CashJuice Review- Take A Peep From Inside The Program

cash juice review

Combining the power of social media and traffic exchange. Is CashJuice really going to send you the traffic and build up the list you crave for?

The concept behind CashJuice might sound confusing at first, how does a social media platform help you earn money?

And I am not talking about placing ads or links on your social media. I mean simply being active in social media!

In order to get a clear perceptions on CashJuice, I have personally signed up as a member so that I can give you my first hand experience here. I will show you all that you need to know in order to decide whether this is the right program for you.

CashJuice Quick Summary

Product Name: CashJuice


Founder: Darren Merrett (from UK)

Product Type: Social network with the intent of making money online

Price: Free, or Lifetime membership upgrade @ $29.50/Lifetime, or Pro membership @$19.99/month

Best For: People who likes to spend time on social media and at the same time earn money from it

Summary: CashJuice is a social network platform for earning money, advertise your business, and build your audience. There are 3 ways you can earn money from it: 1) Ad revenue sharing when you become a paid member, You share will depends on your activity in the community. 2) Get commission when your referrals upgrade their account to paid membership, 3) Promote your business in the platform to get more leads.

Overall Ranking: 8/10

Recommend: Yes

Name few social networks that you know.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. those are the few familiar names.

Now imagine if you can get paid by simply being active in posting and getting followers for your social media.

CashJuice’s concept is similar to that. It is a social network, with setup resembling of Facebook or instagram where you can post, like, comment and follow other users. The types of posts you see there are somewhat like what you will find in other social media, only more business-centric:

  • Links to the programs that people are currently promoting
  • Offers on products or services
  • Motivational quotes
  • Links to blog post


So What Set CashJuice Apart?

Post Rotator – Make Sure You Are Seen

Post rotator feature make sure that the post you made will be shown sitewise to the users. You will need to select a specific post that you want to promote and set up a campaign. How many post you can select will depends on your membership type.

As a free member, you only get 1 campaign. Meaning at anytime you can only choose one post to be featured in post rotator.

But before that, you will first need to earn credit by viewing other people’s post. Fair enough right? It is a help and be helped kind of concept.

Each post has a countdown timer of 5 seconds before you can click ‘next’. Viewing of each post earn you 1 credit which you can then use for your own campaign. So you are basically getting free advertisement by watching other people’s post.

p/s: A little tip for my fellow online money making friends here. Don’t just stare blankly at the screen waiting for the countdown timer. Look at how people display their campaign, take note the outstanding and eye catching ones, and you can learn A LOT from them!


The Heart Of CashJuice

CashJuice explain how their system works by breaking it down into 3 simple steps to follow. They call this ‘The Plan’, which shows you how to get started and leverage their system to maximise your business potential.


The Plan

1. Build an audience

To build an audience you will need to gather your followers.

You can do it the traditional way – be active, post frequently useful and interesting stuff and people will follow you.

Or, when someone click on your CashJuice affiliate link and sign up as a member, that person become your referral as well as your follower. When your referral did the same and recruit others, they will generate more followers for you.  The more followers you have, the more money you can potentially earn.

The idea of getting referral might sound daunting, after all we are not all superstar, that is where the traffic exchanges come into picture.


Traffic exchanges

In the CashJuice step-by-step guide, it incorporate the setting up of funnel with traffic exchanges called Traffic Ad Bar.

Traffic Ad Bar is on a separate platform but founded by the same guy- Darren Merrett.

This tactic helps to accelerate your success in the online marketing by expanding your reach and driving traffic through the Plan.

Again, the concept is simple – help and be-helped. You will get a feed of other people’s site, which you have to stay on page for at least 10 seconds each.

Tips: Don’t get traffic exchange with LESS than 10 seconds on-page timing to your site, It can hurt your Google ranking.

You earn points which you can then swap them for hits on your link (ideally, your link would be your CashJuice affiliate link, so that you can attract people to your CashJuice account and increase your audience base, which will then increase your reach-out when you need to promote your own business in your CashJuice community).


2. Turn that audience into money

From Ads:

CashJuice place ads on their platform, which means they will get paid for it. Now if you are a paid member, and be active in the community, CashJuice will share their ads revenue with you. How much you get depends on your ‘position’ among the top members. The higher your ‘position’, the bigger share you get.


From products and services:

If your direct referrals upgrade their account to paid membership, or make whatever payment to CashJuice, you will get 15% as commission.


From your own business:

If you own a business yourself, you can expand your reach out by capitalising on the followers base that you have gain in CashJuice. Other than revenue sharing from ads and products, you can also promote your business to your followers to maximise your income.


3. Use the CashJuice community

‘Imitating is the sincerest form of flattery’

I might not agree with that but I do think that studying your successful competitors is a great way to learn.


So how to find them?

CashJuice rank the members based on their activity and success. You can find out easily the successful members from the CashJuice League. You can even adjust the filter and choose whether you want to see the all-time league, league of this month, league of last month etc.

CashJuice make it easy for members to contact each other, however as with any platform, whether they are helpful or not really depends entirely on the individual member. Some of them are helpful in answering questions and they do share fair amount of tips in their posts.


Cash Juice Award Winning Levels

Below are the Levels of Awards that are given to members within the community

  • The top 10 members are awarded – DIAMOND
  • The top 11th- 30th members are awarded – GOLD
  • The top 31st- 100th members are awarded – SILVER
  • The next top 100 members are awarded – BRONZE


CashJuice Membership

It is free to join CashJuice, so why upgrade?


The main benefits of upgrading are ‘more posts’, ‘more followers’, ‘more campaigns’, Considering the amount is one time payment, it is actually quite reasonable I would say. Let’s say you regretted your upgrade, ClickJuice gives 56-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can always request for a refund.

