Cash for Apps Review – Download Apps For Giftcards Or Scam?

Cash For Apps Review

So you want to make money on the go?

Well, Cash for Apps is one of those programs that seem very simple and easy. But do they really work as promised?

I have reviewed more than hundreds of products on my site, I’ll let you in on my experience with such a program so that we can focus our time wisely.

The truth is, no matter how enticing their advertisement maybe, most downloaded apps don’t generate much cash at all!

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to evaluate every online money-making opportunity, before making my recommendation.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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Cash for Apps Summary

Product Name: Cash for Apps


Founder: Mobvantage Marketing Ltd

Product Type: GPT platform

Price: Free

Best For: People who want to earn some pocket money

Summary: The Cash for Apps is a free app downloadable on Google Play and App Store. It pays you to download and try out new apps, it’s like getting paid but in points instead. You can redeem them when you hit a minimum of 3000 points (equivalent to $10) towards gift cards.

Overall Ranking: 4/10

Recommend: Yes and No

My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Cash for Apps

Founded in 2015 by digital marketing agency MobVantage Marketing Ltd, Cash For App is headquartered at 1115 Jonathan Drive, Penticton, British Columbia V2A8Z6, CA.

Cash For Apps is a free app downloadable on Google Play and App Store. It pays you to download and try free apps on your phone.

It is opened for all countries but the number of apps available for download will depend on where you’re located.


How Does Cash for Apps Work

Cash For Apps has partnered with many app publishers, and they get paid when their users download apps, install them and open them. The business model of Cash For App was designed to help developers to increase the number of apps downloaded – all while expanding exposure!

When Cash For Apps receives their payment, they share part of the proceeds with you – so it’s a win-win!

To get started, simply download Cash For Apps, enter your information and wait a minute or two for it all to load- just a couple of minutes from start to finish.

Here is a basic walkthrough video for Cash For Apps if you are interested:




How To Make Money With Cash For Apps?


Downloading Apps


Cash For Apps Review - download apps


The process is quite simple: Cash For Apps give you a list of apps to download, including how many points you get per download, and you get paid when you install them. You can then uninstall them later and still get paid!

That’s right: you don’t even need to keep the downloaded app in order to retain your reward.

Another cool thing about this is that you can download the apps multiple times and earn even more points if you log into your account from another device.  As long as it hasn’t already been done on another device beforehand- everything should be rosy.

Every now and then, you may also come across bonus tasks that give you extra points. The downside is that bonus tasks are unpredictable and not always available, but if you check the app often enough it’s possible to get them.


Additional Tasks

There are more ways to earn points with Cash For Apps other than just downloading apps. Once you’ve downloaded 4 of them, the Tasks tab will be unlocked to give you access to a few more ways for earning points like watching videos and taking surveys.



Before you can participate in the survey you will have to first go through some qualifying questions in a preliminary survey. A preliminary survey is vital because it acts as a filter to make sure you are a relevant subject for their specific study.

Time spent on the preliminary survey is without compensation, and there isn’t any guarantee that all subjects will receive an opportunity to take part in the survey after completing its corresponding preliminary survey. Only if you meet the qualifications, then you get access to actually answering the survey.

For some reason, there are not many surveys available on Cash For Apps – only a few at once. The lack of available surveys is frustrating and if that’s what you like to do, I would recommend finding other platforms like Survey Junkie instead.



Cash For Apps offers a referral program which is a good thing. You could invite friends and family to join in on the action, or share your referral link on Facebook or other social media platforms.

When someone signs up using that link, they will get 20 points. As for you, an iOS referral is worth 90 points, while an Android referral is only worth 45 points (half of the IOS referral ).

However, in order to score your reward, your referral has got to complete at least one task.


Lock Screen Points

This option is only available for Android. It allows you to unlock your device to view ads and earn points at the same time.

To do this you will need to download another app called Lock Screen Points, which is a sister app of Cash For Apps.


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Redeem Your Points

Do you know what sucks? Calling themselves “Cash For Apps” but not being able to get cash.

While they do offer a decent selection of gift cards, I would have liked it better if they had an option like PayPal. At least when people are done with their jobs they can put their money into something useful and pay off those pesky bills!

Cash For Apps uses a point system that allows the user to earn points by completing tasks on the app.  One downside with the point systems is that you don’t have as much freedom to use them for what you want, your choice is limited to what’s offered by the apps.

