and help others, too.


What you said is spot on! Too bad there are still many people believe they can make big and easy money online.

Dave Sweney

Great review on yet another program I had not heard of to now. When I first started with online marketing, I fell victim to such programs as this Easy Retired Millionaire apparently is. You have provided me with all the ammunition I need to stay away from this!

These type of trainings/products seem to pop up again and again, although these days, people are not as likely to fall for them. The creators would be better off creating some legitimate products and tools it seems to me, I am sure their refund rates are high. 

The creators (whoever the really are) may be counting on people who constantly buy the next shiny object and not taking action with what they already have in hand as opposed to working with the solid tools that are out there like Wealthy Affiliate that you refer to several times through the review. 

The many red flags you mention (fake testimonials, fake owner pictures, and most of all, the same fake routines and sales pitches that I have seen 1000 times already) convince me that your assessment is accurate. It is a shame that such offers continue to dot the internet horizon, as they will likely cause more than one would-be online marketer to give up.

Good read, easy to follow, and I learned something new today (what NOT to buy). In regards to your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate, you are spot on. The training, tools, and features you get on that site are unbeatable in the market. When you are at the top, many gun for you, that is the nature of business. Thanks!  


Glad that you find the review useful Dave. Thanks for dropping by!


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