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Product Name:


Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Scam

Price: –

Best For: No one

Summary: claims to be a platform where you can make money by viewing ads and by referring people to the platform. However, it is just a data harvesting scam in disguise.

Overall Ranking: 0/10

Recommend: No


My Unbiased Review For Wealthy Affiliate

What Claims To Be seems to be all over the social media platforms recently. During this pandemic where many lost their jobs and are actively looking to make money online, this seemingly magical money-making scheme easily sweeps everyone off their feet.

Unfortunately, what you have read about them is far from the truth. People whom you have seen recommending are likely victims of the scam themselves. claims to be a platform where you can earn money by clicking on and viewing commercial ads, as well as referring others to the platform.

You get paid $0.10 for each ad viewed, which is a very high paying rate as compared to other similar websites. Once you have registered yourself with, you will be given a referral link which you can share with others. You get 50% of your referrals’ earnings.

We were told by that an average of 3-5 hours of work per day allows us to make $50 to $300 or even more per day.

To cash out, you can request a withdrawal to your bank card or electronic account. The money will be transferred within 1 hour upon the request.

Everything seems to sound good at the moment. However, if you take a closer look at their website, you will realise that there is very little background information about the company! We don’t know who is the founder, when is it founded, and there is not even a single support email address!

Most of the people sign up to thinking that there are no risks involved because it is a free-to-join scheme. As I am going to show you in a while, there are more things at stake than you probably could have imagined.


How Does AxoMoney Work

Now let us go straight to the dashboard, so that you can take a look for yourself how does actually works.



There are 2 ways to make money with  – either by viewing ads or by sharing your affiliate links. When someone signs up through your affiliate link, you get 50% of whatever they earn.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see some familiar brand names like Nike, FedEx, Adidas etc as if is endorsed by them.

However, common sense tells us that popular brands like this seldom associate themselves with a dodgy website like this. They like to display their huge signboards publicly to attract public attention!



And those ads that you are supposed to view, are simply static links, or affiliate links. Some of them even land you on pages with error messages, which is really not a good sign.

I know I cannot judge a book from its cover but let me reveal to you the TRUE IDENTITY of this mysterious platform, alright?



AxoMoney Ugly Truth Revealed


1. How Old Are You,

On the left-hand side of the page is a news section, which displays news that goes all the way back to Dec 2019

The truth is, didn’t exist in Dec 2019, how is it possible to have any news back then?

Here is a piece of the proof, was actually created on 18 Jan 2020.


Something is definitely not right here, why would they lie about such matter? What exactly are they hiding?


2. No Contact Details

If you need any support, you can click on a link which brings you to this page showing you both user reviews and user support questions.



Kind of weird, isn’t it? It is one thing to make user reviews public, but making user support queries public? That simply doesn’t make any sense!

Notice that the first ‘review’ written by JemmaRicker has a link to ‘confirmation screenshot’?

Well, it can’t even load the screenshot when I clicked on it, it simply says error.


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3. Are They Stealing Payment Info? is really shady in terms of the business model.

You see, there are only 2 ways for you to find out whether really work:

1. Risk your personal and payment information falling into the wrong hand by signing up with them

2. Read honest reviews online like the one you’re reading right now

In fact, I tried to be a little mischievous by attempting to cash out with $0 balance.

Instead of telling me that I have literally NOTHING to cash out, it leads me straight to filling up my payment details.




By now it should be quite obvious as to what they are actually after.

By signing up with the site, you are not only risking your personal information, banking information, it can also expose your devices to malware, trojan and viruses when you click on those suspicious links that disguise as ‘commercial ads’!


4. What Is Actually Happening Here?

You must be puzzled what exactly wants from you? After all, it is free to join and they have not taken any money from you.

However, the problems come the moment you are trying to withdraw the money you thought you have earned through your hard work.

You will be asked to get more referrals, either through your own effort (so that they can scam more people), or you can purchase referrals from them. Either way, it is a sure win scenario for them and you will get absolutely nothing.

Not only that, but this could also be a data harvesting scheme that steals your personal information such as name, social security number, email address, credit card details etc., which can be sold to the third party for cash.



Is A Scam? is no doubt a scam.

Viewing ads is so easy that anyone with basic computer skills can do it, and the fact that it’s free to join is another reason that many people will be tempted to give it a try. Little do they know that scams these days do not have to take money directly from you.

When something sounds too good to be true, they usually are.

If you’re tired of the never-ending scam, keep reading because I have good news for you. There are ways to make legitimate money online, you just have to know how to do it the right way.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

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