2019 Blast Off Review – Festive Product Repackaged?

2019 Blast Off Review

Are you able to create $130 per day without any products or videos, in a completely newbie friendly method?

Here comes Bill Hugnall and Simple Spencer again, touting their new product 2019 Blast Off to be up to the task of providing you such income level.

Try perform a simple search online, you will find many so-called reviews that are actually ‘sales-pitches in disguised’.

Obviously, they are just affiliates of the product. I believe you can tell that the competition is high, that’s why each of them is offering you outrageous amount of BONUSes to get you to purchase the product through them.

Before continue, I want to declare that I am not in any way affiliated to 2019 Blast Off.

So I do not have Bonus packages for you if you decide to purchase it

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will know that I always dig deep into the core of product to find out how it works.

My objective is to help my readers to make informed decision of what they are going to get, if they decide to do so.

Now let’s begin, shall we?

2019 Blast Off Summary

Product Name: 2019 Blast Off

Website: http://2019blastoff.com/live.html

Founder: Bill Hugnall and Simple Spencer

Product Type: Video Training

Price: $7.99

Best For: People who are interested in Solo Ads

Summary: 2019 Blast Off is a video training product that teach you how to build a landing page, set up autoresponder system, and using Solo Ads.

Overall Ranking: 2

Recommend: No

What Is 2019 Blast Off

2019 Blast Off claimed itself to be a secret untapped method that is going to bring you surefire results of $100+ per day.

The best part?

It is easy to achieve that. You were told that you do not need to do any product or video creation, no list required, no paid traffic, no SEO, and no complicated technical skill needed.

That’s not all, here are some other claims that they have made:

 Quick to set up – hit the ground as soon as today

 Easy – no SEO, no tedious blogging, just need to spend 30 minutes a day

 No skill needed – 100% newbie friendly

 Secretive – no one else is doing this method!

 Good profit – $100+ a day

  Proven system

Moreover, they claimed that their guide consists of ALL the necessary steps you need to know to ensure that  you get insane profit rolling in like clockwork with this proven system

They even go to the extent to claim that with these secrets in your arsenal, you’ll become a “Profit-Generating” machine!

Sounds familiar?

That is because they made the same claim in their Profit Vortex sales pitch too!

Personally, I have heard too many sales pitches like this, and I can tell you 100% that those are just hypes. The hypes are in place to get you excited so that you will lose your focus on finding out the true nature of the product itself.


HOW DOES 2019 Blast Off WORKS

2019 Blast Off consists of 6 videos, teaching you how to use solo ads.


That’s right! Powerful system? Secret untapped method? All these are just lies.

The lies that make you buy into their so-called system without knowing what you are actually getting.

Solo Ads is nothing new. It is something well known to the online marketers and nowhere close to something we would call a ‘secret’

In case you haven’t heard of it, Solo Ads is a kind of paid traffic source.

Let us first talk about the motivation behind it, how the need for Solo Ads arises.

The thing is that, not every marketers has a huge email list at their disposal. And email marketing has always been a great and proven way to reach out to targeted audience with buying intent.

So what you can do is, buy the traffic from someone who has a huge email list!

Usually, the charges is on pay-per-click basis. Which means that you will need to make a payment upfront to the Solo Ad vendor (the guy with the big email list) for a pre-agreed amount of clicks. Then, he will send out your offers on behalf of you to his subscribers.

In other words, when someone opens up the email and clicks on your links, you will be charged for that.

Of course, the question is how to find a reliable Solo Ad vendor, you don’t want vendors with dozens of junk email address that doesn’t convert.

Now back to the product, let’s take a look what kind of training they have it here.


Video 1: Quick Overview

An overview of the whole product.


Video 2. We Are Go For Launch

This video has nothing to do with launching, it is about setting up a lead capture page using Leadpages Landing Page Builder.


Video 3: We Have Lift Off

Time to set up your autoresponder, here you are taught how to do it with AWeber.


Video 4: Gaining Momentum

They throw in some of their other products for free here.


Video 5: Breaking The Atmosphere

This one is all about Solo Ads, how to research on Solo Ads through different sources from Facebook, contacting vendors for Solo Ads,  and negotiate with them to send in traffic to your funnel.


Video 6: Conclusion

Tie everything together and THE END.

That’s it, you truly get what you paid for.


2019 Blast Off Sales Funnel Revealed

For 2019 Blast Off, there are in total 4 upsells:

Upsell 1: Super Simple $300/day Method ($27)

This $300/day method can be used along with the front end produc to make sure that you hit multi 3-figure income every single day.

Upsell 2: FULL Resale Rights to 2019 BLAST OFF (47)

With the full resale rights, you get to keep 100% of the profit. It also comes with all the sales and promo material for 2019 Blast Off.

Upsell 3: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days ($27)

It is a very powerful 5-figure/day system which was only revealed in their top level $297 and $397 programs previously.

Upsell 4: Simple BUYERS List Building Method ($12)

Here you will be shown how to build a hot buyers list quickly without having to create or launch a product.


