Crazy Money Online Review – 21 Pages eBook?

Crazy Money Online Review

Can Crazy Money Online really help you make a few hundreds of dollars a day by copy and paste a simple method? Or is it just another product that can barely fulfil what it promises?

If that is the question on your mind, you have come to the right place.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to find out what a product/system truly is, before making my recommendation.

My objective is to help my readers to look past the hypes surrounding the product, and to be able to make an informed purchase decision based on a clear understanding of the nature of the product.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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Crazy Money Online Summary

Product Name: Crazy Money Online


Founder: Hidden

Product Type: eBook

Price: $39 or $59

Best For: People who want to make money online

Summary: Crazy Money Online claims to teach you how to create your own online business where you can expect to make hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per week. However, in reality, it is just a 21-page eBook that barely goes in-depth into any topic.

Overall Ranking: 3/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Crazy Money Online

Crazy Money Online claims to be a brand new revolutionary step by step and newbie-friendly money-making system designed to teach you how to create your own online business. You can expect to make hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per week.

These methods were said to be tried and tested. And to this day the founder is still making a killer online income with it.

The best part is that it requires no investment whatsoever. There are 2 sections of this guide. Beginner section for newbies and Advanced section for people who already know how to make money online and are looking to expand their knowledge.

This guide is said to work for newbie’s and pro’s alike. There are multiple methods to choose from.

However, these are extremely generic information which you won’t have any idea about what kind of method or clues for it.

This is really not a good sign.

If you really go and study their website, they have very little information there seriously!

That’s not all, here are some other claims that they have made:

> Just copy and paste the same method being taught.

> East setup – should only take a couple of hours maximum to completely set up.

> Instant earnings – start making money as quickly as only a few hours to at maximum a day or two.

> Easy – anyone can do it, even a 12-year-old or grandma can do it.

> Earn passive income – you can scale it up to earn $500+ per day.

After reviewing so many products, I can assure you 100% that all these are just standard sales technique to get your adrenaline pumped up.

These were meant to get you excited and lost focus about finding out the true nature of the product.


How Does Crazy Money Online Work

According to Crazy Money Online, all you need to do is following these 3 simple steps:

However, in reality, there is no “copy & paste” system that really works.

Think about it! If making money online is really as easy as copy and paste, will anyone willing to let go such secret at the price of $39 or even $59?

They claimed that their ebook has all the necessary training, coaching and tools you need to start making money online.

Isn’t this suspicious? This kind of promise is extremely similar to many scams. All the scams out there are just playing with your psychological triggers and making you believe that you can make big bucks easily with minimal effort.

I know I cannot judge a book from its cover but let me reveal to you the TRUE IDENTITY of this mysterious yet powerful program, alright?



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Crazy Money Online Ugly Truth Revealed


1. 21 Pages eBook?

Seriously?? We are paying $39 for just a 21 pages eBook? Well, technically the first few pages are a table of content and introduction, so that left us with less than 21 pages.

Just in case you are wondering…

No, the file doesn’t come with a super-small font.

And no, there is no secret method that only takes 21-pages to explain.

So with only less than 21 pages to spare, this training is merely scratching the surface of anything it is trying to touch on. The training is superficial at its best, not to mention there is no actionable guide and you will end up feeling so lost you don’t know where to start.


2. Unknown Author

Never once the author shows his face to us, and we can’t find any information about him anywhere on his website.

There are many reasons for someone to conceal his true identity. One of which is that if the product gets bashed, the founder can get away conveniently and continue to create other products under a different identity. Nothing can ever trace back to him!

This just goes to show how much confidence the founder has in his own product.


3. No Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

This is something that gets overlooked most of the time.

There is neither Disclaimer page nor Privacy Policy on their website, which is pretty unusual for any products to do that.

Without Privacy Policy, there is no telling what are they going to do with the information you provided. The next moment before you know it, you might be flooded by an influx of spam emails.


4. Fake Testimonial

Real testimonials improve the credibility of a product.

However, not so much in this case.

Turned up, this guy who claims that he had made $242 a day following Crazy Money Online Method is just a stock photo taken out from the internet.





Is Crazy Money Online A Scam?

The truth is, copy and paste method seldom work because there are many other factors to consider when it comes to making money online.

That being said, Crazy Money Online is not a scam because it does provide some kind of ‘training’, despite being a really shallow one.

The product is surrounded by so many hypes but delivers barely anything.

And to be completely honest with you, after reviewing dozens of products, Crazy Money Online looks like just a cheap PLR product get rebranded by amateurs. Take my advice for this one, save your time and money and look for opportunity elsewhere.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Crazy Money Online gives you a false illusion that making money online can be as simple as snapping a finger – simply spend little time every day and you are well on your way making good money online.

If you start your online business with such a mindset, it won’t be long before you surrender and give up, once the reality set in.

Making money online is possible, but the only way to do it is to find yourself a good program and stick to it, work hard, be persistent, then start generating money from the internet. There is no easy money online.

Look at these people, they are not some extraordinary genius, they are people just like you and me.

And one thing they have in common?



They invest their time and energy on one proven system, which is what I am going to show you.

It is a total package of knowledge, training, and strategies that will guide you from a complete newbie to an extraordinary marketer.

Not only that, I can also be your personal coach if you sign up through my link. I will personally guide you and assist you if you need any help on your venture.

p/s : free membership tier available, no credit card info will be asked



What do you think about Crazy Money Online? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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