Easy Cash Club Review -Not As Easy As You Thought

Easy Cash Club Review

“Watch how I earn over $379 a day with no work!” says Easy Cash Club.

I don’t know whether should I laugh at this statement.

Seriously, the sales pitches are getting more and more ridiculous nowadays!

New software coming out almost everyday claiming to be THE one that is going to end your miserable financial problems and bring you prosperity.

With so many bunk products lurking around,  I am glad you are here. Doing your own research is the first step of avoiding scam, and one step closer to finding the legitimate way of making money online.

Before continue, I want to declare that I am in no affiliation with Easy Cash Club. So you don’t have to worry about me giving you another sales pitch here.

Now let’s continue, shall we?

 Easy Cash Club Summary

Product Name: Easy Cash Club

Website: http://easycash.club

Founder: Steve?

Product Type: video making software

Price: $37 + upsells

Best For: video maker wannabe

Summary: Easy Cash Club is a combination of video training together with an automated video making software. All you have to do is to upload your images and script to the software, choose the AI voice-over, and video will be created within a few clicks of buttons!

Overall Ranking: 2

Recommend: NO

What Is Easy Cash Club

Easy Cash Club claims that it is a software to help you create videos without having to record the video yourself, using your own voice, or writing your own script for the video. The best of it? You don’t even need to use any video editing software!

The thing is, YouTube is actually the 2nd biggest search engine, right after Google. And there are more than 600 videos uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

And the most important part is, popular YouTubers are making lucrative amount of money from making viral videos. Look at this  6 year-old boy, he is making $11 million a year simply by reviewing toys in YouTube!

Of course, that is not for everyone. But, the creator of Easy Cash Club found out from his research that, for every 1000 people that viewed a video, it can make the video owner $5-$10.

Good money, isn’t it?

However, most of the YouTubers can only afford to produce one or two videos per week, due to the time consuming process of video creation. Some even requires a team of support staff to help filming special effect video. That’s not all, they often have to look well, speak well, present themselves well.. The thought of video creation can be a daunting task for many!

And this is how this software came about, helping any average Joe makes hundreds of videos easily and mass upload to YouTube.

They are not talking about quality here, they are talking about quantity. Imagine McDonald, they don’t need to have the best hamburgers, but they have many stores, and that is how Easy Cash Club justifies its own approach.

And of course, as with many other sales pitches, Easy Cash Club makes claims like:

 Effortless – only 30 minutes of daily work

 No skill needed –  even a 72 year old grandmother with no computer experience can make it work!

 Secretive – secretive millionaire reveal his automated software that generate him huge amount of money

 Big profit – thousands of dollars per day

√  Proven system

Easy, secret revealed, effortless.. all these are simply sales technique to get you all hyped up, and lose sight on the most important thing – finding out what the product really is!


How Does Easy Cash Club Works

Easy Cash Club is actually an automatic video creator, together with training on how to make use of the software.

Instead of recording a video yourself, you use images. You line them up in the sequence you want them to appear, and you upload them into the software.

Instead of writing a script yourself, you simply insert a story, an article, or a recipe that you found somewhere.

Instead of reading out the script yourself, you choose an Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice from the software and it will narrate the script that you feed it with.

And that’s it! Your video is done. You just need to insert some keywords into the video description, together with your affiliate links.

Of course, don’t forget to sign up for Google Adsense account too.

You can literally make hundreds of these videos in a short time and upload them into YouTube.

As I have mentioned above, you don’t need to create the best video, you just need to upload A LOT of videos, that is what Easy Cash Club advocates.


What I Like About Easy Cash Club

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is nothing much I like about Easy Cash Club, but since it is a ClickBank product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request for a refund within 60 days of purchase.


What I Don’t Like About Easy Cash Club

1. Hidden Truth

The sales pitch make it sounds like you can earn money almost immediately after making and uploading videos with their software.

Time for a reality check!

Before signing up for Google Adsense, you will need to be in the YouTube Partner Program.

And in order to be in the YouTube Partner Program, guess what?!

You need to have more than 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months!

And if that does’t shock you enough, are you also aware that you only get paid by Google Adsense if your viewers watch AT LEAST 30 seconds of the ads that were displayed?

Yes, every time you click on that ‘skip ad’ before either 30 seconds is up, or before the ad is completed – whichever comes first, you are depriving the video creator of their passive income!

The sales pitch make this product sounds like an instant solution. However, the money surely will not come in right away, let alone overnight, as depicted in the sales pitch.


2. 1 Click Upsell

There are in total 3 upsells, and they are all 1-click upsell.

