Bonvera Review [2022] – Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM Opportunity?

Bonvera Review

How much money can I make with Bonvera? Is it possible to create passive income with it?

To be honest, I am always skeptical when it comes to multi-level marketing. There have been many brands and opportunities that promise so much but ultimately fail to deliver, offering nothing other than hyped up products.

For those of you who have been following my website, you’ll know that I always go deep below the surface to get you everything you need to know about any online money-making opportunity.

Honest, unbiased reviews – that is what you will find here.

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Bonvera Summary

Product Name: Bonvera


Founder: Bob Dickie

Product Type: MLM

Price: $199 + monthly autoship

Best For: MLM marketers

Summary: Bonvera is an MLM company that focuses on health and wellness products. Joining Bonvera as a newcomer requires a one-time fee of $199. This includes a registration kit consisting of products and subscriptions.

On top of that, a monthly fee of $9.95 will be charged for administration purposes like ongoing sales, marketing materials support, hosting of the duplicate sites etc.


Overall Ranking: 5/10

Recommend: No

My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Bonvera

Bonvera is a network marketing company selling natural, physician formulated products.

The history of Bonvera began all the way back in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2016 when they started to gain more momentum. The company went through an ownership and leadership change in 2018 which led them to relocate to Knoxville Tennessee where they now reside today

The current CEO, Bob Dickie was instrumental in the company’s transition and relaunch. He is also known as
Robert Dickie III on social media sites.



In the leadership section of Bonvera, there are listings for each board member and their biography. This is good because it means they are being transparent and you can easily look up their background without much hassle.


How Does Bonvera Work

What separates Bonvera from most MLMs? Their unique range of products with 3rd party brands provide shoppers more options than they would otherwise have in this crowded MLM industry.

Bonvera has partnered with other stores and merchants who sell products. As a result of this partnership, these Bonvera affiliates are able to offer their customers certain discounts on selected goods.

The five major brands that make up Bonvera are Phyzix, Phyzix MD, Thrive, Luebella and Kutano.

Here is what Bonvera says about their major brands:



The Phyzix range consists of Phyzix Zero (a zero-calorie zero sugar energy drink), Phyzix Premium Blend Energy Drinks
(available in two different flavours—acai berry and tropical) and Phyzix Protein Wafers

The energy drink combines natural ingredients to provide you with great taste and lasting energy. All the drinks use fruit juice, which gives them their unique flavour while naturally occurring caffeine makes it easy for you to get your day started right.


Phyzix MD

Phyzix MD is a range of 27 different nutritional supplements formulated by Dr Jeff Davis.

Phyzix MD’s products are scientifically formulated to provide the best nutritional support for your body. They are made of highly bioavailable, vegan, organic and gluten-free ingredients.

With an emphasis on supporting overall health and consistent quality, the products went through third-party certification.



Luebella offers natural, vegan skincare products for all kinds of skin. It has an entire skin care system that includes multiple creams, scrubs, serums, lash enhancement serums, and more.

Claimed to use only trusted ingredients, they are confident that their products can provide the best results for you in as little time possible. If there aren’t satisfied customers then they offer a money-back guarantee.



We all know that our brains need a lot of fuel to do their job well. The Kutano range consists of 5 products and they are all packed with nutrients for long-term memory maintenance as well as increased mental focus plus improved brain function.

Bonvera allows you to experience the benefits of Moringa in the purest form possible with their Kutano product line.


Thrive Coffee

Bonvera sells proprietary blends of Thrive Farmers Coffee, with a portion of the profits going back to farmers in Latin America.

They support Thrive Farmers Coffee who share their same commitment to high standards when it comes down to roasting these delicious blends of grade coffee.


You can see that Bonvera offers a wide variety of products for any occasion. I am not sure if the quality is up to par, but they are definitely in competition with other companies who sell similar items and will have a challenging time selling these items unless there’s something really special about them!



Cost To Join

Joining Bonvera as a newcomer requires a one-time fee of $199. This includes a registration kit consisting of products and subscriptions.

You then need to choose your replenish pack which is on monthly auto-ship :

> Bonvera Sampler Pack – $130.00
> Bonvera at Home Kit – $152.98
> Build Your Own Replenish Pack ( at least 100 BV)



On top of that, a monthly fee of $9.95 will be charged for administration purposes like ongoing sales, marketing materials support, hosting of the duplicate sites etc.


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Bonvera Compensation Plan

Bonvera offers several different ways to earn with commissions. You can make money directly from retail sales or get paid by recruiting your own teams of affiliates.



You’ll be able to earn a 20% commission on all private label purchases made through your website and any other offline channels. The payment for these commissions are sent monthly, so you never have an issue with balance due or late fees.

On a side note, customers may become Smart Shoppers and by doing so get a discount of 20% on private label products.


Personal Bonus Volume (PBV)

The commission percentage varies depending on the number of sales generated.
75 PBV sales pay a 4% retail commission rate
750 PBV sales pay an 8% retail commission rate
1500 PBV sales pay a 12% retail commission rate
2500 PBV sales pay a 16% retail commission rate
5000 PBV sales pay a 20% retail commission rate
7500 PBV sales pay a 24% retail commission rate
10,000 PBV sales pay a 28% retail commission rate

Registered Customer Bonus

This is calculated as 50% of the Personal Customer Bonus Volume (PCBV)


Differential Bonus

This bonus payout is according to the difference between what you earn and what other people in your downline earn. In other words, if your retail commission’s percentage is higher than that of your personal recruits, then you will earn the difference in terms of percentage.


Partner Bonuses

Bonvera affiliates who generate over 10,000 GV through one unilevel team and 2500 GV in the remaining teams are eligible for the Partner Bonus of $1,000.