Every time you completed a task, your points will then be credited to your account after they review that you followed the requirements given.

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a day before the points are awarded. When enough credits are accumulated you can request gift cards.



Here’s a list of gift card reward options available:

1. Amazon
2. Walmart
3. Google Play
4. iTunes
5. Steam
6. PlayStation
7. eBay
8. Gap
9. Target
10. Sears

The minimum redemption value depends on what’s available for redemption, generally, a 3000-point will get you a $10 gift card.

You should expect to receive your gift card pretty soon after making the redemption request, if they don’t come within 48 hours of being submitted then check the spam folder.


How Much Can I Make With Cash for Apps?

From what I observed, each app download paid out anywhere between 8 to 500 points. Most of the time they range around 20-30 points or so depending on what’s offered – which is a typical pay for this type of task.

Since 30 points work out to roughly $0.10, it means you can get on average a whopping dime per download. If you do 10 downloads per day and work for a month then your earnings will amount up to just over $30.

The pay is too low to be worthwhile in my opinion.

Not to mention the availability of apps also matters because they are usually only offered for a couple of days, and it is not every day you get new apps to download! It is best to check the app offers frequently, or else you may miss out on the opportunity.

If you’re looking to make money online, it’s important that the profit is worth your time.

On a side note, if you want to make cash instead of gift cards, you may want to look into sites like KashKick,or InboxPays and DollarClix where you get paid performing small tasks like completing surveys, playing games, watching videos etc. But if you want a real work at home opportunity that actually pay the bills, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.


Who Is Cash For Apps For

Cash For Apps is suitable for people who are looking for opportunities to earn some pocket money during their free time without paying anything.

Cash For Apps is an easy way to make some money on the side. You could do this while sitting in traffic, waiting at an airport or just taking up time during your lunch break. You can turn those waiting periods into an opportunity to earn more points.

However, do not expect much money because the payment is very low.


Cash For Apps Hacks

If you’re looking for ways to get extra points, then you probably have come across some hacks that claim to generate unlimited points like this one.



However, I would strongly advise against this because it’s against the terms of use, by doing so endangering your account and can cause you to lose all your points.


Important Tips Before You Sign Up

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you get started:

Do not use VPN or Proxy to use Cash For Apps, Doing so will get your account banned.

Do not sign up with your own referral code.

Use your gift card before it expires, some expire within 2 weeks upon receipt.


Cash For Apps Complaints

Although Cash for Apps is a legitimate app, there are some consumers who have experienced problems with this service. Some users have reported that their accounts were suspended or terminated without prior notice. This has left many people wondering whether they should continue earning points with Cash for Apps and others are asking whether Cash for Apps is legit or not.

One thing I would advise you to do is read the terms of use before signing up with the Cash for Apps website because this will tell you under what circumstances they can suspend your account. Furthermore, it is also advisable that you follow their terms and conditions to avoid any inconveniences that might arise.

In addition, a few people have reported a lack of support after their accounts were terminated or suspended and some say they did not receive their earnings for reasons best known to Cash For Apps.


Pros Vs. Cons


1. Available in all countries
2. Wide selection of gift cards
3. Referral program for you to earn extra points
4. Variety of tasks not limited to just downloading apps



1. Not earning real cash
2. Lower payout for surveys as compared to other survey platforms
3. Limited earning potential
4. It’s not every day you get a new app to download!



Is Cash for Apps A Scam?

In short, Cash For Apps is not a scam. You just don’t earn much money from it. If you are just looking for ways to get pocket-change while passing time then this can be one way of doing so. You will probably make $1 per hour, oh well…

However, if you are thinking of a life with passive income, in which you can shy away from your routine and yet still earning money while you are sleeping, relaxing on the beach, enjoy a cocktail, then this is not for you.

With Cash For Apps, you only earn while you work.

Most of the tasks give very little reward,  it’s necessary for many hours worth of accumulated labour just to get a small gift card from the company.

It simply makes no sense as a long term income plan.


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What do you think about Cash For Apps and how was your experience with them? Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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I like to download and try new apps. It is exciting and we can also make some money as we’re going on the train or commuting to work. I have tried similar sites in the past. But I had not heard about Cash For Apps. I feel that there is so much potential online, and most of the time we don’t profit from them because we simply don’t know these opportunities exist. Thank you for this review.


You are welcome Ann!


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