What I Like About 2019 Blast Off

This product is back by 30 days money back guarantee. However, always remember that it is only applicable to the frontend product, not for the upsells.


What I Don’t Like About 2019 Blast Off

1. Repackaged product?

What do you say, shall we have a spot-the-difference game?

Their sales pages for 2019 Blast Off is so similar to their previous product Holiday Gold Rush.

To be honest, the first difference that stand out to me is the logo:

New Year theme – 2019 Blast Off

Christmas theme – Holiday Gold Rush

I wonder what is the product name for the next festive season?

Think about it, a product that don’t bother to create a unique sales page that stands out, what kind of product quality can you expect out of it?


2. Hidden Cost

An autoresponder subscription with AWeber will cost you at least $19 a month, and a standard membership at Leadpages will cost you another $37.

That’s not the end, you will also need to bear the cost for your Solo Ads . All these costs are to be paid upfront and there is no guaratee you will receive any return.


3. Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way?

There is no proper training on keyword research, setting up website, SEO training etc.

Ridiculously, they actually highlight all these as one of their feature!

Any experience online marketers will tell you having a website is the bloodline of affiliate marketing. It involves hard work and effort to build up. But it will all worth it because it can truly change your life.


Is 2019 Blast Off A Scam?

No 2019 Blast Off is not a scam, it is just a mediocre training product.

This is just another example of products that targeted on our urge to seek for ‘shortcut’ and ‘quick and easy way out’.

These kind of product trying to ‘game the system’. However, what they can achieve is simply scratching the surface on the gold mine without digging into it.

It might trick you to think ‘it is only $8, what can I lose’?

Let me tell you, you can lose A LOT!

You precious time, you effort, even your money spent on Solo Ads and various subscriptions.

While you are circling around on the same spot looking for a shortcut, people who take the proper path has ALREADY reach the destination.


What Is The Proper Way Of Doing Affiliate Marketing

I can’t emphasise this enough, but affiliate marketers need to have a proper website.

Anyone who tell you otherwise can probably give you some momentary success, but definitely not sustainable in the long run.

Yes internet provide a vast opportunity, but the truth is that making good money online is never easy, certain not without hard work and dedication.

If you are still interested in affiliate marketing, and willing to spend your time to REALLY learn from ground up, I am more than happy to give you my recommendation.

This is where I learnt all my affiliate marketing from, it is an all in one platform that will give you the training and all the tools you need.

Check out my review on them below.

What do you think about 2019 Blast Off. Share with me your thoughts at the comment section below!

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12 comments on “2019 Blast Off Review – Festive Product Repackaged?


It seems to me that it’s one of those products that don’t cost much on the face of it, but then catch you out with purchases within the product (autoresponder system and using Solo Ads). 

More often than not you find that the product owner is actually an affiliate for these ‘hidden’ tools, and that is how he/she makes their money. 

Great review overall!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris!


This is great information! While you have said 2019 Blast Off isn’t a scam they do use a few scam like techniques like promising you crazy amounts of money for no work. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. I actually read your last review of Profit Vortex and these products are very similar.

Scam or not I will be avoiding 2019 Blast Off at all costs!

I think that if people are really desperate to make money they should really give Wealthy Affiliate a shot. I have yet to meet anyone who has regretted joining WA.

Thanks for sharing this with us!


Yup they seems to all employ the similar sales technique!


I am glad that I found this review as it really helps to know what to avoid. I already heard about Blast Off last year but it was very suspicious to me from the beginning. Honestly, I can’t understand people who would believe in these things because something like that is not possible at all. I would rather invest money in some educational material instead of wasting my cash.


Great point Daniel!

Karin Nauber

Thank you for the great review of 2019 Blast Off. Usually these things that sound “too good to be true” are, and this is another fine example of that. The start-up “investment” sounds fine, but then all of the other costs to keep it going…Ugh…just another drain on the pocketbook. Truly, if things like this really worked, wouldn’t more people—ALL people—do them!? 

I appreciate your honesty about this “program” and I also appreciate that you have shared Wealthy Affiliate information. Let people make their own decision. 

What is your favorite part about Wealthy Affiliate? I think my favorite part is that I get to reach out to people through a website that I learned how to build from experts!


I love your insights Karin!

For me the part that I love most is the community. When I first started, I got stucked occasionally and I sent out pm to successful members for advice. I didn’t  even know them personally, but they replied me with much enthusiasm and was really helpful. 

In Wealthy Affiliate you don’t just learnt from the course, but from the helpful members who had been sharing their journey and tips generously!


Thank you for this great review. Highly informative and well detailed. Though I didn’t know anything about the holiday gold rush. 

I love the fact that it has a 30 day money back guarantee and doesn’t require special skills. I am just getting to learn the basics about affiliate marketing and it seems like 2019 blast off might not be so suitable for me afterall.


Yup, better learn affiliate marketing the right way!


Hi! Thank you for taking your time to deliver this comprehensive review concerning 2019 Blast off. I have seen it some time ago, and I’m glad I have read your review. That way I don’t have to guess what are they really selling. 

 Thank you for showing us there are better options out there.


No problem, glad that I could help


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