Bonvera affiliates who generate over 10,000 GV through one unilevel team and 5000 GV in the remaining teams are eligible for the Senior Partner Bonus of $1,250.


Car Bonus

Car Bonus is an extra $400 if you fulfil the following for consecutive 3 months:

1. Have one unilevel team achieving 25 or more sales

2. 25 more sales from the rest of the unilevel teams


National Bonus Pools

The National Bonus Pool is a pot of money dedicated to rewarding top salespeople, and it is consists of commissionable sales volume that is not paid out anywhere else in Bonvera’s compensation plan. The amount of money is allocated to 16 pools and then distributed evenly among the qualifiers in each pool.

You can participate in the bonus pools if you have built at least 2 teams to 10,000 BV each.

Percentage share of the pool can be calculated as below:



Can You Really Make Money With Bonvera

Well, it’s a sad truth that the odds are definitely stacked against you when it comes to making money through an MLM business. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying Bonvera can’t help some people make their dreams come true and be successful, but don’t expect overnight success because chances are slim indeed!

According to a study, 50% of people quit MLM within the first year.

So if 50% of people who start an MLM business quit in a year, does that mean there are 50% who do make money in the first year?

Absolutely not! Most people actually lose money. It’s just that they never admit to or report it so you don’t hear about them. No one knows what percentage this really is because there is no reporting requirement like there is with publicly traded companies, and nobody has ever done a real study about this (that I am aware of).

If you want more proof, the following report shows that 99% of people that get involved with MLM will lose money.

Coming back to Bonvera, its autoship product program is less than the minimum affiliate requirement of 100 BV each month, meaning that you need to spend even more money each month to maintain your status as an affiliate.

With such a high monthly maintenance cost, most of the affiliates make nothing but, of course, they will never let on about how much it affects their bottom line profits. Not only that, they will tell you how easy it is to sell and how that money is not wasted because you do get some products in return.

The truth is, those people themselves are getting deeper into debt each month with the hopes they will sell enough products or recruit enough people to break even and possibly even earn some money in the future. The more money they spent, the deeper they sank and the harder it is for them to get out.

Another thing to note is that I can’t seem to find Bonvera income disclosure statement anywhere. Without this disclosure, we won’t know how their distributors are doing, how many of them are really making money, or just taking up space with false hopes and expectations of riches.

From my experience of reviewing more than a hundred products, I would say the vast majority of income disclosure statements I’ve seen show no actual earnings. Most people are clearly living hand-to-mouth without even breaking even.


What I Like About Bonvera

Bonvera has a wide range of products and they do have their unique selling point.

They seem to be confident about their products. They even offer a satisfaction guarantee so if you want to make a return you can do so within 90 days of your purchase. (terms and conditions apply)


What I Don’t Like About Bonvera


Recruit, Recruit, Recruit…

Now, I am not saying that they’re a pyramid scheme. The difference between this company and a pyramid scheme is that Trivita has products to sell.

However, their compensation plan has you recruiting a lot of people to get higher bonuses and commissions as opposed to just generating team retail sales.

In another word, success hinges not only on your ability to sell the products but also on the performance of your downline.

After all, no matter how hard they try to make this looks like affiliate marketing, Trivita is still an MLM at the core.


High Start-Up Cost

As I have mentioned earlier. Bonvera comes with a rather high start-up cost.

$199.95 is just for the registration kit, you’ll still need to buy replenish pack autoship every month at an upward cost of $130. Not forgetting you also need to fulfil the 100 BV to maintain your status as an affiliate. Meaning that you will have to top up your purchase every month to stay qualified.

To keep your website running you also have to pay an admin fee of $9.95 per month. All this money adds up.


Turn Distributors Into Customers

This is a secret they don’t want you to know.

Where do all the revenue of all these multi-million networking companies come from?

You will be surprised, in many networking companies, the bottom-ranked distributors are the ones supporting the financial weight of the company.

Your monthly auto ships, the sales target to meet, another rank or level to conquer – all these just to get you hooked up until you willingly pay to promote its products, pay to get into the game, even before you start to earn any money.


Bonvera Income Disclosure Statement

It is concerning to learn that Bonvera does not make its Income Disclosure Statement publicly available. It would seem like a basic measure for transparency in business practices and one which should easily be found on the company’s website.

It’s one thing for a company like this to keep things hush-hush, but we deserve transparency in an industry where our livelihoods depend on how much money is coming through each month!



Is Bonvera A Pyramid Scheme?

Bonvera has retailable products (dietary supplements and other health-related goods), and recruitment is not
the only way to make money. Therefore, the good news is that Bonvera is NOT a pyramid scheme.

That being said, Bonvera business model relies heavily on MLM. To make money with them you will have to recruit new team members and build your downline while also earning additional commissions from them.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Although it is possible to make money with Bonvera, it is not something I would recommend you to work with.

In my honest opinion, the best reason for joining any MLM company is when you really love a product, and you want to get your cost covered while making extra money.

If making money is your only reason for joining, forget about it. Losing friends, wasting time and energy is not going to make it worth the money you make. And the worst part, you are still technically ’employed’, you build up to nothing for yourself at all. If one day the company get busted, the downline that you have spent so much building will be gone in an instant too.

If you want to create an online business and learn how to make a full-time income, keep on reading because I have good news for you



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What do you think about Bonvera? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I was excited about Bonvera. At least, I was at first. But after I learned that the home kit cost $153, I got discouraged. But I decided I would still research about the company. And here I am. Thank you very much for your honest review. And you have solidified my position of not joining. Thank you for helping me make a well informed decision.


Glad that I can help! 


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