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Hi there, my name is Grace, welcome to my page. I think it is amazing how we get acquainted online this way, and I wish I could get to know you more. But since this page is About Grace, I guess it is only fair for me to first tell you about myself here.

I always believe in building up trust and relationship, so I decided to declare this page as a no-sale page. Enjoy reading and getting to know me, and rest assured that I will not be selling you any products here.

I am in fact a rather low profile person, perhaps the last one that you will come to notice in any sort of party or social event. Yea, I kind of have this type of invisible power in me. It might sound unmatched – my personality with what I am doing, because affiliate marketing is something you can’t afford to be low profile. I guess this is how life is- adapt.

Before affiliate marketing, I was seriously into forex for a while. I spent thousands of dollars attending courses and I went around for free seminars too. Most of the gurus showed us those standard big fat cheques, brand new cars, inspiring success story, and sweet talked us into feeling so motivated and invincible by the end of the seminar. Whenever I talked about forex, I always feel that I kind of pushed my luck a little. Among all those glamorous looking gurus, I actually went for one low profile boring looking instructor. He has the all-technical and no bs style. No regrets, only that it wasn’t suitable for me at that time. If you are interested to know about my insider view on forex, you can find out more in my post here.

Then I found another passion of mine- cooking and baking. Back then, I probably spent more time in the kitchen than any other corner in the house. It became my lab, where all the exciting food experiments went on. And I started to blog.

It was not easy to have a food blog. From studying various recipes and came out with my own, to buying ingredients, preparing ingredients, cooking/baking, tasting (repeat all the above if the taste was found not satisfactory), taking photos, editing photos, writing story, writing recipes, and at last posting, it took real patience to do that. I spent most of my spare time for the site. When I was feeding, I think of new recipe ideas, when I was cleaning, I think of the post description to write, while I was waiting for food to cook, I typed out the recipes.

I think the key is, we got to enjoy the things we are doing for success to follow.

Eventually, I got featured in recipe book, magazine, got paid for advertisement, earned my commission, won various competitions and received requests for review of services and products. It was kind of fun actually, to be able to do what I like while getting money out of it, and the best part is that I do it with time flexibility.

No doubt it will still require efforts and all, but it is well worth it because I know that my time and energy are well spent. I no longer have to dread Monday and live for the weekend, and I don’t just slaving away for retirement.

I never thought I will be good enough to be the one sharing with you today. All I wanted at the beginning was to be able to work from home with the flexibility of managing household. I even thought of getting a job at McD just to tide through difficult period.

I was like any of you, I was struggling to pay debt, to feed the family. I am no smarter than anyone here. So if I can do it, you can do it too.

My advice?

Don’t give up too fast. Building up a website that attracts audience takes time. So when it seems like no one is reading your post, continue to write. Doing affiliate marketing is just like doing a business. Try asking any entrepreneurs, the vast majority will tell you how they persevered through the first few years without any income.

Affiliate marketing is legitimate and it works. Just like any other businesses, many failed because they set their expectation wrongly and gave up too soon. They expected their effort to be paid off almost instantly but in fact it takes months if not years (especially if it is done without any guidance). When expectation not met, passion soon dies off and their whole effort goes to waste.

How to learn more?

Since we have this page as a no-sale page, I am keeping this post from promoting anything. You are welcome to check out some of these free tips below if you are keen to find out more:

I hope you find my post inspirational and helpful. And the fact that you are still reading this means that I probably have caught your attention. If you enjoy reading this, you can find out my many other articles on this site that I have prepared for you.

Enjoy reading and I hope the best for you.



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Hi, I am Grace, the founder of Kernel Affiliate.

Seeing that there is much misleading information in the make-money-online niche, I decided to start up this site to help you look past the hypes and scams and to discover legit online opportunities.

Please make use of my research and reviews in your own ventures. And let me know if it has benefited you!

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