Whenever you purchase something from Clickbank, always remember that only the frontend product is backed by money back guarantee, not the upsells.

In other words, if you accidentally click on the upsell, that’s it! It is yours and there is no way you can get any refund.


3. Up to 90% Commission

With such a high commission rate at 90%, I seriously think that you will probably better off becoming their affiliates rather than using their software.


4. Fake Testimonials

$8k in 14 days, $3100 in 4 weeks… all these are just lies.

The pictures are all taken from stock photos!


Is Easy Cash Club A Scam?

Easy Cash Club is not a scam.

However, do you really think you can become a millionnaire by creating hundreds or thousands of AI voiced-over picture-only videos?

I am not sure about you, but I will not subscribe to a channel full of videos like this!

Content creation is important doesn’t matter whether you are having a website or YouTube channel.

Internet surfers nowadays are smart, they don’t just buy something from your site simply because you have a lot of low quality videos.

And to be honest, if you really want to go down this route, how hard can it be to create a simple video like what Easy Cash Club offers? You can easily make them in iMovie and it is completely free. Use your voice instead, any human voice win over robotic AI voice hands down!


A Better Way To Make Money Online

After reviewing so many products, I have came to the realisation that most of the ‘make money online’ products are actually out there trying to get your money rather than helping you to make money for yourself.

That’s why many of the sales pitches using hyped up technique to exploit our human desire of financial freedom.

Making money online is possible, but not without hard work and time.

If you are still interested in making an honest money online, my best recommendation is affiliate marketing. In fact, Easy Cash Club mentioned about inserting affiliate links into the video description. That is exactly affiliate marketing in action!

By matching people’s need with the product they want, you are not only do them a favour but also getting yourself paid – a win-win scenario. I had tried doing it on my own for years without much success, until I learn the proper way to do it.

To learn more about what I am doing and how I do it, I am sharing with you the place where I started my affiliate marketing journey – a place I call my virtual ‘home’. You will not only get all training needed, but also a community of like-minded people sharing their tips and tricks.

The best of all? It is free to start.

For more information, read my review on them and decide for yourself.

What do you think about Easy Cash Club or affiliate marketing? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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10 comments on “Easy Cash Club Review -Not As Easy As You Thought


I was just checking out this Easy Cash Club, and landed on your site. Thanks for this great review, that is totally honest. Unlike those many affiliates out there who are also trying to make a kill out of this, and saying how good this is, just to trick newbies into buying it. 

Keep up the fantastic work reviewing this kind of products, we need more people like you to expose what lies behind all these products. 


Thanks Joo, glad that it helps!


Well I really like the idea of having some sort of product that can speed up the video creation process – I have dipped my toe in the water of video marketing on YouTube before and it’s hard work to get just one project out there! 

Unfortunately the YouTube Partner Program angle is a killer, and it will be for most people, as the only way they are going to get that many subs on the quick is by purchasing dud subscribers (and that will probably get you channel kicked). 

Nice idea…but not for me! 


Yup , it is all about hard work!


Each time I see a caption like that of Easy cash club I run for my dear life, there is no such free money on the internet, time and consistent effort must be put in to obtain result. Let me quickly state that the idea behind Easy cash club whic is creating videos without much stress is a good one however the execution of raising users expectations without exposing current online realities is a major draw back.


Haha Zuchii I love your humour! 


I just watched the video of that 6-year-old making $11+ a year and I said to myself HOLY MOLY what dahell is that. Anyway, that is pretty awesome but back to this review. 

Videos are an important way to easily pass a message and I think it is becoming very important which is why softwares like easy cash club are been created but unfortunately, some of them are hardly useful. It is going to be pretty difficult for someone to take a robotic-voiced review over an actual human voice and the fact that these people like to make use of people that they paid or hired to give testimonials just says a lot about them and this makes them to be very untrustworthy. 

Their claims are always ridiculous which is a strategy they use in attracting people to buy their products.


It is awesome isn’t it. The 6-year-old kid rocks! 


Is it just me or that name of the program sounds really fishy? Easy Cash Club? Is this like a teenager and the muggins type of program of unwise people who get lured into a program that they don’t actually want but was inclined to because making money sounds easy this way at least supposed to be with this program? Or what gives?

I really enjoyed how you exposed them with the first hidden truth. And the second hidden truth was mind-boggling. Wwow, it’s easy to get people scammed. And those fake testimonials is a classic. 

Cheers, thank you for all the insights!

Have a Great One!



You have a point Martiss, now that you mentioned it, it does kind of sound like that!


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