Once upgraded, you will be presented with another upgrade option.



In my opinion, this upgrade option provide much more value (and hence at a higher price tag). It allows auto-responder which automatically send out welcome messages to your new referrals to the platform. It even gives free referal and guaranteed 500 link hits.

Since this upgrade involves monthly payment, it means that you can potentially getting recurring passive income if any of your referral decided to go all-in with CashJuice.


What I Like About CashJuice

I like services that gives a free membership option. Personally I have seen so many scam that I will not hand over my money before experiencing what kind of service one have to offer. There are many scams out there that give big promises but not willing to show you anything until you hand over your money to them. Obviously, by then it is too late to change your mind.

Even as a free member from CashJuice, I can utilise most of the main function. There is no hard sell too as no one really come hassling me to upgrade my membership.


What I Don’t Like About CashJuice

Yes, CashJuice does help to increase the hit on your site and post, but most of the viewers are probably just staring at the countdown timer without really looking at your content. Going into CashJuice is like going into a marketplace where everyone busy selling their stuff.

So the trick is, make something that people can fully understand by a glance, or at least, within 10 seconds.

As for CashJuice as a social media, at this early stage the community is not as much big as Facebook or Instagram.

However, users are mainly people that are highly interested in making money online. So you get a highly targeted audience there.

Your only challenge is, how to engage them to your advantage.

p/s If you are looking for community that help up each other, this is one that I have been personally using and I highly recommend it. You can find out more about them from my review here.

Is CashJuice A Scam?

No, CashJuice is legit.

There are many ways to drive traffic- SEO, paid ads, social media, forum commenting… the list goes on.

So CashJuice is another way to help boost your traffic and get your business seen. If you like trying out different options, this is for you!

However, if you decided to give it a go, join with a realistic expectation.

It will not be the ‘only’ traffic source you need, you surely still have to rely on other traffic generating method if you want to succeed.


Looking For Legit Product To Promote In Your CashJuice Account?

What if I tell you there is a product that gives you recurring 50% commission (as paid member), or recurring 25% commission (as free starter member)?

This is the same product I have been using to build up my online business. With the recurring commission it is possible to achieve passive income that actually last. Anyone can sign up for it as free member (with exceptions in several countries,  check if are eligible for free membership here), no payment info will be asked, only your username and email address so it is absolutely at no risk to you.

I like them because I don’t have to stick to promoting one single product/site. There are millions of products and services online and I choose whatever I am comfortable with. This product that I am recommending will teach you exactly how to achieve it.

If yo have tried or heard of any of the products mentioned above, Let me know what you think about it!



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12 comments on “CashJuice Review- Take A Peep From Inside The Program

Sujandar Mahesan

This is a good convincing article about cash juice.I really wanted to know about it and also find out if it was worth my time. This article had everything I need to know about Cash Juice and the membership Free, or Lifetime membership upgrade @ $29.50/Lifetime, or Pro membership @$19.99/month is really cheap considering how much other platforms charge for it.

Thank you once again for sharing this awesome article with us.


Glad that you find it useful Sukandar!


This is very interesting review and I would like to see how it goes. 

But first I need to ask you a question. In this  cash review can you put any orther products let’s say your own website for marketing  purposes, or are supposed to be  dealing with products provided by cash juice review ?


Yes absolutely, you can place your own website/ product/ landing page /link!


CashJuice seems pretty cool, but I worry that in order to really be successful with it you must have tons of referrals. Like you stated, that can be a daunting task, to successfully get people to sign up through your referral. It’s probably even more difficult to get people to upgrade to the premium account. 

I was wondering though, is CashJuice just for people with the make money online niche or can anyone with any niche use it? I look forward to your answer. 

Thanks for sharing!



Hi Britney,

Personally I am not looking to make a living by promoting CashJuice. I am using it mainly to drive traffic to my site. Of course it surely cannot beat the organic traffic or paid traffic but hey, it is free so why not?

As regard to the niche, it doesn’t have to be the “ make money online niche” . You can place you website link, or product link, your landing page, squeeze page… anything you want to drive traffic to!

Kira Price

So I am on all social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap chat but I have a hard time ranking. I have to grow an audience and generate likes correct to do cash juice?

I have tried all brand ambassador sites to start generating money and nothing has work. I love being on social media and I am on there daily. How do I make cash juice work for me?


If you love social media, the ‘post rotator’ feature in CashJuice will be good for you. It will show your post to other users regardless whether they are your followers or not. Each post will be shown for 5 seconds so make sure your post is eye-catching enough. 

LearnToEarn Admin

This sounds like an interesting opportunity, however, it sounds like it is quite time consuming.  How long does it take to become ranked in the top 200 members and to maintain that?  How many hours a day must one spend on this platform to be successful in this regard?

My experience with Traffic Exchanges is that it takes a lot of time to sit and watch each advert, which also in turn use up a lot of data.  In our country we have to pay for internet data and that could become quite expensive.  Do you know how much data is used per exchange advert?

Eager to read your response.



Personally I am not too concern about being top 200. I am using it to drive traffic to my online business. 

You do have to spend some time watching other people’s site but I think the time spent is still less than time spent on browsing Facebook or Instagram for most people.

You brought up a valid point about the data. But sorry I didn’t keep track of how much data being used for that. 


First time I heard about Cash Juice, thanks for an informative article. Very interesting, have you had any success so far with Cash juice, in terms of traffic etc?

 I like the concept that its free to try out with no obligations and training included, so I will try it out for myself.


My experience with them so far is good, it has certainly sent a good traffic to the link that I have placed there. 

However, whether people really look at your content or not depends on how eye catching it is. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to capture their attention before the countdown timer ends.


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